Eat This McNugget, For It Is My Body December 26, 2013

Eat This McNugget, For It Is My Body

A McDonald’s in Missouri has a message for the Savior of Man:

It’s interesting that to wish the Son of God a happy birthday, they chose a serial criminal. It doesn’t seem that his devotion to Christ has helped the Hamburgler turn his life around. As for Grimace? I dunno, I got nothing.

The image comes from the Tumblr Christian Nightmares.

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  • John Small Berries

    I don’t know about his suitability for the Christmas message, but The Evil Grimace, hardly innocent of thievery himself, is an appropriate companion for the Hamburglar.

  • Gregory Marshall

    Grimace is a serial criminal too! He used to steal shakes.

  • katiehippie

    “disguised himself” ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • TheShadow

    Grimace is a glutton! Sinner!

  • Marlon

    Well I grimace when I see someone eating anything from there.

  • momtarkle

    I challenge anyone to prove that that purple blob is not The Holy Ghost.

  • momtarkle
  • allein

    edit: moved post to reply where I meant to put it.

  • allein

    I was desparate last weekend and ended up there. I do it every once in a while and it pretty much only serves to remind me why I don’t eat there.

  • Marlon

    I love a good burger. (key word there is ‘good’.) Almost any place large enough for a big chain location will have a ‘mom and pop’ or locally owned burger joint somewhere. I look for those.

  • allein

    Yeah…though I’ll admit there is something about that ketchup/mustard/pickle combo (the only time I’ll eat yellow mustard). The fries, on the other hand, are tasteless. But where I was that day my only other real option was KFC (or the grocery store but on the Sunday afternoon before Christmas, I think not).

  • Aerial View

    Grimace does wear a lot of purple and we all know what that means according to the right.

  • Bob Jase

    As I recall the Grimace was originally known as the Evil Grimace. It was shortened later during the general toning down of cartoon violence in the ’70’s when the Hamburgler also stopped stealing burgers.

  • newavocation

    New holiday greeting for next year. And we will need to change a few song lyrics too. We wish Jesus a merry birthday and a happy crucifixion.

  • skinnercitycyclist

    Isn’t his full name “the Evil Grimace”? I seem to remember that from my fast-food eating days (now thankfully passed)

  • skinnercitycyclist

    Exhibit A:

    Kid in the commercial: “*sigh* No coke!”

  • I’m reluctant to accept your challenge, but I think it looks like an anthropomorphized, purple butt plug. Considering its size, “Grimace” seems like an appropriate name.

  • Serial criminal is the least of the Hamburglar’s titles. He steals and eats hamburgers in huge amounts, okay, bad. But in their world, hamburgers are sentient beings in their own right. The fecker’s a mass abductor/murderer.

    Also, is it me, or is that the most utterly gorram backwoods-ass McDonald’s sign to exist for the past thirty years? The picnic tables in the background are better decoration.

  • A3Kr0n

    Got nothing?

    grim·ace (grms, gr-ms)
    A sharp contortion of the face expressive of pain, contempt, or disgust.
    intr.v. grim·aced, grim·ac·ing, grim·ac·es
    To make a sharp contortion of the face.
    Yup, that sums up my response to religion.

  • allein

    I think whoever made that commercial took it all.
    (Oh, he meant the soda?)

  • Robster

    It’s part of a McDonalds/Catholic church plan to make eating Jesus each Sunday a more attractive proposition, particularly for the young. Plain tasteless wafers: boring. Cheap red wine: boring. Big Mac with fries with a strawberry thick shake much more better. If you’ve got to munch down your saviour they may as well make it as much fun as possible because in reality it’s a really sickening ritual that those who provide it should be terminally embarrassed about. Eating jesus? Really?

  • Dan Robinson

    The true fall of man wasn’t the sin of Adam and Eve, it was the sin of Ray Kroc.

  • SDG

    Just to clarify, the “friendly” in the blog title is pretty much ironic, right? Or does it only mean “friendly TO atheists”? This has been confusing me for awhile.

  • Guest


  • Fromper

    Originally. They changed him into a good guy very early on.

  • Fromper

    Yup. Two grimace worthy things here – McDonald’s and religion.

  • Fromper

    Purple is the color of royalty. Very un-American.

    But I suspect that’s not what you were referring to.

  • Dan

    Finally! Now we know the names of the two thieves who died with Christ. I guess Grimace was the penitent one.

  • Obpoet

    Those have been known a very long time.

  • Silly Interloper

    I thought admitting they were all sinners was a central point of Christianity? Jesus dined with tax collectors and all that. Wouldn’t that make these crooked burger-munchers appropriate?

  • Lily

    Shhh, you’re supposed to be saying “Yes, they’re all stupid and I’m smart”, not applying logic and knowledge.

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