Atheism Is Far from Boring January 21, 2014

Atheism Is Far from Boring

Fr. Dwight Longenecker, a Catholic blogger here on Patheos, wrote last year about how atheism is boring, dull, bland, and humorless.

This guy must be at an atheist conference

Christianity, on the other hand, had “cool stuff like snake handlers, incorrupt bodies of saints, relics, Eucharistic miracles, statues that weep and bleed, [and] apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

Which is a pretty sad thing to say: We make things up and they’re way more interesting than your silly “reality”!

Daniel Fincke has written a wonderful takedown of that theory, insisting that atheism is far from boring:

“God did it” is never an interesting answer. It never adds new conceptual or empirical layers of understanding. It was a cop out and a placeholder we used when we were ignorant. Scientists progress precisely by acting as though God is a totally irrelevant explanatory principle, not even worth raising to solve their problems. This atheism is what is so liberating.

For anyone to slam atheists as unimaginative and dull because we rely on evidence and reason to decipher the truth is hardly a criticism at all. It’s a sign that the best your side has to offer is creative fiction.

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