Pastafarian Wins Election to Town Board and Takes Oath with a Colander on His Head January 5, 2014

Pastafarian Wins Election to Town Board and Takes Oath with a Colander on His Head

Back in October, Christopher Schaeffer announced his candidacy for election to the Pomfret Town Board in New York. He was elected the following month and was sworn in Thursday.

Why is any of that relevant to the rest of you?

Because of how Schaeffer took his oath of office: With a strainer on his head as a representative of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster:


When the OBSERVER asked afterward why he wore a colander on his head, Schaeffer said he was a minister with an even more unique organization – the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

“It’s just a statement about religious freedom,” he said. “It’s a religion without any dogma.”

Fantastic 🙂

Schaeffer added that he was in part inspired by Pastafarians in Russia who were charged with organizing an unsanctioned rally as they walked to “promote happiness, cheerfulness and harmlessness.”

Those who criticize him for this — and a lot of commenters at the Observer, where this story was first reported, are doing just that — are missing the point. This wasn’t an anti-religious gesture or even a gesture to make a mockery of local politics. It was a statement showing that Schaeffer represents everybody, no matter their religious faith, an idea that doesn’t really come across when politicians put their hands on the Bible.

I reached out to Schaeffer last night to get more information about why he did this, but I haven’t heard back yet. Incidentally, he ran for New York State Senate a few years ago but lost.

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  • Rationalist1

    Good for him but having to wear a colander must be a strain.

  • Neko

    This is great!! Priceless photo.

  • the moother

    Burn! Our Sky-Guy is more noodly than your Sky-Guy.

  • skinnercitycyclist

    What I want to know is why there is a framed black and white of Nikita Khrushchev on the wall behind them…

  • skinnercitycyclist

    It IS a slam against organized religion, though. To reference a “religion without dogma” is to implicitly criticize those that do have dogma. I am OK with that message, but let’s not be coy.

  • the moother

    Sorry, but referencing dogma A is not a criticism of dogma B. And referencing dogma None is not a criticism of all of the above.

  • kielc

    Agreed. A statement about “shoes without shoelaces” does not imply criticism of shoelaces; it simply points out that shoelaces are not necessary for shoes.

  • Upstate NY is a strange place.

  • FirstAmongEquals

    Sorry, I can’t support this guy. I will only support Pastafarians with METAL strainers on their head.

  • Nankay

    Sorry, but I think he looks like a blooming idiot. Why would anyone listen to him or take him seriously after such a stunt?

  • Lark62

    He must be a reformed pastafarian.

  • skinnercitycyclist

    Have you guys missed the point that Pastafarianism is not meant to be a real religion, but is specifically meant to mock organized religion? As I mentioned, I am all for that, but let’s not disingenuous about the way this kind of thing comes across to adherents of traditional religion.

  • Mike Hitchcock

    Plastic is an insult to His Noodliness (SBUH). MYBTBHNA. rAmen.

  • Lark62

    Thanks a lot. Now there’s coffee on my monitor.

  • Mike Hitchcock

    Bit early for the 2014 ‘Worst Pun’ prize, but definitely a contender. 🙂

  • Compuholic

    I find I very refreshing when people don’t take themselves too seriously. And he seems like a cool guy with a good sense of humor.

  • Bob Becker

    No, H, not fantastic. Damn few atheists manage to get elected, openly, to public offices at any level. Smartass buffoonery at swearings in when they do does not help.

  • Neko

    I was enjoying this so much, but you have a point. People may well get offended.

    On the other hand, in a country where Barack Obama felt compelled to wear a flag pin to demonstrate his patriotism, I say bring on the colanders.

  • why is it more ridiculous than pledging on a bible? at least a colander has an actual use, and pasta is a nourishing real thing with healthful benefits.

    swearing to uphold secular laws and duties on a collection of violent mythological tales written by sexist homophobic ancient goat herders is offensive at best.

  • Lark62

    There is a time and place for everything. The flying spaghetti monster is pretty much an inside joke o n atheist blogs. I’m all for the fsm, but there are better ways to comunicate a willingness to be open minded in a serious setting. It’s a cute statement, but if he wants to effective as an elected representative, he would have done better to take the role seriously.

  • that’s your interpretation. i view pastafarianism as a beautiful dream of a world without dogma, just as compelling as any religion. and that IS the point here- both our freedoms to enjoy whatever view of religion we choose, equally and equally under the eyes of the law and those who enforce it.

  • Lark62

    I agree, but you also have to weigh the cost. Has he traded the ability to lead effectively during the next 12 to 24 months for one five minute soundbite?

  • but pretending to be a sincere believer in women turning into pillars of salt and seas parting and a 6,000 year old earth is “serious?” and taking an oath upon such a text for a secular office is “proper?”

    this is a powerful statement and i’m glad he did it. judging from all the pearl clutching nay-sayers here, it’s clear even the atheist community has a long way to go, in recognizing the challenges we really face in the struggle to create a world no longer haunted by demons and myths. or wimpy, passive aggressive “respect” for them.

  • The only reason it could be interpreted as an attack is if they think their hats aren’t just as silly. Their hats are very serious business? Then they should step off when a guy wants to wear a colander.

  • exactly. a guy in a dress with pointy shoes and a dunce cap is a ‘world moral leader’ and everything he says should be taken seriously. a guy with a colander on his head is a fool who should be mocked.


  • skinnercitycyclist

    TOWAN, you are certainly entitled to your interpretation and I share your desire for the world you describe while at the same time not being particularly sanguine concerning the possibilities of it’s eventual realization. That being said, most references to the FSM I see are mocking in terms of organized religion. That is almost certainly the way this man’s constituents will see it.

    I would say there are better ways of getting the point of secularism across, if indeed that was the point, e.g., being sworn in on a copy of the Constitution or “The Age of Reason.” Let the fundies scream about that.

  • skinnercitycyclist

    I agree about the silly hats, but these people interpret governmental silence regarding the truth of their beliefs as an attack. Shooting, meet fish in a barrel.

  • Neko

    Well, the threshold for absurdity by politicians is pretty high.

  • Crazy Russian

    Surely, that took some balls. Meatballs, that is.

  • Bob Becker

    Happily, prettending to be a Christian and wearing a collander on one’s head are not the only options for elected atheists. As an atheist voter, my reaction to seeing seeing the candidate I voted for wearing a collander at his swearing in, would be something along the lines of “Good grief, I voted for a blithering idiot.” Election to public office matters. Let’s leave the buffoonery to the Ted Cruzes.

  • ah, but would we be talking about that? that is the crux here. it’s a “stunt” to be sure. but a more effective one than what you suggest, and much more likely to start the conversation. PR 101.

  • Lark62

    Every so often, someone gets in a snit because someone says “Have a nice day”. Some things are social niceties and aren’t examined closely. Swearing on the bible is one of those, in spite of all the ridiculous garbage therein. Swearing on the Constitution would be an acceptable alternative and would be seen as a mature statement. Wearing kitcheware on your head merely makes a person look like an immature idiot. Sorry. I love the FSM, but as an elected official, there are beter ways of making a point

  • “It was a statement showing that Schaeffer represents everybody, no matter their religious faith, an idea that doesn’t really come across when politicians put their hands on the Bible.”

    If that was the goal, then I think he should have somehow worn symbols of every popular religious faith all at once. Maybe with tie/lapel pins? Sure, he would’ve ended up looking as kitschy as the “flair-wearing” waitress in Office Space (or governmental holiday displays), but it would still mean that nobody could claim he was playing favorites…

  • Lark62

    I intended to reply to chicago below.

  • Lark62

    I agree.

  • What, do you suppose, is the only long-term way that will change?

  • skinnercitycyclist

    Well, they screamed about Keith Ellison taking the oath on the Koran (T. Jefferson’s copy of the Koran from the the LC, I believe), it could happen. The publicity would perhaps be less, but the point made would be clearer, and, I feel, more respectful to everybody including those religious whackjobs who nonetheless make up this man’s constituency. He should still be sensitive to the belief of those who do not share his atheism, just as we should expect such sensitivity (though we rarely get it) from theist officeholders.

  • In what way is wearing a colander not “sensitive to the belief of those who do not share his atheism”?

  • theassailedteacher

    I hope he doesn’t get in any hot water for this.

  • Rationalist1

    Sorry, couldn’t let the opportunity pasta without punning.

  • dandaman

    that’s the point, why take someone who believes in virgin birth seriously, aside from the fact they’re on the supreme court. when they bring up jesus they seem like blooming idiots to me too.

  • They already could. Nothing restricts an officeholder from being as garish in their displays of personal piety as they wish to be. In fact, they would be gravely offended in many cases if you suggested that perhaps they shouldn’t.

  • TCC

    Another news article on this story has a variant of this in its headline: “‘Strainer’ things have happened.”

  • dandaman

    This is exactly the place and the time, you don’t get the analogy. Far too seldom do the nonreligious get a chance in public office to speak out, to show how ridiculous religion really is and how it has no place in gov.

  • the only thing his oath requires him to do is uphold the law and perform his duties. i’m fairly sure nowhere in it must he swear to “show respect and sensitivity” to religious belief, only that he treats people of all/no belief equally.

    this is what is annoying me, and i’m not picking on you in particular. but the idea that there is some requirement to show respect towards belief is the heart of the problem, to me. i show respect for everyone, equally, all the time… as much as it is warranted. if you believe that government and (one, particular) religion should always be coupled, in even the “harmless” way of using a mythological book of violent tales as proof of your sincerity in your duties as an officeholder, well. i’m sorry, but i can’t respect that. and the Constitution we both share guarantees me that right and freedom.

  • I don’t understand how people can still find pastafarianism funny, considering how old it is.

    More fundamentally, I don’t understand how the head decoration of choice for pastafarians switched from a pirate hat to a colander.

  • Kengi

    For FSM sake, election to public office is not a solemn mystical ritual under the auspices of the gods to be administered with harking angels and everyone humming along to John Phillips Sousa.

    If we wanted to create a swearing in ritual that matched what modern office holders actually represent to our culture it would involve all of them arriving at once in a single tiny car, and wearing big floppy shoes and a red nose that honked.

    The oath is just a formality and normally, rightfully, ignored by one and all for most officials. To be a good elected official requires making good decisions for the community. The person making those good decisions can wear a bathing suit and flip-flops for all I care.

    Geez, you remind me of those republicans who freaked out when the NU lacrosse team failed to wear “respectable” enough shoes when meeting Bush.

  • Lark62

    Yes, we face a lot of challenges in the fight against myth and superstition. Getting elected to public office helps. Negating one’s influence as an elected official by presenting oneself as an immature dolt who is not to be taken seriously and can be safely ignored does not help.

  • dandaman

    I agree when you say “but let’s not be disingenuous about the way this kind of thing comes across to adherents of traditional religion “, but if they are secure in their madness, why does it bother them? I don’t pretend to think that this is not mockery, it is, and organized religion deserves to be mocked. period.

  • More fundamentally, I don’t understand how the head decoration of choice for pastafarians switched from a pirate hat to a colander.

    Revelation. You see, one great pasta prophet was touched personally by His Noodly Appendage, and from henceforth colanders are the tiara of choice and jaunty piratewear is an offense for which you will burn in the sauce forever.

  • Tychobrahesbladder

    It seems like the only people pissed about this are the ones who just don’t get it

  • Kengi

    If so (and I agree with this premise), then his mere existence in office would be regarded as an attack and “slam against religion” by the fundies. No additional harm done with the silly hat, then.

  • Kengi

    Wearing a silly hat negates his votes on the board?

    I didn’t realize that. In that case, you are right. But such a law is probably unconstitutional and this would be a great test case, so it was still a good idea to wear the hat.

  • Lark62

    I get the analogy. I laughed out loud when I saw the picture. I get the message, but I’ve heard about the FSM and I’m not his intended audience. What matters is the message actually communicated to the people in his town, not the message intended.

  • Nankay

    Oh don’t throw that “they just don’t get it” canard out there. I get it. He’s trying to prove a point, blah blah blah. I just think he looks like a fool doing it. I am not pissed; just vaguely disappointed in his childish behavior.

  • Kengi

    Because he has good ideas?

    Oh my gods! What am I saying? Of course we should only listen to people who are impeccably dressed in the latest fashions. After all, that’s what makes America and its population so wonderfully shallow. We wouldn’t want to lose that attribute.

  • the moother

    No religion is real… Thanks for playing!

  • QuestioningKat

    Thanks Bob, At first I laughed then I realized that I doubt he ran on a “pastafarian” platform, so this came out of left field. It makes him seem like an asshole focusing on bashing religion rather than the job ahead of him. Elected atheists are few and far between, we need to outperform those who criticize us.

  • Kengi

    Yeah, all humor only works for a limited amount of time. That’s why Blackadder, when it first came out, was hysterical, but now that it’s old isn’t funny at all.

    As for Pastafarianism, you may be shocked to hear that the reformed movement has already had revelations which have modified the beer volcanoes and stripper factories. That was never a reasonable part of the religion anyway.

    Still, even in the reformed movement, you are free to wear the pirate hat, so don’t worry about having that right taken away from you. I will still fight to the death for your right to wear a pirate hat!

  • exactly. you cannot reason with the religious, nor show them enough ‘respect’ to satisfy them. jeebus will always be more important to them, no matter how much we show tolerance to that insanity in our common public lives and spaces.

  • Nankay

    Imagine if I got a job I had actively sought out. I had presented my best ideas, put my best foot forward, convinced a large amount of people I was the one for the position. I then showed up for work wearing a collander on my head . Would there be any chance of being listened to or taken seriously after that point? Would the people who decided to hire me continue to support me or would they think I was a big showboat who just wanted the job in order to make a point?

  • GubbaBumpkin

    That’s a plastic colander. All true Pastafarians use stainless steel.

  • Lark62

    His influence is not the same as his vote.

    The nutjob on the Morton Grove library board only had one vote, but she was able to influence most of the board to vote her way. Two or three nutjobs on the Dover city school board influenced the remaining board members to vote to promote creationism.

    The ability to communicate and persuade is an important element of governing. Spending political capital on cheap photo ops is wasteful. Setting yourself up on day one as someone who’s ideas are silly is not a smart way to govern. It would have been far better to position himself as a defender of the Constitution by swearing on the Constitution rather than as a defender of the right to look really stupid.


  • quasibaka

    Humor is becoming as rare as common sense .

  • Kengi

    And that’s the fault of the people incapable of evaluating a person based upon their abilities, who, instead, evaluate people based solely on their appearance.

    You know, the shallow morons who can’t actually think for themselves.

    And this won’t change for the better by just maintaining the status quo.

  • Tychobrahesbladder

    He actually succeeded in proving a point. If one thinks its ‘childish’ then they clearly must not be getting the bigger picture.

  • quasibaka

    I disagree ‘True Pastafarians™’ know that the pirate hat is the only headgear of choice . All the rest are pasta-haters

  • GubbaBumpkin

    Beat me to it.

  • Compuholic

    Has he traded the ability to lead effectively during the next 12 to 24 months for one five minute soundbite?

    I fail to see the connection. Why would he not be able to lead effectively?

  • Lark62

    Yes, and unless you read atheist blogs, you’ve probably never heard of the flying spaghetti monster. So, yes, most of the people in his town have no clue why he is choosing to act stupid.

  • Kengi

    And I’m vaguely disappointed in your shallowness. Life is full of disappointments.

  • GubbaBumpkin

    Some of their children will got to Teh Ineterwebz to find out though…

  • Kengi

    Huh? People will find out about this from the article in the newspaper, which explains Pastafarianism and the reasoning behind his decision. It’s also an opportunity for them to learn more with this thing called the “internet”.

  • Splitters!

  • Greg G.

    It is not ridiculous to take an oath with a colander on your head. It would be ridiculous to take an oath with the colander on your face, though, because that would strain your voice.

  • Lark62

    I’m not pissed, and I think it was funny. I also think he is wasting an opportunity to be seen as a mature and sensible advocate for reason.

  • Neko

    Does it matter? Schaeffer explained that his getup was about religious freedom and designed to “promote happiness, cheerfulness and harmlessness.” The lunatics who shut down the government over a law of the land were no doubt impeccable at their swearings-in.

  • trj


  • Greg G.

    I’m sure some’ll lean a bit on him.

  • Quite the contrary, the terrifying reality is that politicians who are prone to stunts tend to do better, in this age of media saturation and image inundation, since they stick in the minds of voters more. Ridiculous is its own political virtue.

    In view of that, and our attention-degraded culture, it is refreshing for a stunt to be undertaken for good rather than ill. He will get some people’s attention; many will scoff and promptly forget why, a few will Google and become educated. The button-down staid polite debate method, in contrast, will produce neither goldfish-memoried scoffers and nor enlightenment.

  • Kengi

    If the nutjob on the Morton Grove board was effective because she had outlandish opinions and was a fringe radical, then being a fringe radical may not be so bad.

    In reality, of course, she didn’t actually “influence” the vote. She merely provided voice to the already set opinions of the other fundies on the board.

    Same with Dover. The board members in Dover who voted the way they did actually campaigned on that platform. They didn’t need persuasion by the other fundies.

    Many skilled leaders would actually be able to take advantage of a bit of silliness or effective use of joking around.

    Regardless, in any state/church separation issue, Schaeffer wouldn’t get cooperation from the majority anyway, regardless of his swearing in attire. On other issues, most of the other board members will probably be a little less shallow than you are, or, at least, willing to swallow their attitude towards him for his support on other issues.

    In other words, they will play politics with Schaeffer regardless of his hat choice on swearing in.

  • Svelaz

    What a fantastic example! It is amazing to see all the criticisms leveled at him for the locals for what he did simply because he did the most simple act guaranteed by the constitution. I would take it as an equally incredulous reaction when a member of congress chose to be sworn in with a Quran, I hope I spelled that right, and suddenly it was like the whole world quit working for those who saw it as some sort of affront to THEIR religion. It’s a somber reminder that while many espouse tolerance of other religions because this country was founded on that very principle it is only tolerant as long as THEIR religion is the dominant one. Once it is pointed out that is not the case they go batshit crazy over it!

  • Svelaz

    Goldfish-memoried , priceless, I’m stealin that 🙂

  • Kengi

    And would have wasted an opportunity to make the statement he did, which was also being a mature sensible advocate for reason. You seem to have a narrow definition of “mature” and no understanding of “sensible”. Most immature people would have been too shallow and self-centered (both traits of immaturity) to make such a sensible and effective statement in the way Schaeffer did.

  • Sweetredtele

    Oh, you mean before this Christians have never worn a symbol of intimidation, repression, torture and death while being sworn in?

  • Neko

    Yes, our politics are a travesty. At this point the most rational response is to go dada and put a colander on one’s head. At worst Schaeffer sacrificed his dignity for the good of many. R’amen.

  • Margaret Mayhemm

    I feel like it’s also childish to swear on a book of fables…but to each their own.

  • i say it’s time for a Holy War! with alfredo and meatballs and carbonari and whole wheat penne and…

    excuse me, i have to go in the kitchen now.

  • Bob Becker


  • I honestly don’t think it speaks too poorly of our politics, particularly. The political world has always been in large part about spectacle, and that remains true wherever and whenever you look. To despair in the face of that is to despair of the human condition–it’s tough being a humanist.

    I would hope that anyone going into politics was not expecting to have their dignity remain intact, at the very least. Best is to control in what manner it is lost. 🙂

  • BoGardiner

    I cringed. Much as I worship the FSM…

  • Ish-Keryot Apostoli Xii

    I think his “religious” garb is less offensive than the Christian norm of oversized headgear and a shepherd’s crook. One implies we are sheep, the other….to early to tell, perhaps he’s just offering us a good meal.

  • Neko

    That was good, made me laugh!

    I still say our politics are a travesty, rife with meaningless symbolism and relentlessly corrupt. But despair is a mortal sin, so onward harmless soldiers.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Can you just imagine it if in a couple centuries pastafarianism is considered a legitimate religion. It would be kind of funny and sad if people didn’t realize that it was started as parody and to make a point about creationism and instead actually took the tenants as real. Of course it is as legitimate and real as any other religion, but imagine if people took it seriously.

  • Tat Wadjet

    “I realized that I doubt he ran on a “pastafarian” platform”

    Well I should hope not! If we are to “outperform those who criticize us”, then there is no need or place for religion (or religion parody) in election processes.

  • A3Kr0n

    Schaeffer doesn’t represent everybody, his showing he preference for the FSM over other religions, or non-religion. It would be like going there dressed in a priest gown and silly hat. I think the FFRF needs to send him a tongue-in-cheek letter ASAP.

  • Manny Panning

    He’ll have a busy colander, with not enough holes in it, meaning a strain on his thyme, but I’m sure he’ll not be filtering his calls, nor pouring salt on old wounds.

  • Lark62

    Yes, it’s just like the Grand Canyon.

    You do get my point, right? Don’t you have a sense of humor?

    Everyone in my family would understand about the Grand Canyon. It’s been an inside joke in my family for years.

    The FSM is an inside joke among atheists. We get it. I could wax eloquent about whether you have to have balls to worship his noodlyness. I hope that doesn’t strain credibility.

    But if you try to communicate something important using an inside joke to people not in on the joke, two things happen. 1. You communicate nothing, and 2. You look kind of thick.

    Just like the Grand Canyon.

  • Fentwin

    He’s guilty of the crime of apastasy…uhm…apasta-stasy….he’s a naughty boy!

  • Nankay

    Swearing on a Bible or Qu’aran is not required.

  • Lark62

    I think you meant the crime of anti-pastacy. 🙂

  • Lark62

    Yes, it matters.

  • McAtheist

    So…….you don’t get it, and I don’t think ‘canard’ means what you think it means.

  • PrimateZero


  • newavocation

    But is he a true pastafarian or just an al dente terrorist?

  • EdmondWherever

    I agree with this. Noodles as a religious analogy is good for laughs among friends, but we’re trying to put a serious face on atheism, and be respected enough to garner public office. No, belief in a woman turning into a pillar of salt is no less silly, but it is the belief of MILLIONS of Americans. If we want them to vote for us (and especially if we want them to vote for us AGAIN), then we should embrace and exude professionalism and dedication to duty. We shouldn’t act the fool JUST because that’s what we think of THEIR religion. We should act like adults, to show them how it’s done.

  • Dan Robinson

    I tell you it has crossed my mind that this could actually happen. Scientology started as a bet right?

  • Nankay

    Um..a ‘groundless belief”? Thinking someone doesn’t ‘get’ something because they do not find humor in it is a groundless belief..a canard.

  • Nankay

    Plus I can get it and still think he looks like a total fool. They are not exclusive of each other.

  • Nankay

    MY shallowness. Am I the one wearing a strainer on my head to make a point? Nope. Not even in the privacy of my own home.

  • Lark62

    The Dover nutjobs campaigned, ironically, on fiscal responsibility. They cost the school district about $1 million.

    And what makes you think I’m shallow? I’ve said I thought it was funny. I would have no problem working with this dude. But I’ve been in situations populated by people with different viewpoints. Some methods of building consensus and getting members of a board to take specific action are simply more effective than others. Having credibility according to the norms and the context of the situation can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of an individual board member. That’s just reality.

  • mageeh

    Fantastic!! He has my support. I would trust him before many others!!

  • Lark62

    Well said.

  • Iothisk

    “tenets” IFIFY.

  • Lark62

    Show up at work tomorrow with a colander on your head. Let us know it goes.

  • Frivelosity

    I have one of the rare Flying Spaghetti Forks. His Noodlyness demanded I have one but would not provide on for me, so I had to make my own. It’s quite nice and I made it myself. It’s no secret that The Great FSM will never give a flying fork. I had to make my own FSM Crusades helmet as well.

  • he should have sworn on a box of spaghetti.

  • So long as he’s not from the gluten free denomination, I’m okay.

  • Can we pick any book of fables? I’m rather fond of Des Knaben Wunderhorn myself!

  • And that differentiates him from all the other politicians who do and say stupid things that most people don’t understand how?

  • When was the last time there was an actual political debate. I don’t mean politicians regurgitating talking points, but real debate. It must have been before I was born because I can’t think of a single example.

  • He obviously impressed enough people to get elected.

  • Pastafarianism is less ridiculous than most religions. Scientology is laughable. So is LDS for that matter. (Started by a convicted con man, for rigatoni’s sake!)

    My bet, however, would be on Festivus of all the current jokes to be taken relatively seriously in a few generations.

  • gusbovona

    C’mon, I was the first person out of 98 to downvote a bad pun?

  • Spaghetti Pete

    Did someone mention ground beef?

  • Jeff

    Looking thick would be the linguine branch of pastafarians….

  • Jeff

    Nicely said.

  • Johnson


  • Lark62

    I’m partial to rigatoni, but it’s one of nonconformist, tubular sects.

  • Neoconsaredicks

    Long live Festivus !!!

  • Barney Gugol

    Must you godless heathens be so funny?!

  • Ruairi MacRae

    This makes me boiling mad, all paths of pasta should be accepted! Some of us don’t have a choice!

  • Tryclyde


  • Ana_Lake

    Hey, that’s my home county! Sensible folks, those Chautauquans…

  • Some Guy Somewhere

    I’m pretty sure that the Scientology on a bet thing is a myth. LRH was far enough out there to believe his own tripe.

  • Some Guy Somewhere

    Wrong, you heathen! Your apostacy is a crime against the Noodly One and must be smothered in red sauce. I will see your sinister brand of evil washed clean from the land, like a “Pots and Pans” setting on the dishwasher…

  • Some Guy Somewhere

    All you nonorthodox types will rue the day of the coming of the Parmessiah.

  • Jonas

    I’m so glad I put my drink down right before scrolling to the comments….

  • Nothing but the facts

    If taking religion out of government is the goal, why bring it in (even as a joke) when there is no need to? He could have taken his oath without the use of fictional books or mention of “super heros” and taken his post with dignity. Instead he puts a colander on his head like a buffoon to draw attention to something that will sooner die if just done away with. Just stupid and annoying.

  • Jonas

    Wrong! You were the ONLY person out of 139 to downvote 🙂

  • Jonas

    Holy war has never before been so tasty!

  • coren

    I’m not anti-religious by any means but I could rewrite your post to be about any religion and make it sound equally ridiculous.

  • jazaniac

    but say you explain the inside joke to us, then we would get it. It is the people who have the purpose of the Church of the FSM explained to them and are still angry who are the dumbasses here

  • Neil

    Blasphemer! BLASPHEMER! Plastic colanders are an affront to His Noodliness. Boil him!

  • Redorblack Nigelbottom

    But a Jew wearing a kippah doesn’t? An Islamic woman in modesty garb, a Mormon wearing religious underwear, a Christian wearing a representation of the torture device used to kill their God? OK, you get to think he looks like a total fool… I think it’s silly right along with the rest of it.

  • TVG

    Did he celebrate by buying his friends a round of ‘the sauce’?

  • TCC

    +1 Internets

  • SYunghans

    He tried to find a metal one (I’m a friend and witnessed the occasion personally, I also used to work for the newspaper as a photographer and reporter) but wasn’t able to find a suitable one in time for the swearing in. He did not wear it through the meeting, only for the oath of office and no one in the room, other than the reporter who wrote the article, questioned him or his motives.

  • Jim Cooper

    Good thing he wasn’t wearing his eye patch!

  • Mike Hitchcock

    Oh shit – ANOTHER rift in the Church…

  • fishboy

    I think you need to give people more credit *not* to be outraged about something. Unless Fox News whips up a storm of stupid the vast majority of people will just shrug and carry on – and judge him on how well he does his job.

  • Randay

    He looks a little too pasta-faced for me.

  • fishboy

    Burn the witch! Or at least sauté him.

  • Roberto Aguirre Maturana

    I’m not good identifying puns, so I’ll take your comments with a grain of salt.

  • fishboy

    The analogy doesn’t stand – in this case anyone can look up Flying Spaghetti Monster on the internet and in a few seconds to minutes understand the reference. Your family in-joke is impenetrable.

    Look, I get why you’re angry – the relative dearth of atheists in your country is terrible, and the invisibility of those in public office is a travesty. But for all that this may seem like a cheap joke or buffoonery – would you ever have heard of this guy otherwise? Would anyone apart from his constituents? And probably a minority of them anyway.

    I say give the guy a chance to see if he can make something of this. There’s no need for us to be slinging insults at him and shouting him down – the fundies will do that for us.

  • Rafel

    Cal respectar totes les fantasies, mentre no toquen la vida real.

    If you are interested in catalan culture, come here: books in catalan from Catalan Countries and in other idioms.



  • baal

    Look man, I support you in a lot of ways but don’t ask me to accept the plastic colander folks. It has to be stainless steel or his pasta-ness won’t be happy. You won’t like his pasta-ness when he’s angry.

  • wlinden

    And what do the Jedis say about this? How can he claim he represents them?

  • gusbovona

    Not sure if I feel better or worse now . . . .

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