Secular Australian Group Apologizes for Creationist Ken Ham February 2, 2014

Secular Australian Group Apologizes for Creationist Ken Ham

In anticipation of Tuesday’s debate between Creationist Ken Ham and Bill Nye the Science Guy, the Secular Coalition of Australia (SECOA) wants to send a message to Bill:

They’re sorry.

Really, really sorry.

we’re really sorry, Bill — Ken Ham is our fault, and it’s time we took responsibility for him. We, the people of Australia, have allowed our zealots to escape to your fair shores

To our shame, decades of preoccupation with things like Olympic medal tallies and football players has made Australia into the “Typhoid Mary” of Creationism: we were rubbishing America for its anti-evolutionists and didn’t even notice that we were the ones exporting young-earth evangelism to your great nation, where unfortunately there is no tariff on craziness. We are so, so sorry.


So, what’s it gonna take for all of you to accept their apology?

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