How You Can Help Send Freethought Books to Prisoners January 14, 2014

How You Can Help Send Freethought Books to Prisoners

A month ago, I posted about the Center for Inquiry’s new initiative to send freethought books to prisoners, giving them something to read besides the Bible, as well as coordinate a pen-pal program between inmates and volunteers.

At the time, the website for the project was still bare-bones, but that’s no longer the case. CFI offers this update:

In December, we sent out a total of 45 shipments, one to each of these individuals, including a total of 130 books and 20 magazines. A month ago, we wouldn’t have had the resources to make this happen.

One of our contacts (kept anonymous), recently released from her sentence, had this to say about what the books and the experience with Freethought Books Project mean to her:

“After 41 years of not knowing what I want to do when I grow up I have finally figured it out. I am already looking into going to school so I can someday join the fight for secularism and basic scientific understanding. I don’t know exactly what I will major in yet but I have a direction as never before.”

Want to help make more stories like this possible? Here’s how you can help:

1) Purchase something from the project’s Amazon Wish List.

2) Purchase any book from Pitchstone Publishing for $10.

3) Send your freethought books directly to CFI.

4) Donate directly to the project, helping pay for shipping, postage, etc.

Anything helps, so please do what you can!

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