This is Why Elevation Church is the Best Place to Work February 1, 2014

This is Why Elevation Church is the Best Place to Work

Yesterday, the Museum Of Idolatry blog posted an image listing the reasons Elevation Church — home of Pastor Steven “No One Can Know My Salary” Furtick — is the best place to work. While most of the list is what you’d expect from a church, some of the items reek of Pastor Worship.

#1) We serve a Lead Pastor who seeks and hears from God. (Seriously?)

#3) We serve a Lead Pastor we can trust. (As opposed to…?)

#7) We serve a Lead Pastor who pours into us spiritually and professionally. (In bed.)

#16) We serve a Lead Pastor who goes first. (What does that even mean?!)

A couple other items just seem strange…

#14) We are blessed to have our health insurance provided. (I guess it’s nice that your employer treats you like valuable employees… but I don’t know why that’s a “blessing” any more than if they wrote, “We are blessed to have a living wage!”)

#23) Two words: game time — we love competition. (Is that a subtle “Fuck you” to other churches? I hope it is. Jesus loves winning teams.)

For all I know, Furtick probably wrote up this list himself. Anything to draw more people to his church and give him the funds he needs to help pay off his $1,700,000 home.

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