Another Atheist Bench May Go Up in Florida in Response to a Ten Commandments Monument January 24, 2014

Another Atheist Bench May Go Up in Florida in Response to a Ten Commandments Monument

This past June, in response to a Ten Commandments monument outside the Bradford County Courthouse in northern Florida, American Atheists installed a bench peppered with quotations about atheism and church/state separation:

AA President Dave Silverman sits on the bench (via @AmericanAtheist)

Now, the Williston Atheists (also in Florida) are looking to do the exact same thing outside the Levy County Courthouse where there’s another Ten Commandments monument:

… in anticipation of the flurry of attention the matter may receive, the commission has requested the use of Courtroom A — which is larger than the commission’s meeting room — for the Tuesday, Feb. 4 meeting which begins at 9 a.m.

Ray Sparrow of Morriston, one of the organizers of the group, said in a phone interview that the application was made because, “We wanted to avail ourselves of the benefit afforded to educate the public.”

The group is asking for supporters to join them on the 4th when the decision will be made.

If the commission says no, you can bet there will be a lawsuit filed. There’s just no good reason to allow a Christian monument on government property but reject a perfectly acceptable monument from a non-Christian group.

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