The Badawi Apostasy Case and the Saudi Crackdown on Dissent December 28, 2013

The Badawi Apostasy Case and the Saudi Crackdown on Dissent

Russia-based news network RT covers the apostasy case against Raif Badawi, and his possible execution, in the video below. It includes reaction from Amnesty International, and some context from human rights activist Hala Al-Dosari, who notes that there is little to no actual evidence of Badawi’s alleged “apostasy,” other than a “general description of his attitude as unacceptable” to Saudi authorities.

As noted previously, Badawi has already been convicted and punished once, with seven years in prison and 600 lashes. That’s not a typo. Six-zero-zero.

The piece also follows up with a broader idea of the kind of medieval attitude the Saudi government has toward any dissent whatsoever from its standards of behavior, with imprisonments, floggings, and executions as punishment for simple things like women operating automobiles, or even fictional things like the practice of sorcery.


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  • brianmacker

    The very best way to announce the illegitimacy of one’s belief system is to execute members who chose to leave it, or worse those who chose to remain on the pretext that they have left.

  • Theory_of_I

    A preview of what could be if the Christian Dominionists and their political lackeys ever got their way here in the US.

  • The sooner the West finds sources of energy to replace oil, the sooner we can stop making billionaires out of these superstitious, corrupt barbarians. Let their medieval kingdom crumble and sink into the sand. If they want to live in the past, they will become the past.

  • Lynn

    Islamic banks loaded with cash are scouting American businesses to invest in. But they Must be sharia compliant. A couple of the laws are no sale or touching alcohol, tobacco or pork. The first big deal could be with continental rail on the east coast.

    I know personally what Islam does to women. I don’t think people in this country know, whats in store. Mr Badawi’s situation should wake people up! This religion is not to be taken lightly or disregarded. It is in America like Christopher Hitchens said, :”Islam is a reactionary ideology in the US, it means business, it means slavery, it means mass murder, it means bigotry, it means abolition of culture”!

  • guest

    The sun, hydroelectricity, wind power, wave power, geothermal power, hydrogen cars…these things all work, they just need to be invested in.

    There’s also nuclear, although that needs to be mined, which makes geopoltics an issue, and it’s also pollutant.

    There’s no obvious reason why Florida and Arizona couldn’t be running on solar power. It just needs to political will to push through development.

  • Guest

    Be another win for the good guys!

  • AtheistGuest

    You sound pretty racist and bigoted me, Rich. Shame on you.

  • Jeff See

    You’re calling those guys in the video, the good guys? Do you realize the similarities? Or are you too busy enjoying your religigasm from your personal theocracy fantasy?

  • Roy Gamsgrø

    How is that racist? Are you saying that executing someone for holding a different opinion than you or having consensual sex with whomever they want is civilized behaviour? Is forcing women, on pain of death, to cover every inch of their skin and hair, or saying they are too inferior to pilot a motorized vehicle, civilized?

    Personally, I don’t give a flying pig’s arse about the colour of the skin of anyone who does such things: Their behaviour is barbaric, and from what I have read of Richard before, I don’t think I would be much wrong in saying that he doesn’t really care whether the are black, white, red, green or blue. It is the actions of people that count, not their genetics.

    Or are you saying that we should never criticize anyone if we don’t have the same skin colour? And how is that -not- racist?

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