Generation Atheist is Free on Amazon This Week! December 25, 2013

Generation Atheist is Free on Amazon This Week!

My friend Dan Riley wrote a book last year called Generation Atheist. It’s a collection of true stories about people who transitioned from godly to godless.

All this week (through Friday), the book is free on Kindle! I urge you to get your copy now if you haven’t already!

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  • OK anyone, i don’t have a credit/debit card so can’t get this from Amazon, would anyone who does, pl’s post it to mediafire & send me a link? Thanx.

  • Matthew Baker

    good now I have 4 digital books to my name

  • Marie Alexander

    I don’t have a Kindle, I do have a Nook though. Anyone know if they’re doing it as well, or just Amazon?

  • JET

    You can download the Kindle app to your computer. You don’t actually need a Kindle.

  • jack

    You don’t need a credit or debit card to get this, it’s free. It didn’t ask me for one anyway.

  • jwthomas

    And the Kindle for your computer is FREE too.

  • Thanx, i sorted it!

  • katiehippie

    Ahhhhhhh, I already bought it!