Nine-Year-Old Boy Reported Abuse By Mother Spouting Godly Pieties; She Ends Up Kicking Him to Death January 3, 2014

Nine-Year-Old Boy Reported Abuse By Mother Spouting Godly Pieties; She Ends Up Kicking Him to Death

If you believe Synthia Varela-Casaus, nine-year-old Omaree’s death was an accident.

“I was disciplining him, I kicked him the wrong way. It was an accident,” Varela-Casaus [Omaree’s mother] said to reporters on Saturday afternoon as Albuquerque police officers took her into custody.

According to the Huffington Post,

She initially told police her 9-year-old son was playing with his 3-year-old brother when the older brother was thrown from a bouncing toy horse and hit his head.

Medical personnel saw multiple injuries on the boy’s body. [Albuquerque police officer Simon] Drobik says the mother later told detectives she kicked the boy in the stomach during an argument, causing him to hit his head. The mother told detectives she repeatedly kicked the boy while he was on the floor.

Not unlike Ariel Castro, Varela-Casaus delighted in updating her Facebook page with sugary sentiments about God’s benevolence. In the days before Omaree’s death, she took to Facebook to ask Jesus to “please put a hedge of protection over all the children in the world,” and she called her three own children “precious angels”:


Estevan and Neviah are now being cared for by the state.

Omaree’s MVP shirt in that photo from a few years ago hit me hard, but here’s perhaps the most heartbreaking part of the story:

The New Mexico Children Youth and Families Department was already investigating the home after the boy allegedly threatened to harm himself and reported prior abuse [to school authorities]. CYFD says it cannot comment on the case.

Despite Varela-Casaus’ prayerful invocations, I guess neither the CYFD nor Jesus saw fit to supply that “hedge of protection.”

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  • wtbusdriver

    I guess it’s god’s will. They should at the least sterilize her in addition to a life sentence just to be sure she never procreates again.

  • Guest

    Stop it. No one has the right to violate anyone’s reproductive organs, no matter the reason. If you’re pro-sterilization, I guess you’re fine with making women get forced abortions by their husbands.

  • Gehennah

    I can’t even rationalize the sentence “I was disciplining him, I kicked him the wrong way” in any way that would make sense to any rational human being.

    What is wrong with people?

  • wtbusdriver

    This woman should NEVER deliver another child.You should ask Omaree how he feels about it. Oh, wait she killed him.

  • paulalovescats

    If you keep producing children and abusing them, I think someone needs to either kill you or fix you.

  • Guest

    Not very humanist of you.

  • Rights are determined by society, and in all societies, criminals lose some rights. If we’re prepared as a society to actually kill criminals, we certainly shouldn’t have a problem with sterilizing some of them.

  • Leslee Frost

  • Guest

    You still don’t have the legal nor the moral right to sterilize anyone for that matter. If you think that, you’re no worse than the anti-choicers. It astonishes me how atheists can be so immoral sometimes.

  • randomfactor

    What, exactly is the “right way” to kick a defenseless kid?

  • Guest

    We kill criminals because they have done something to deserve it and are a hazard at doing it again. What is the point in sterilizing someone over this? It won’t stop them from hurting children in the future.

  • And we could sterilize criminals (for certain crimes) because they have done something to deserve it and are a hazard at doing it again. It is much, much easier for a person to injure their own child than it is somebody else’s.

    Again, society determines what is or is not ethical.

  • Guest

    Obviously you don’t believe in second chances or the reformation process then.

  • LesterBallard

    Jesus is a fucking prick.

  • LesterBallard

    A second to chance to what? Kick some more kids to death? How about yours?

  • Guest

    A second chance at life and redemption, or do people not deserve that? Guess not.

  • Quintin van Zuijlen

    Not, I suppose, which is true for kicking most people in most situations.

  • Chris

    Because Jesus (who doesn’t exist) was physically responsible for kicking the boy to death. Riiiiight. Please, take your displaced angry-atheist attitude somewhere else.

  • I’d be okay with a clean miss resulting in a final, and fatal connect to the kicker’s own forehead.

  • I do. And I’m not necessarily advocating for the sterilization of criminals. I’m simply pointing out that such a penalty is consistent with a good deal of our law, and isn’t obviously unethical.

    I’d certainly prefer sterilizing a criminal to killing one.

  • TCC

    I’m going to buck the trend and voice my agreement with this. I am very, very uneasy about declaring that the government can involuntarily sterilize people, even criminals; there is too much of a sordid history of that kind of thing for me to be at all comfortable with the idea.

  • Abbé Faria

    I care about the victims. You know this woman’s own children that she abused until one of them died? Did you forget about them? If she is let out of jail ever that is her second chance, we should not let her pop out more children to kill.

  • Abbé Faria

    Give her a choice, she can get life in prison without parole or she can get sterilized and have a chance of getting out of prison some day. It’s up to her.

  • Guest

    You act like she is already planning to kill them. Stop being so assuming.

  • Abbé Faria

    And you are assuming she will see Jesus all over again and swear to never hurt another child.

  • Guest

    Umm, or she can just go to prison? Not sure how it works in your world but we have a system of laws here. We don’t really get to choose between our punishments. We’re not savages.

  • cyb pauli

    I agree that sterilization is gross, but let’s not be pots calling kettles certain colors with the immorality comment.

  • Guest

    When did I mention Jesus at all? You’re the one who actually said she’d kill them if she has more. I just said she deserves a second chance (after serving time of course.. not unless she gets the death penalty)

  • cyb pauli

    Millions of people believe he exists and that he watched this woman kick a child to death and upon his throne of omnipotence, did nothing.

  • Guest

    Many people also believe he doesn’t interfere with humans directly. Who knows. But look at your government that could solve poverty and hunger easily but instead wastes money on wars and bloodshed, despite being considered one of the greatest and most powerful leaders of the world…

  • cyb pauli

    I’ll add to your non-sequitur that my government is a coalition of Christians.

  • tim

    We sterilize men who are pedophiles in an attempt to *prevent future crimes* based on past actions. What about their right to start over and have a family? Sometimes, criminals lose rights based on their choices. Once a convicted criminal completes his or her punishment as prescribed by law, they then have the right to resume their normal life and start over with a second chance. Like others who face permanent punishments for their actions, she would have to find a way to make a new life if she wanted more children. It isn’t immoral to punish someone in line with their crime. She killed one of her children, therefore she should not have children. What is immoral is ever gambling with a child’s life for the sake of her redemption. I am rabidly liberal and pro-choice. She made hers. Any potential children won’t have a choice.

  • Guest

    But a secular one too, remember. I’m sure many of them would be happy to bring back prayers in school but they are bound by law not to, so them being Christian has no real impact on what the government does.

  • LesterBallard

    No, asshole, because Jesus was apparently too busy helping some Christian football player win a game or some other really important shit.

  • LesterBallard

    Not in every case.

  • Michael

    By making a teddybear do it? That could work.

  • Babbling Brooke

    People plea bargain. To get lessor time in prison. In that respect, they choose between their punishments.

  • Jeff

    Depends on which humans you are representing. Stop the cycle, or sympathize with victims?

  • Jeff

    We CURRENTLY don’t do this, but as a society, and I mean humans, not just US citizens, have practiced sterilization as an option for punishment of crime. If you didn’t see the news lately, Alan Turing was given the option of prison or chemical castration. He chose suicide. That was 1954, in jolly England. We did it in California prisons as late as the ’70’s. LEGALLY, because at the time, we, society, we’re ok with it.

  • Jesus Cristos

    Was… was that a Tuesday? I’ve a terrible head for Tuesdays. My guitar lessons are on Tuesdays. The Sun is always a bit too bright, and I seem to misplace my keys. This one Tuesday I was jamming on my guitar and some angel came running in telling me about this flood that killed a lot of people in the Indian ocean. This was a Tuesday a few years back. So, yeah, I’m working on these chords and I’m getting this news and I’m like “Oh! Shit.” I forgot that I was supposed to not kill people on that Tuesday. Same sort of thing. I didn’t mean to drop the ball on this. Really I didn’t. It’s just, I was a bit preoccupied and everything. Of course, time in Heaven doesn’t go at the same speed as Earth. It’s been Tuesday for about… 13 billion years now by my watch. Now if you need anything else, don’t hesitate to ask. Wait… is it Tuesday? Shit! My guitar lessons! I’ll be back later!

  • JoeAtheist

    Well one to kick the “right way” is with the flat top of the foot, not the toes, otherwise risk damaging your toes in the process.

  • JoeAtheist

    Hey prick,

    Why didn’t you do anything to save the multitude of kids being abused? Oh, wait, you don’t care enough. You’d rather sit on your laptop and bitch about “Jesus being a prick”. Jesus had nothing to do with this so stop being such a little prick.

    You sound like one of those “I don’t believe in God and I HATE him” atheists. You’re embarrassing.

  • Guest

    Not to the extent Abbe is making.

  • LesterBallard

    I wouldn’t say little, average, maybe a little above. And I’m sorry that you and the other asshole didn’t get my point; that prayer and happy Jesus thoughts don’t do shit.

  • LesterBallard

    You should get a new teacher; isn’t Jimi up there?

  • LesterBallard

    Oh really? They don’t vote?

  • Merari

    Alan Turing committed suicide because of his forced sterilisation.

  • spitz

    You’re free to criticize cyb pauli’s government and the belief in magical beings like Jesus simultaneously.

  • spitz

    That’s right. Killing them will though, which is apparently cool if they have done “something to deserve it”. You have made an excellent argument. No to sterilization, and off with their heads!

    (for people who happily wield the power to execute criminals but don’t approve of head removal, spare the debate and choose your favorite mode of execution.)

  • Your point?

  • I’m going to play the devil’s advocate (a little irony here) on this one. I’m not sure if this is a valid example of social damage caused specifically by religion on account of the obvious condition that this mother is not a normal human being. Even when induced to practice corporal discipline by one’s church, it is highly unlikely that a sane person would kick her own child in the stomach, much less multiple times when he is down! Such a person would likely be violent with or without the influence of her church. The removal of organized religion would not remove the imagination and the proclivity toward delusion from the human mind – there would still be people as insane as she is, and they would hardly be less harmless. What scares me most about religious people is what they are capable of when they are sane! Sane people carried out the Spanish Inquisition, tortured and burned people at the stake, and so it was at the American witch trials.

  • spitz

    “Jesus had nothing to do with this”

    Unfortunately, people keep going to him for help. Including this woman who ended up killing her own child.It’s a great time to start promoting better ways to protect children than appealing to gods, and with that comes criticism of the techniques that don’t do anything.One of the first steps would be to stop expecting people who don’t exist to do anything, and to stop expecting the people who do exist to have the magic kid saving abilities attributed to non-existent beings. In a world where that misunderstanding is so thorough that there are businesses built around providing religious advice on how to abuse children.

    When someone points out how stupid it is to look to Jesuses for help, you’re not doing much by having the same foolish expectations of LesterBallad. The reality is that despite Jesus having nothing to do with what happened, this news will be met with arguments in support of the idea that Jesus is actually super relevant , extra calls for help to him those who were harmed, and insults for anyone who tries to make the same point you did: Jesus has nothing to do with anything.

  • Shes too fat for me

    I will gladly pay on Sunday for a hamburger purchased on Tuesday.

  • Terry Firma

    Thank you for taking the time to build your straw man, he looks very nice but turns out to be a tad rickety.

    As far as I know, nowhere in my post do I say or imply that the boy’s death was caused “specifically by religion.”

  • Carmelita Spats

    Thank you, Captain Obvious. Of course Jesus couldn’t be physically responsible for kicking anyone. He is too scrawny, crucified, he wears a ridiculous loincloth, he bleeds on everyone’s couch, he’s a 33-year-old virgin carpenter with communist tendencies and he lives with his mom unless he’s pillow-fighting at slumber parties. Jesus couldn’t kick a duck in the ass if you gave him a box to stand on.

    However, if you live in a Southern Baptist Screwyouland as I do, you will encounter a riot of damn “moral” folk with shiny-shiny teeth and seersucker suits who will tell you straight up, “Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.” (Proverbs13:24). If you stare at them in wide-eyed disbelief, they continue, “For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.”(Hebrews 12:11). You ask them to please go on, they get excited, “Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you strike him with a rod, he will not die. If you strike him with the rod, you will save his soul from Sheol.” (Proverbs 23:13-15). Sit down. Have a whiskey. They will blather on, “Blows that wound cleanse away evil; strokes make clean the innermost parts.” (Proverbs 20:30). You slide three inches away from them but they continue, “Discipline your son, for there is hope; do not set your heart on putting him to death.” So you’re not supposed to kill your kid but whacking him is okay. The Texas GOP platform includes corporal punishment in public education because Jesus…and that makes me an angry atheist.

  • Terry Firma

    Carmelita, you are a gem.

  • skeptical_inquirer

    A major problem with religion is that I often sense a huge self-congratulatory impulse no matter how rotten the worshiper may be. I always sense that by constantly going on and on about God, they’re really talking about wonderful they are since the worshiper & God are like conjoined twins in the worshiper’s mind.

    It just reminds me too much of a case where this religious family adopted two kids from Ethiopia, and proceeded to treat them so poorly one of them died from a mixture of abuse and exposure.

    All her stupid adoptive mother could do was complain what a bad girl she was to the 911 operator even while the girl was dying.

  • talkingsnake

    You are surprised that you came to an atheist blog and read a comment that offended your sensibilities? You are going to have a rough ride here if you can’t sharpen your wit. Jesus doesn’t exist, so calling him a prick or a cunt or an attention-whore doesn’t really mean anything. Hating god is like hating a unicorn – it’s the same goddamn thing. Is there some reason you capitalized god? Is it because he took his job as his name?

  • Foridin

    According to my history textbook, the US didn’t even restrict it to criminals, in the early 20th century it could be used on people with mental disabilities, as well as sexually active teens.

  • closetatheist

    Every time I see mothers doing the equivalent of this woman’s facebook status (publically declaring their smooshy and unconditional love for their children) I feel sick inside. My mother was like this and what she was actually doing was placing a hedge of protection around herself – she was inviting every one she knew to think of her as an incredibly loving mother so that either I would be pressured into viewing her that way or so that I would be aware that other adults would never believe that she was a vicious abuser. I never, and I mean NEVER, trust a parent who desperately needs other adults to know that they love their children.

  • Dave Littler

    Also, look at all the birds out there that could give chipmunks free rides through the air and then set them gently down on the ground, unharmed and without having done them any harm, yet choose not to…


  • Greg G.

    Of course Jesus can’t kick anybody. His feet are nailed together.

  • code_monkey_steve

    With clown shoes?

  • Librepensadora

    What does the theory of evolution teach us about parenting? That it is natural to care for our children and keep them from harm so that we can pass those selfish genes of ours unto the third and fourth generation.

  • Armanatar

    Our desire to give people second chances must be tempered by the fact that other children would be put at risk of direct harm in order to grant her that chance. Sex offenders are given “second chances” in that they are free to live their lives upon completion of their sentences, but they are still bound by law to inform their neighbors about their past crimes. This isn’t so far afield from that. I’m not sure how I feel about forced sterilization, but I would fairly readily approve removing her legal right to raise children. It’s a tricky situation, because you have to try and balance her rights with those of any potential future offspring, accounting for the vulnerable status of said offspring, and arrive at a humane and ethical conclusion.

  • MN Atheist

    Yes you do it by showing your children love, not by telling everyone else you love them…

  • You’re welcome, but I sort of resent the accusation that I have been disingenuous by deliberately building a “straw man” argument. That is not the case at all!

    I’m now realizing that this is at least the 2nd post within a couple of days by you which deals with obvious cases of mental illness. I know everyone loves to talk about those real-life re-enactments of Stephen King movie scenes, but if you aren’t implying religion as a specific cause, and you aren’t posting these stories strictly for the freak show value (I had faith that you were above that), then what are you trying to say?

  • A3Kr0n

    I’m not sure why you’re attacking this person, he seems to have a genuine comment. No, you didn’t blame religion, but you did post this on FA, and you did mention religion several times in your post. If you didn’t think religion played a part in this, why post here?
    I think there is a misunderstanding, that’s all. I’m glad Dave took the time to respond.

  • diogeneslamp0

    Carmelita wins the internet, and has the best avatar.

  • Guest

    I totally agree. Similar experience on my end. Though in my mother’s case she was really just trying to set herself up like Jesus. Wanted 12 little ones to surround her, but her uterus gave out after eight.
    And though she may not have abused us herself (at least not physically), she had no problem letting the church men, step-fathers, etc, take a beating to us as the spirit moved them.
    But yeah, all about ‘look how much I love my kids’ to the world in general.
    Pretty f-ed up.

  • TIL that there is a right way to kick anybody, let alone a child. Yay for sincerely held religious beliefs.

  • Y. A. Warren

    The Bible has a solution for those who harm children. It prescribes both hanging and drowning. Seems that some people have enough conscience to know they can’t stop themselves from acting out their evil impulses, and attempt to do the right thing by committing suicide, but we insist on “saving” them. What a mockery of justice on all sides.

  • Jaydesmom

    This idea is completely contradictory to your earlier statement. If you agree with the death penalty, you are permanently removing someone’s chance of reforming. I would rather see a criminal’s right to reproduce taken away than see them killed. It would be even better if we understood that criminals are convicted by juries of people. People make mistakes, and often a jury’s decision is wrong. Maybe we should just stop killing people because we think they are the most likely perpatrator, and give them a chance to reform.

  • Jaydesmom

    Sterilization does nothing to protect children from her. There is no reason to think that she would become better able to manage her anger because she becomes sterilized. She needs therapy, medication, and training and even then she probably shouldn’t be allowed around children. Unfortunately, the system is broken and has no way to keep her from children without keeping her in prison her entire life.

  • Jaydesmom

    The argument isn’t that religion caused her to do this to her children. I would say that a religion which condones physically punishing children and also teaches praying for strength and resilience instead of therapy or medication for mental diseases can easily lead to further cases such as these. Also, the fact that she was asking Jesus to protect her son who she then killed is further proof that prayers and invocations of so-called greater beings do little to protect people from the true evils of the world, even when those evils reside within themselves. The point is not that religion caused this, but that it certainly didn’t do anything to stop it.

  • Artor

    Unfortunately, the Babble also has commandments to explicitly harm your children for the slightest of reasons.

  • Thank you – it makes sense when put that way! One may get too used to the message always being “religion poisons everything”, which is true when it influences people’s decisions, and in this case the message almost seemed to be that religion induced her to kill her own child. The message that “religion stops no evil” was more subtle, and I think it deserved some emphasis.

  • Y. A. Warren

    True, but that is so Old Testament! The Jesus believers have to get with their own program and stop justifying their own worst selves and the inhumane actions of others on what the patriarchs said, did, and continue to promote.

    There may have been many things that were the only way during the evolution of full humanity, but some humans have evolved past animal fear being the best way to guide the actions of others.

    The trick to successful societal evolution is in looking at the present as prelude to the future, rather than continuing to walk backwards to what was supposedly familiar to our less evolved ancestors.

    Oops! There I go with the anathema of evolution! Build the bonfires!

  • skeptical_inquirer

    I also find over the top gushiness very suspect.

    I just wish these type of people would just collect dolls or stuffed animals instead because that’s what they seem to want: something cute who never upsets them or demands anything from them that they can show off.

  • bismarket 1

    & now i’m angry. I’ve been really positive since Xmas but i knew it was too good to last while these (look at me & how pious & holy i am) poor excuses for humanity exist in the world. This “Woman” will now expect to be forgiven because lord knows she didn’t mean to KICK her “precious baby” TO DEATH. I expect her “Church” will rally round & support this poor grieving mother who “lost her way”, fuck it, i loathe these moralizing sick pieces of shit & can only hope that the other 2 kids are somewhere safe & away from someone who thinks prayer to be a substitute for good & truly loving parenting.

  • Bdole

    That kid was as close to an angel as she will ever get.
    I hope she gets disciplined the right way in prison.

  • closetatheist

    They want control. Mindless control. And they don’t like it when they have to work for the obedience or respect of their children – they think it should be given to them by the sheer fact that they are a biological parent.

  • Karen Zacharias

    In the ten years we’ve been at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US has lost 20,000 children on US soil to child abuse. On average, five children a day die in the US from being kicked, punched, slapped, burned, tortured, usually by a parent. The bulk of that abuse comes from mothers. (We hold to a lot of myths in this society. A loving mother may be our strongest.) It’s not the failure of Jesus that is behind this. It is the failure of every adult, every community, every state worker, every politician, every priest, every pastor, every missionary, every churchgoer and every atheist. The problems are complex but not unsolvable. First of all, we need to make sure that every state as a law like Oregon’s Karly’s Law so that the FIRST time reports are made regarding the potential for abuse photos of that child are taken & kept on file and that a doctor trained in child abuse evaluates that child within the first 48 hours. We need to also demand that the feds quit tasking Childrens Services with a mission that is set-up to fail. How can we expect our state services to protect children at all costs while insisting that they leave the child in the home of the very people who are doing the abusing? If five children a day were being killed at Disneyland, how long do you think that would go on before we shut down Disneyland? Why do we let the public sector get away with a wrongdoing that we would never tolerate in the private sector? Oh. Yeah. Money. That’s the other thing we are failing to do. Put our money where our candlelight vigils are. For more on this matter and how you can help identify child abuse in your own neighborhood, check out A Silence of Mockingbirds: The story behind Karly’s Law.

  • UWIR

    If OJ Simpson had had her for a lawyer, instead of Johnnie Cochrane:

    “My client stabbed them the wrong way.”

  • UWIR

    Castration and sterilization aren’t quite the same thing.

  • UWIR

    So, if someone is pro-death penalty, does that mean that they’re fine with men killing their wives? I’m not endorsing wtbusdriver’s post, but your argument is silly.

  • UWIR

    So, back when society determined that people had the right to hold other people as property, that was okay?

  • UWIR

    Right, because if we wanted to give everyone in the world, say, $10,000 a year, that would only cost $70 trillion a year. That would totally be something we could “easily” do, right?

  • Angel Rivera

    Ah, I find that a lot people think that god gives them a get out of jail free card, so they can do anything and they are forgiven by god. I am sick of all these so called pious men and women doing evil and then washing their hands of responsibility by claiming god forgiven them.

    Seriously, so Hitler can go to heaven if he repents before his death, while the millions of Jews killed in the death camps go to hell because they don’t believe in Christ.

    No moral god would tolerate that. A person say god is for or against something is always something that the person is for or against.

  • Merari

    My point is that the psychological trauma that comes with such a ‘treatment’ does not warrant its use. Just because something is consistent with law does not make it right or productive. There are nations that murder people too and call it justice, even though it is regularly shown they do so to completely innocent people.

  • Bam

    Or, what is currently done can be done… the newly born children are immediately taken away to state care so they cannot be abused by the parent with abusive history.

  • Danny Lee Turner II

    Screw you I love Unicorns

  • Tak

    So parents who abuse their kids should be allowed to make more? That sounds like a great way for that person to abuse more kids. Sterilization would be one way they are kept from making more victims. A criminal record would deter them from getting jobs working with kids. The chances of them having an opportunity to abuse would be reduced greatly.

    I know there are problems with forced sterilization. I suppose they could be offered the choice between getting sterilized or being kept in jail until their reproductive years were over so they couldn’t go around creating more future wards of the state.

  • Tak

    Actually he was not forcibly sterilized. He was given the choice between chemical castration and jail. He killed himself because of what the hormones and shit were doing to him. False equivalence much?

  • Tak

    Umm…the point of sterilization is to keep her from reproducing and literally creating more humans to harm. It has nothing to do with her being better able to control her anger. It has everything to do with protecting the lives of vulnerable people.

    I imagine if you did enough therapy, training, and meds she might develop insight. Of course that puts her in danger so I don’t think it would work because if she really understood what she has done she would stop making excuses and kill herself. No decent human being could live with themselves after kicking one of their own children to death.

  • Jaydesmom

    Regardless of her actions, castration is an inappropriate answer, and doesn’t keep her from caring for children. She needs help, and she needs to be kept away from children entirely. This will most likely be done by keeping her in prison, which I’m fine with. I also agree that anyone ‘normal’ could not live with themselves after purposefully doing what she’s done. That still doesn’t make it ok to castrate someone, even if the solution seems tempting because it doesn’t solve the problem.
    If the system were set up correctly, it would be proactive instead of retroactive and these children would have been taken out of the home a long time ago. Instead of fighting about what should be done with this woman’s uterus, why don’t we discuss how we can keep this from happening to ANY children ANY where ever again?

  • Terry Firma

    “Obvious cases of mental illness.”

    Though I try to be discerning, there’s nothing obvious about where religion stops and mental illness begins.

    And you’re letting this child abuser off the hook way too easy.

    Sorry Dave, but I get a little short with people who, deliberately or not, keep misrepresenting what these posts are about. In the aggregate, it’s like having a conversation with a gramophone record.

    To your question, you’ll find a clue below each and every article I write for this site. If you need more guidance, check out

  • He was a criminal, and he was punished. Criminals do sometimes kill themselves in reaction to being punished.

    In any case, Turing wasn’t sterilized. He chose to take libido reducing hormones as an alternative to prison. By most accounts he dealt with that pretty well. He also experienced a good deal of career damage because of his conviction.

    In the end, nobody knows just why he killed himself (or possibly, if he even did). His is a lousy example if you want to argue against sterilization as a punishment (or remediation) for some crimes.

  • Terry – it’s plain to see this is an argument that I cannot win with you (nor is it one which I ever intended to start) – you seem to have already decided that the focus and presentation of your examples are flawless, and perfectly clear, and would not consider re-tooling no matter what anybody says, but there have been misunderstandings nonetheless. Well it’s your blog, so say what you wish, and I’ll just ignore your posts of this nature from now on. However, I just have to ask you how you think I am “letting this child abuser off the hook way too easily”. I just re-read what I posted, and I see no statements which implicitely let anybody off the hook! Least of all would I imply that she should be released – she should be examined by professionals, and if found to be sane she shouald face the appropriate consequences. If insane, she should spend the rest of her child-bearing days in a treatment center. Is either of the above letting her off too easily? What I said concerning whether she is sane was strictly one of probable fact!

    Now I understand at this point that her mental state wasn’t what you wanted to focus on as the critical issue, nor did you intend to imply that it was her church which directed her to commit a such horrible act – but you just brought us back to her condition by way of the accusation that I am “letting her off”, and now here we are. I admit my opinion is unqualified, but do you have any examples of people who have done such evil to their own offspring who aren’t batshit crazy? To me, kicking your kid in the stomach looks quite different from “using the rod” on his ass, and getting carried away with it due to anger issues. It’s enough to make you wonder if she even knew who it was that she was beating up, being so obsessed with “devils” and all. Ok – she DID say that she was “disciplining” the boy, with something added about hitting him in the stomach the wrong way – so there we do know that she knew it was her kid. Could she have thought he was possessed by the devil, which she had to beat out of him, and he could take more of a beating while the devil was in him? If not something delusional or paranoid like that, then doesn’t it seem a little hard to imagine having that mental disconnect on whether you should hit a child at all, much less in the stomach, and not being mentally feeble? Her Facebook ravings seem to cross the margins of sanity as well, even for the prayerful.

    Hey, I don’t want to make trouble here, and I sense that this is a particularly emotional issue for you. I just tend to get very curious about what it is that makes other people tick, especially when they do evil. If society doesn’t deal with the condition behind behind their actions, and emphasize that over punishing them for their crimes, then such evil will be endlessly repeated.

  • Dude – do you know where you are, or are you just being ironic?

  • Terry Firma

    I’m leery of the impulse to qualify out-of-the-ordinary criminal behavior as a sign of mental illness — in part because ascribing crimes to mental illness does let people off the hook, most of all in the culpability department.

    Mental illness surely exists, and it may even be widespread, but I don’t believe it is not as ubiquitous and commanding as most defendants who plead insanity would have us believe.

  • Well, of course it isn’t as ubiquitous as the defense claims excreted by the court systems! But at the moment we have no report of a plea being filed at all, nor the state of this killer’s legal representation. I tend to suspect there is an enormously larger proportion of mental illness impacting people’s behavior than most people are aware of, and also that most of it is not the domain of the criminal system (does not involve violence). All that aside, how can a mentally normal person be capable of kicking any 9-year-old, much less their own child in the gut? I know a thug can do this when he is psychotic, or paid to kill, and most of the soldiers who burned villages in Vietnam and bayonetted babies were normal guys who turned into monsters when they were juiced up AND scared themselves, after being there for too long. However, this being a case of domestic abuse under mentally-cognizant conditions just has me baffled. It’s just not the same as the usual case involving a wicked stepmother!

  • Lovegood Loves Good

    Give her the electric chair…

  • It’sMe

    I think it’s weird for someone to talk to their children and say goodnight through facebook when their children probably don’t even have facebook. But anyway…this sucks man, we need to remember to take a friggin’ breath and a pause before trying to discipline our children for something. Unnecessary stuff happens when people don’t stop and calm down for a second.

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