West Virginia House Unanimously Passes ‘Day of Prayer’ Bill January 24, 2014

West Virginia House Unanimously Passes ‘Day of Prayer’ Bill

West Virginia Delegate Peggy Smith (below) just got a bill through the state House establishing the first Thursday in May as the “West Virginia Day of Prayer” (to coincide with the National Day of Prayer):

The Governor shall, by proclamation, declare the first Thursday in May as the West Virginia Day of Prayer. The West Virginia Day of Prayer corresponds with the National Day of Prayer… on which the people of West Virginia may turn to God in prayer and meditation at churches, in groups, and as individuals.

As opposed to all the other days, when Christians are not allowed to worship…?

The bill is unnecessary — another instance of Christianity getting special treatment in government — but the House voted unanimously, 98-0, to pass it (with two abstentions). Now, it’s in the hands of the Senate, where I suspect they’ll vote the same way.

As if Christianity needed another special day on the calendar.

The Secular Student Alliance at West Virginia University has created a petition urging state senators to vote against it — and I would encourage you to sign it if only to send the legislators a message that you’re paying attention to how they vote even if the media isn’t pointing out the problems with this bill .

(Thanks to Chris for the link)

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