When Did Craters Appear on the Moon? Creationists Now Have an Answer: Day 4 of Creation Week January 23, 2014

When Did Craters Appear on the Moon? Creationists Now Have an Answer: Day 4 of Creation Week

You may think that all those craters on the moon and other planets that were caused by meteoroid impacts and volcanoes were created hundreds of millions of years ago.

But Creationists are having none of that. Don’t worry, though: they’ve come up with an alternative theory: They all came into being on Day 4 of Creation!

Given… the prevalence of craters in the solar system, it behooves recent creationists to explain these craters. This need has prompted several creation researchers, which has sparked the interest in craters in recent years in the creation community. Two distinct camps have developed, though we agree on certain things. For instance, we agree that impacts likely caused most craters. We also agree that logically there are several events or times that one could put some or all crater-causing impacts. Those are:

1. The Creation Week, but most notably Day Four
2. The Fall
3. The Flood
4. Some post-Flood event(s).

Danny Faulkner, an astronomer for Answers in Genesis, says the answer is totally Day Four of the Creation Week.

He’s even ready to counter his critics:

The major objection that many recent creationists may have to the Day Four cratering proposal is that this introduces craters prior to the Fall. This comes from a belief that the existence of craters at the completion of the Creation Week would violate the “very good” description of Genesis 1:31. Many creationists believe that “very good” equates with perfection, going so far as to suggest that the second law of thermodynamics was not in effect until the Fall…

Ultimately, the proponents of the notion that the original creation was “perfect” become the arbiters of perfection. They opine that craters do not fit into their concept of the originally perfect world, so craters must not have existed then. But why must this be the case? Such a conclusion is not taught in Scripture, so this belief is several steps removed by what is demanded by the Bible.

YEAH! Take that, Creationists! That’s how you do SCIENCE!

You can read the whole paper right here.

Bill Nye must be shaking in his bow tie right about now…

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