You’ve Heard of Bible Beaters, But This is Ridiculous December 29, 2013

You’ve Heard of Bible Beaters, But This is Ridiculous

In Georgia, two soused Christians were having a theological argument. To no one’s surprise, it soon devolved into a violent farce.

Two residents of Cartersville may have not directly broken one of the Ten Commandments, but they did break the law when their fight over the sacred covenant turned violent.

According to police reports, Carolyn Unfricht and Daniel Camarda were inside a Cartersville hotel arguing about the Bible and specifically the Ten Commandments.

Unfricht told police things got heated when she hit him across the face with her Bible.

Rather than turning the other cheek, as the good book commands him to do,

Camarda retaliated by throwing her across the room.

The two are facing felony charges.

(image via Simon Cooper)

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  • A3Kr0n
  • creativerealms

    Well Jesus said anger is the same as murder so they both broke thou shalt not kill.

  • Drunk on the Holy Spirit, you mean! 🙂

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Hmm… drunk, in a hotel room together, and arguing about the ten commandments. Looks like they were debating whether it was coveting the neighbors wife.

  • Leiningen’s Ants

    “*COUGH* Is that really the blood of Christ?”
    “Man! That guy must’ve been wasted twenty four hours a day ah?”

  • Is the hotel room okay?

  • Drunk Georgians arguing over the Ten Commandments in a hotel room.

    This is only farcical to the extent that the entire local culture is farcical.

  • Fentwin

    “…the police report states they were “highly intoxicated”…”

    Thou shalt not swill.

  • So that whole flipping tables and whipping people thing that Jesus did?

  • Artor

    12% is…600 times the legal limit. Christ died of alcohol poisoning long before he ever got strung up. And he didn’t mysteriously rise to the heavens- some kids broke into his tomb and drank the corpse.

  • Dave

    Throwing her across the room was a mistake. He should have beat her with a rod no larger than his thumb. I think as long as she can walk after two days then it’s ok. Or I may be getting wives and slaves mixed up.

  • WallofSleep

    Love and compassion, duh.

  • JA

    I suppose they were arguing over which set of Commandments is the correct one.

    Oh who am I kidding? Most Christians aren’t even aware of the second set of Commandments.

  • LesterBallard

    Drunk? I wonder if they were drinking this?

  • Sophy

    Getting wives and slaves mixed up is a common problem…

  • WallofSleep


  • KMR

    Or children.

  • John Gills

    Isn’t there something somewhere about turning the other cheek?

  • Mary Dante

    so who were they married to? probably not each other either..

  • starskeptic

    Maybe the ‘other cheek’ he was turning was hers…

  • lorimakesquilts

    I want to know what those two were doing in a hotel room. Bible study?

  • CanuckAmuck

    Yes, a laying on of hands and such.

  • Psycho Gecko

    This is not weapon!

    …this is. *grabs a steel chair*

  • Scott

    Cartersville, Ga is a small small small town that basically has a Wal-Mart, a one-building community college, and a couple of run-down motels. I am from the area and worked for several years in a store adjacent to one of these motels. The only patrons (and I mean, ONLY) to these places are meth-addicts and drunks. There is a local jail less than a miles walk from everything mentioned above, so these motels become base-camp for these unfortunates. I doubt there was a serious discussion of religion going on. It’s a motel in a backwoods part of the state, the only thing that wasn’t nailed down (and therefore available to wield) was the bible.

  • Scott

    In addition, I had a high-school friend murdered in a car-wash less than a mile from these motels as well. Be careful out there, everyone.

  • The problem here, as I see it, is there is so much unresolved sexual tension between them that with the Bible acting like a slab of transparent aluminium between them, the only thing they could do was fight. Make love, not war.

  • Jeff

    It’s only a problem nowadays because we bother to differentiate.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you, Hillary Faye 🙂

  • John the Drunkard

    In my neighborhood, a woman was beaten unconscious with a bible during a meth-fueled ‘exorcism’ then strangled to death. The killer plead to manslaughter and was sentenced to six years.

  • TVG

    I’m too tired to give this the full Mock Sermon of Scorn that it deserves..

  • TVG

    Merely a ‘friendly fire’ incident when in close combat in the War On Demon Rum.

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