South Carolina Atheist Leader Offers, on eBay, a Chance to Send Her to Church January 3, 2014

South Carolina Atheist Leader Offers, on eBay, a Chance to Send Her to Church

Eve Brannon, president of the Upstate Atheists in South Carolina, is offering Christians a chance to send her to church by bidding on eBay. (Whoa. Déjà vu.)

Your bid is for me and my 4 year old daughter. She must be able to stay with me at all times. We will attend any church on a Sunday morning. We will listen to the sermon and I agree to be acknowledged as a guest. I will speak to members of the congregation if you wish and what led me to the path I chose. I’m fine with speaking publicly, answering questions, or simply sitting in the crowd. I will NOT question or refute anyone’s beliefs. I will be respectful of all members of the church. All proceeds will go to the charitable acts of Upstate Atheists in 2014.

Dustin Wyatt of the Spartanburg Herald Journal has more on the auction here, including my take on it. (Spoiler: I’m all for it.)

As I write this, the bidding is just over $100. Surely the souls of Eve and her daughter are worth more than that to Christians…

The best part is that all the money will go to her group’s charity work. There’s no downside to a high bid, even for Christians. It all goes back to helping those less fortunate.

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  • Bec

    I shouldn’t be so cynical but the low figures could be because she picked an atheist charity to support. It also seems unlikely that this person represents easy pickin’s for conversion or dollars in the church coffers, hence no incentive.

  • Sander Aarts

    Why include the daughter? If anyone wants to ‘prostitute’ him/her self for a good cause that’s fine by me, but children…

  • OverlappingMagisteria

    I don’t know the family situation but perhaps because getting a baby sitter for an hour or two a week is not only a hassle but expensive. The daughter is 4, too young to pay attention to any sermons. To her, church will be “that boring place that you have to quiet for a long time.”

  • I agree. I have two children and when they are old enough to see through the smoke and mirrors, then they can attend church if they wish. The thing is it will be their choice, not mine.

  • bearclover

    It’s never too young to start honing critical thinking skills.

  • A3Kr0n

    So what church are you going to take her and her daughter to?

  • Someone should do this on eBay and write a book about it.
    It would be awesome.
    Oh… wait… never mind.

  • is it going towards a charity that promotes atheism, or a charity that helps people regardless of their religious status? it should be the latter, and many atheist charitable acts have been so in the past. the language of the article isn’t clear.

  • Richard Thomas

    Honestly I’m hard pressed to even think of an “atheist” charity that promotes atheism over just helping people.

  • Art_Vandelay

    She knows you can just go to church if you’re an atheist, right? Are people in SC really that concerned about “saving” atheists?

  • Greenville, SC, is home to Bob Jones University, Furman University (Dr. Furman was the founder of the Souther Baptist Convention), North Greenville University (where men and women can’t be in cars alone with each other), and the upstate is home to dozens of megachurches, including NewSpring, with some 18,000 members statewide, who baptised 2100 people in Greenville and Anderson alone.

    Yes. South Carolina are that concerned about ‘saving’ people, and using this to fund a tangible charity is an excellent idea.

  • Nichelle Wrenn

    I don’t think the religious now that, though. They may not want their money to go to “atheists” (even the charity does not give to atheists only).

  • Art_Vandelay

    See that sounds awesome to me. I’m from the Northeast. I’m the guy that if I hear the JH’s are in the neighborhood will go outside and wave them down and invite them in for drinks and snacks. Catholics couldn’t give a shit about saving souls. They’ll whine about their religious freedom being trampled upon but very few have any interest in engaging you about their faith. I’d actually bid $ just to have a church let me go in and talk to their entire congregation. So you can see how absurd this sounds to me. But yeah…if you can raise money for charity…why not? It just struck me as pretentious at first.

  • quasibaka

    Hey , lets be civil and not use terms like prostitute when a simpler explanation probably exists . Think along the lines of Honlein’s Razor

  • Amor DeCosmos

    My children study comparative religion at our Unitarian Church. I will expose my child to as many religions and philosophies as possible as they grow up. This is what hopefully leads to critical thought. If I raise my child in a atheist vacuum, how will my children be exposed to anything to be critical of?

    Sure she’s 4, so it’s admittedly a bit early, but I completely applaud her intentions.

  • I really doubt it’s that expensive, or too much a hassle. What it looks like with the kid is what bothers me most about this stunt – she wants to present the pretty image of a nice, normal person with a four-year-old daughter. That is not something that atheists should do, and she really should know better – using kids as props is for Mormans, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other cultists. Worse than the latter cases is the high profile of the situation – this child shouldn’t have the notoriety imposed on her to bring on the bullies!

  • Sander Aarts

    Sure, let them learn about different religions. But an eBay auction is not a very good educational guide either.

  • Kahomono

    Did the auction come down? The link is not working.

  • DT

    The ad has been removed due to a technicality.

    It had generated an almost $300 bid before being removed.

    New ad is currently at

  • DT

    It’s going to help the homeless in a tent city.

  • DT

    Yes it did.

    It’s been relisted at

    The bids were just under $300 before being removed by eBay.

  • Waltz707

    I babysit; it’s my only source of income at this point. (of course, I am 16) most babysitters who are red cross certified and have experience charge upwards of $10/hr. If you want someone with a background in children w/ special needs or who has a degree in child behavioral studies or some other useful degree in a child related are, you can charge more than $30/hr and get off perfectly fine. My point is that it can and does get very expensive to have a quality professional watch your kid every weekend.

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