Tennessee Newspaper Op-Ed Piece Says Sexual Liberation Leads to ‘Abortion, Broken Homes, and Men’s Contempt’ January 14, 2014

Tennessee Newspaper Op-Ed Piece Says Sexual Liberation Leads to ‘Abortion, Broken Homes, and Men’s Contempt’

The Kingsport Times-News (Tennessee) has published some indefensible opinion pieces in the past. There was one defending the Boy Scouts of America’s separate-but-equal theory of allowing gay scouts but not gay scout leaders. Then, there was the one by Mark Atkins claiming homosexuality is a disorder.

And now, Atkins is back to argue against consensual pre-marital sex because… well, you’ll see:

Christianity, on the other hand, with its faith in a revealed God and its correct understanding of human nature, severely limits sexual activity of any kind. It is a two-player act, with no audience, both physical and spiritual in nature, between a husband and wife (and to clarify, wife still means woman), who are bound until death.

Bound until death. As if Christians never got divorced. And how could any editor allow that cheap, offensive shot at gay couples?

But if [liberals and feminists] did indeed care about women, they would preach the Christian virtues of feminine modesty, chastity, and fidelity, and not sexual liberation. The former produces the true lady of grace whom men have an inborn inclination to respect and admire; the woman that is the refuge of husband and child, and the stepping stone and conduit of higher culture. The latter produces self-loathing, STD’s, abortion, broken homes, and men’s contempt. Freedom of a sort but hardly fulfilling.

Apparently, women who have had pre-marital sex deserve no innate respect from men. And men who’ve had pre-marital sex… well, Atkins doesn’t really even refer to them. He’s too busy complaining about the slutty slut sluts.

In his world, sexual liberation automatically means disease and destruction. And “men’s contempt,” as if that matters.

Would anyone else like to hear Atkins’ story of how he waited until marriage before he did anything sexual? I would love to. Unless he can’t tell that story because he had pre-marital sex and managed to get through it just fine…

That’s the problem with so many of these Christian “purity” advocates. They love to talk about why women should remain pure, chastising anyone who may choose a different route, but they ignore young men (where are their “Purity Balls”?) and they frequently fail to follow their own advice. Not to mention their “sky is falling” mentality is full of hyberbole and false statistics.

Atkins’ respect for women comes to a halt the second they try to make their own decisions. That alone is reason enough to ignore anything he has to say. Why any local newspaper would continue to publish what he writes just shows how desperate they are for content, no matter how loathsome or unjustifiable it is.

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