Asshole Atheist Videotapes Himself Swearing at Nativity Scene While Announcing That He’s Going to Sue the City December 23, 2013

Asshole Atheist Videotapes Himself Swearing at Nativity Scene While Announcing That He’s Going to Sue the City

Chaz Stevens is the atheist activist best known for putting up Festivus poles in Florida. Last year, he got one up at a fire station outside Deerfield Beach. This year, he got one up inside the State Capitol building (you can see it next to the FFRF sign below):

This year, Deerfield Beach said they weren’t going to allow any religious/non-religious displays at all — success! — which is why Stevens went to the State Capitol in the first place, but it seems they changed their minds. Now, there’s a Nativity scene in front of the fire station again, along with a dinosaur wearing Santa’s hat, Snoopy saying “Happy holidays,” and what appears to be a snowy ferris wheel. I guess they felt they were safe as long as there were non-Christian displays in the mix, even though the manger appears to be front and center. Why can’t a Festivus Pole be part of that mix? I don’t know but Stevens is ready to sue. And you know what? If that was the whole story, I’d be on his side.

Here’s where things get messed up.

Stevens videotaped the scene in front of the fire station while basically hurling insults and swears in its direction in order to… well, I’m not sure… to make himself look like a complete asshole even when the law is already on his side? (NSFW language)

Just crazy… the baby fucking jesus. Oh, and an angel! How fucking clever is that? A goddamn fucking angel. Jesus H. Christ. Oh, Jesus Christ, look… someone stuck their finger up the little baby’s ass. Look at this. How [Mary] convinced [Joseph] that “I’m a virgin,” ha!… Jesus Christ. People don’t fucking learn. Told ya’ I was gonna sue. Stupid. [Spits.] Shit. Oh, and there’s our little deer. Why don’t we do something about this deer? Looks like he’s got fucking herpes. And there it is. Baby Jesus Motel 6. Brought to you by the stupid people at Deerfield Beach.

His utter vile contempt for the displays is just disgusting. I want to be on his side — I am on his side, legally — but his dickishness just makes me want nothing to do with him. Even if he wasn’t stupid enough to videotape his rant, even thinking it makes it appear like he’s someone who isn’t interested in defending the law, but someone who just wants to stick it to Christians any way he can.

As one YouTube commenter put it:

“Chaz Stevens, your excessive use of profanity has won me over! Thank you for your reasoned and calm demeanor, your civility has convinced me!” — said no one ever

Stevens isn’t helping himself in the comments section:

I don’t know if he’ll have any legal standing here, but I do know that this rant just plays right into the narrative that atheists hate Christians, not that atheists simply want equal treatment under the law. It doesn’t help the cause he’s fighting for and it certainly doesn’t make any of us look good. Not that Stevens cares. He got his name in the news. He’s thrilled.

(Image via @KilroyFSU)

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  • WallofSleep

    “You know the wise men never happened in the story, right?”

    Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • WallofSleep

    “It doesn’t help the cause he’s fighting for and it certainly doesn’t make any of us look good.”

    Considering the response he gave to Jessica above, Imma go out on a limb here and say he isn’t concerned with the atheist movement nor with making atheists look good.

  • new_atheist

    To be fair, there was no one around him to hear him yelling profanities. I don’t think he was really making a scene. He wasn’t doing it loud enough to get anyone’s attention.

    Of course, he did proceed to post it on YouTube, for all the world to see. But, I can’t imagine he’d get that many hits. Ironically, by publicizing it, Hermant, you’re giving him more recognition than he would have received otherwise.

  • Matt Potter

    I wonder who might use this video to play into a false narrative of a ‘war’ going on? I’m guessing a particular network might have use for this.

  • Art_Vandelay

    That was just brutal to watch. What a contemptible human being.

  • BoGardiner

    Ugh, what a jerk this guy is. I hope he takes this garbage down. Just awful.

  • BoGardiner

    I don’t think it’s worth gambling it won’t get picked up by news media without our being on record first already disavowing it. They’re combing for ammo for their “war on Christmas” campaign. Better to stay ahead of such stories, IMO.

  • Guest

    Assholes are assholes and they can also be atheists and feminists. Neither atheism nor feminism means a person can’t also be an asshole.

  • Kira

    Facepalm. What an a-hole.

  • I’m wondering if there isn’t some back-story here? It sounds as if something else is going on & there’s more to it than just a random Nativity scene, i mean come on, we all know it’s unlawful but why anyone would get so worked up over it is beyond me unless there’s some history between the guy & whoever’s responsible, it sounds personal.

  • Malcolm McLean

    Unfortunately it’s very characteristic. Atheism is frequently presented as an intellectual position, which of course it is, but you can tell by the way that people advance it that it’s not their real motive. They’ve got unresolved anger towards the way their parents brought them up, or against school (particularly in the UK), or something.

  • Artor

    What a scumbag. Stevens sounds like the obnoxious MRA atheists. He’s not an atheist because of any desire for rationality, he’s an atheist because he thinks it gives him an excuse to be a raging asshole. If there was a curb he could be kicked to, my boot would be swinging already.

  • Richard Thomas

    Or, some people are just assholes.

  • OhioAtheist

    Moron. Period.

  • BoGardiner

    What utter nonsense.

  • OhioAtheist

    There’s some interesting psychology behind this guy, no doubt.

  • BoGardiner

    Good… now that atheists have called him out in the YouTube comments, he’s distancing his misogynist self from us. He wrote: “Personally, if I knew atheists were a bunch of whining sniveling c***s, I’d not have referred to myself as one. Jesus H. Christ … Grow a fucking pair, people.”

  • OhioAtheist

    Tact is not his strongsuit.

  • I disagree. 1) This was on a local blog and Huffington Post before I posted anything. 2) I’m fine with publicizing it and denouncing it at the same time.

  • HappyGilmores

    said his fight to have Festivus poles placed near nativity scenes is
    “the most ridiculous thing I could come up with.” — eh? his message is
    lost in his ego…there is plenty of opportunities to stand up for
    atheist cause — this guy needs to take a break and have a time out!

  • more compost

    And this opinion is based on what, exactly?

    I know of no atheist among the many that I know whose actions are driven by unresolved anger at anything. There are several who are unhappy about the way they were raised, but it manifests itself as an attempt to prevent such things in the future, not whining about things that happened in the past.

    If you have some data to back up your claims, please present it. Otherwise, find somewhere else to rant.

  • Hemant. Perhaps you should have called or emailed???

    1. This isn’t an issue about atheism, christianity, or the like. It’s about separation of Church and State. The establishment clause. You should be freaking congratulating me for pushing back.

    2. I don’t care two shits about what others think of me. None of my business.

    3. The City, after telling me they’d not allow these displays, goes ahead and puts up a display.

    4. Not only does that cost the taxpayer money for that, I’ll sue. And regardless if I win or lose, it will cost the taxpayer money.

    5. Our mayor, a devout Christian, forced this issue upon us all. The very same woman I am suing because she destroyed public records and emails.

    Sorry that the protection of freedom is messy and that it interferes with your intellectual debate, but really…

    Hey, and in the end, today is the 23rd of December… The perfect time to air your grievances about me.

  • HappyGilmores

    I agree with you Hemant — while I totally understand the angry atheists; we need to be able to call out others who take the cause and bully others — his behavior is abusive and corrosive. By the way – I Like the title.

  • allein

    He just posted in this thread a few minutes ago; seems there might be, though he doesn’t give details.

  • LesterBallard

    Okay, I’m not asshole.

  • Matt D

    Ah, so you’ve got something personal against the mayor, eh?

    Now it makes more sense. The slurs against women, and this bile filled video where you scream at plastic dolls and ask others to “grow a pair” when they object.

    Frankly, if you’re really shocked that Atheists don’t find this amusing or supportive, then take your own advice and do not refer to yourself as one. We’d be happier, and you would be….well…..we’d be happier.

  • BoGardiner

    “You should be freaking congratulating me… I don’t care two shits about what others think of me.”

    No progressive movement has ever been won by being willfully oblivious to public perception. Read some history.

  • newavocation

    Honestly, we need these a-holes just like the Xians need their Westboro nuts, it makes our mild mannered and reasonable protests more acceptable and more main stream when before they were considered extreme.

  • Jeremiah Traeger

    You are not doing your cause any favors by being an asshat. I’d love to join your cause in keeping church and state separate. We in the atheist movement are far better and more efficient by doing it without being asshats.

  • A3Kr0n

    I think if someone wants to pretend that Pabst is a beer, they should let others pretend there is a god.
    OK, who has the mirror?

  • Jeremiah Traeger

    Aaaand, he’s made the Youtube video private. Fair enough for me. He gets fewer views and those who have false preconceptions of atheists get less things to point at to say “See? See? I told you all atheists are angry jerks!”

  • “Sorry that the protection of freedom is messy and that it interferes with your intellectual debate, but really…”

    Yes, because these two things are mutually exclusive. In what universe do you spend the majority of your time?

  • Brian Macker

    Some atheists do hate Christians, and are assholes. Some are even mass murdering assholes. Which is why it is not so good to label oneself with a negative if you don’t want to be associated with assholes.

  • Brian Macker

    Then again maybe he’s an obnoxious feminist because I’ve seen them call people cunts too.

  • Gehennah

    But I am an atheist.

    And yes, there are assholes out there on all sides, and I’ll denounce any of them. And if I turn into an asshole, I don’t view atheists overall as assholes, just as I don’t view Christians overall as assholes.

  • Malcolm McLean

    We’ve got an example here where even the friendly atheist admits that the behaviour is hardly that of a person advancing a rational case.

    Someone wrote a book called “Faith of the Fatherless” where he argued that atheists were more likely than Christians to grow up in homes with an absent or weak father. You can pick holes in it, of course – as with any study of this type correlation doesn’t always indicate cause, it might be that atheist mothers are both more likely to divorce and more likely to raise atheist children. Also “weak” father is a bit of a weasel word, just about any father could be characterised as weak (If he’s hen-pecked he’s weak in one way, if he beats his wife he’s weak in another). I’m not suggesting that this book is the last, definitive word. But it certainly advances evidence.

  • Brian Macker

    You just look like an idiot and your vile rants are really unnecessary and unproductive. If you have a decent job you are going to get yourself fired.

  • Brian Macker

    Really? This is pretty rare from what I can see. This is the first person I’ve seen ranting at a xmas display.

  • Leiningen’s Ants

    In This Thread: People who have never in their life had a moment when they couldn’t hold their peace, due to seeing deep crimson red in their eyes, due to the last straw upon the camel’s back.

    (and then said obviously patently stupid shit in the throes of the adrenaline shakes/twitches/fidgets.)

  • Brian Macker

    Yeah, but I didn’t record it and put it on you tube, then publish it publicly.

  • Leiningen’s Ants

    AH! You do make a quite salient point. HmmmmMMMmmmmm~~~…

    El Edito!

    I can’t argue that he’s articulate.

    Let’s get that out of the way first. But you try to string crushing witticisms and Twain-esque turns-of-phrase together when the scene in front of you is exactly what it looks like: Constitutional Law, being casually broken. To put it in to perspective for you(?), what do you think of me wiping my ass with the American flag? And you’ve had enough, and the neurology starts firing and the vast pharmacy of the brain starts pumping your veins.

    Fight or Flight is not the best mode to get in an argument in. Count to a hundred.

  • Bernadette

    Thanks for sharing this story. I think it is important to hold fellow atheists accountable for their hurtful behavior. They hurt our movement and make it harder for closeted atheists to come out.

  • Carmelita Spats

    I have mixed feeling about your rant. On the one hand, you kinda made me laugh in a Carlin-sorta-way but it’s because I have issues with the aesthetics of campy manger scenes and I strongly disagree with the notion that you MUST NEVER poke fun at the belief in a Trinitarian-incarnational-atoning-resurrecting-ascending-soon-to-be-returning-god who sacrificed himself to himself by impregnating a horny teenager with himself. I loathe censorship. I have no problems with a blasphemous manger scene or putting a crucifix in a bucket of urine. Hell, I’ve sculpted manger scenes and crucifixions with Star Wars figures, Easter Peeps, squashes, tampons, raisins and food coloring, recycled garbage, Halloween masks, Slinkies and thongs, alien figurines, etc. If you think about it, the whole notion of Mary being raped by a Space Ghost is horribly grotesque and disgusting and it’s the slightly unhinged subtext of the creepy Christmas tale that gets left out. Manger scenes are as hilarious as a Scientologist’s display of a spaceship piloted by talking, lava-eating, sea clams.

    However, instead of pointlessly ranting in public, you should channel the energy into an artistic endeavor. I think you wasted precious creativity. I have no problem disrespecting sanctimony through artistic creations and I would defend your blasphemous expression of Christianity to the hilt. I’m NOT a wide-eyed Kumbaya atheist when it comes to artistic expression, including blasphemy. Keep up the good work but channel the anger into something hilariously blasphemous. Tinsel is distracting but so are public rants. Happy Festivus!

  • Artor

    Yeah, sure. He really sounds like a feminist to me. Your razor-sharp insight has surely hit the nail on the head.

  • Brian Macker

    You know what. I think you are right, and I was wrong. It’s pretty much impossible to disassociate yourself from assholes the minute you label yourself. The issue really is not a bigger problem for those who have to label themselves in a negative fashion. Even if you label yourself as say a “brite” you are going to be plagued by assholes. Mea culpa.

    [Edit: Plus if you don’t label yourself with a negative then someone else will. People tend to lable out groups]

  • rg57

    “dickishness” is probably not a word, but if it is, it’s a sexist slur. Stop it.

  • Brian Macker

    I don’t care if you wipe your ass with the American flag just so long as you bought it. So that’s not going to put it in perspective for me. I’ve already admitted to losing my temper. Heck, I’ve done it here. It’s usually limited to being nasty to someone who was nasty to me though. This guy is ranting at a sign that represents holiday cheer.

  • rg57

    “even thinking it makes it appear like he’s someone who isn’t interested in defending the law”

    You do realize that you’ve let this incident push you overboard, right?

    By what magic do you presume to know what a silent person is thinking, in particular about the ridiculousness of a particular nativity display?

  • Brian Macker

    In case you didn’t figure it out I don’t actually think he’s a feminist. I’m pointing out you didn’t make a very strong case for your bias. I was faking a bias to exhibit yours. Maybe that is too subtle for you.

  • I love the implicit and frankly breathtaking mix of misogyny and homophobia in this. He might as well have used the term “limp wrist* somewhere in there for good measure. Vile.

    What do I also love? The beginning part of this. This post was about one atheist acting irrationally (which one supposes might be open to debate, but that’s irrelevant to the point I’m about to make). So you then take that to say “the author is saying all atheists are irrational.” Either you have a massive deficit in the reading comprehension department, or you’re simply incapable of being intellectually honest. Either one makes me wonder if the conversation will yield juice that is worth the squeeze.

    PS. My father is none of hose things, and was a great influence on me growing up. Your entire proposition insults him unjustly. Damn you for that.

  • “I don’t give a damn what people think of me!” *quietly sets video as private*

    Real winner, this cat.

  • Please don’t start this shit again.

  • rg57

    MRAs oppose sexism, and prejudice such as yours.

  • Also, are you sure you read it in a book? Read it in a book and not, say, *nothing*?

  • rg57

    I think it’s become lost that the addition of Festivus Poles and Flying Spaghetti Monsters is entirely to mock the idea of religious displays on government property, in a country which claims separation of church and state.

    If there were no nativity scenes, I guarantee there’d be no Festivus Poles or FSMs either.

    While it’s fair to take issue with his seething anger (as described anyway — the video was removed before I could see it), but if you criticize the goal of being ridiculous, then you misunderstand the point.

  • rg57

    Indeed, they have all been successful by taking multifaceted and diverse approaches. I’ve read some history.

  • rg57

    Except it’s not.

    Ask many atheists (in the US) why they are atheist, and it has nothing to do with the lack of evidence for gods, and everything to do with how bad religious people were to them. It’s even used as a recruitment tool.

    While this is a legitimate reason to be anti-religious, it’s not a good reason to be atheist. And yet, there they are.

  • rg57

    Ranting at a display is hardly the only way a person might express their issues with religion, and the smarter people probably don’t record it for YouTube.

  • Um, chalk up one person who was never abused by religion nor religious people. Seriously. My parents are nice Reconstructionist Jews and I still think my rabbi was pretty awesome.

    I just quit believing in god(s) because there wasn’t any evidence for it/them. I looked, and I did not find. Now, religion being used as a tool for violence and oppression is a pretty damned good reason to reject religion(s) and the specific gods associated with those religions, but rejecting all supernatural things altogether is very much an intellectual position.

  • rg57

    Well, to him it apparently represents a constitutional violation, and being lied to.

    As for cheer, I can’t say I feel cheery about the birth of someone who ramped up the importance of original sin and Hell, and has at various times stood with slave-holders, the (literal) patriarchy, homophobes, and racists. Dismay, sure.

  • That’s the thing. It doesn’t represent holiday cheer. It represents the deliberate breaking a very important constitutional prohibition that’s supposed to protect the rights of all citizens, and it’s done casually and as if it was no big deal.

    Your “holiday cheer” tells me, in no uncertain terms, that my government doesn’t see me as an equal citizen. It’s not very cheery.

  • You’re right. “dickishness” is clumsy; if it were a word, it should be retired.

    I prefer “dickery”.

  • Artor

    I didn’t say Stevens WAS an MRA, I said he was LIKE one, because he exhibits similar behaviors as I described. Apparently that distinction is too subtle for you.

  • Artor

    HA HA HA HAHAHA HA HA HA !!! *catches breath* HA HA HA HAHAHAHA HAHA!!!!!!!!
    Oh, wait. Are you serious?

  • allein

    Make that two. I just sort of drifted away from church in high school and college and it was years before I even thought about what it was I actually believed (or didn’t, as the case may be..).

  • Jeff

    You have just insulted many, many, many generations of my high school classmates who have spent the night celebrating their drinking prowess and the morning driving the porcelain bus.

  • Jeff

    Maybe he’s just obnoxious. We shouldn’t judge his beliefs.

  • And I’ll be three. I was helped in this regard by never having been religious. All the horrible I things I have either experienced myself (which are thankfully few) or witnessed happening to others (distressingly quite more numerous) due to or excused by religious conviction happened long after the point where I had become sure enough there is no god to call myself ‘atheist’.

    But I would take issue with “it’s not a good reason to be atheist” all the same. I would tend to think, given the claims made by the religions of the world as to their supposed positive effects on the behavior and moral rightness of adherents, that consistently being treated like garbage by said religious adherents (giving the lie to their moral claims) would be reason enough to doubt the reliability of their metaphysical claims.

    Heck, they are positive claims, and extraordinary ones at that; since when does a person need a reason, even a bad one, to deviate from the default negation of extraordinary positive claims?

  • Brian Macker

    Well then you should not have written that he “might be one of the obnoxious MRA atheists.” Being like one and being one are to very different things. I’m like an MRA atheist. I’m male and atheist. I’m not an MRA though.

  • Brian Macker

    Come on. You know how this goes. Xmas is the time of year xtians are supposed to be nice to other people.

  • B Dallmann

    It’s still working for me…?

  • Brian Macker

    It’s not “my” holiday cheer. I’m an atheist.

  • Gehennah

    I wouldn’t say you were wrong, because there are advantages for not labeling yourself and atheist, even if you are one. But my suggestion is that if you do associate yourself with a label whether it be atheist, humanist, skeptic, Christian, nomad, feminist, or whatever else you want to label it as, do yourself and the group(s) you are associated with and be a decent human being.

    I know a lot of Christians are surprised to find out that I am an atheist because I’m not an asshole, although I will call them out on BS. And they are surprised when I tell them that most of us are actually decent human beings and aren’t out to hate them.

  • Artor

    Oops, you’re right. I didn’t proofread my comment, and it came out different from what I meant to say. Edited for clarity.

  • B Dallmann

    That “someone” who wrote the book, Paul C. Vitz also wrote a book called Defending the Family. Sounds like a really unbiased guy to me….

    Check out this glowing review from

  • B Dallmann

    The book was written by a Catholic convert with daddy issues.

  • Anathema

    There are assholes in every category. No matter what label you use, you are going to be associated with assholes.

    Edit: Never mind. I see that this point has already been made. I really should have read the other responses to your comment before posting my own.

  • Anathema

    I’m sure that there are some individual MRAs that oppose sexism. Unfortunately, the MRM as a whole generally does a much better job reinforcing sexism that it does opposing it.

  • UWIR

    “Many” atheists? So, like, three?

    Everyone whose atheism is because religious people were bad to them, and has nothing to do with the lack evidence, please upvote rg57’s post. Let’s see if the upvotes are more than the downvotes. Or even comparable.

  • Guest

    I’m more pissed her referred to a woman as a ‘c’ than the video. How utterly sad.

  • UWIR

    Good point. When you talk to an atheist, you invariably find that religious people treated them poorly. All gay people are that way because they were molested as a child. People who aren’t fans of the San Francisco 49ers have had an unpleasant experience with sourdough bread and/or Rice-A-Roni. Anyone who is different from me has something wrong with them!

  • It’s ok for atheists to have contempt for Christians – a lot of us do, I’m sure. We don’t have to live our lives as if competing in a popularity contest.

  • Yes, because nothing says “I’m opposed to sexism” like maintaining the status quo.

    I swear, it’s like you have to have your irony gland removed surgically when you become an MRA…

  • [citation needed]

  • Wow, that’s some pretty awesome cherrypicking on his part. I like his rationale for a lot of the famous atheists having poor relationships with their father is because said patriarchs died at an early age. As if early mortality was such a rarity during those eras. Yet oddly has no explanation for the deeply religious who saw their fathers die early, either. Or the deeply religious who came from abusive homes.

    Oh hey, we’ve even got the “Hitler was an atheist” gambit going too! And Stalin, for all his avowed atheism, brought a stunning amount of his Orthodox upbringing with him into office (his shut-shaming of Svetlana and his disdain for “scandalous” pictures of women just to name two). And lets not forget his response to a proposed campaign to idolize a small boy who denounced his father for treason (“what a little shit”) which hardly gels with a man who had a poor relationship with his pops motivating all he did.

    Of course, those with an anti-atheist axe to grind will grab onto any whetstone I suppose.

  • Oh! And Stalin hardly had a great relationship with his mother either, considering she beat him almost as much as his father did, as evidenced by this purported exchange:

    “Mother, why did you beat me so much as a child?”
    “But it made you turn out so well!”

  • Ryan Hite

    I would think that true atheists wouldn’t care at all really.

  • Matto the Hun

    It’s a shame and frustrating. A couple hundred Christians (at least) can be just as vile and nobody bats an eye. But it just takes one atheist to be a raging d-bag and that’s how we all get painted.

    sigh. Well with any luck he’ll be hit by a truck and forgotten about.

  • Lulu

    People are nice, mean, asshole, sharing and/or greedy regardless of what they believe or not believe in. This guy is an atheist asshole and by no means does he represent any one else but himself.

  • Lulu

    Um, he’s speaking to the camera, I expected him to be “hurling” like yelling shit. He has every right to be pissed at that shit. They lied about not putting shit up so why not get mad? If he wants to film himself saying mean shit to some fucking statues bro knock yourself out.

  • Miss_Beara

    It is funny when you make up “facts.”

  • Miss_Beara

    You will be waiting a long time.

    Long long time.


  • more compost

    So, you have no data to back up your claims.

    Why am I not surprised? Seriously, find somewhere else to rant.

  • MN Atheist

    Four…no need to explain further I hope.

  • Dan Weeks

    Yeah, see that’s the behavior I expect from the Christians, not from our side. If you’re in the right then you’re in the right. What’s the point of acting like them? I mean, I know they’re frustrating and infuriating and lying etc etc, but honestly, don’t we expect that kind of shit from them by now? Isn’t it, at this point, like a game of chess, where we expect certain moves from the other side and have countermeasures already planned, like, at least 3 moves ahead?

    And then he starts in on the stupid deer, wtf…

  • Dan Weeks

    1. He DID congratulate you on pushing back. Your Festivus Pole is a spendid idea.
    2. Obviously not, but there’s a thing called credibility. Dealing with people does tend to get easier the more you have. Acting like a WBC wackjob does the exact opposite.
    3. Yes, politicians, especially religious ones, lie and change their minds a lot. Welcome to the party. You’re a little late.
    4. Good, sue. If you have case, which I think you probably do, then go forth. I’m not sure what your point is here, and I really don’t see the point of your spazzing out about it.
    5. Fine, see above.

    And finally, don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re the only one on the front line of the culture wars. The Texas Freedom Network and the National Center for Science Education, to name two, have been fighting longer and harder,and with better results, than you and your cute little beer can poles.

    So shut your mouth, suck it up, and stop acting like a stereotypical Christian. Now, go sue your town and win the argument with facts and reason. There’s a good man.

  • John Bridle

    He’s doing this to attract attention to himself, not his cause. Wing nuts are wing nuts, no accounting for some people. I’ll pile on and agree, this helps nothing and adds fuel to the faith head fire that we are all god hating and angry.

  • jamilleChristman

    Classic MRA…..doesn’t know feminism is an egalitarian movement…not that MRAs take the time to know anything about the movement.

  • jamilleChristman

    I guess we finally made it as a mainstream group when we have a cusp of atheists whom completely and udderly embarrass the rest of us.

  • Rwlawoffice

    Hemant I give you credit for calling out this rant. Your assessment is correct. It doesn’t help your cause to have the Christian community view these disputes as a fight fôr separation of church and state as opposed to a fight against Christianity.

  • Brian Macker

    I got the privacy message yesterday but now you can watch it. They guy really is an ass.

  • Brian Macker

    He’s not in my club. I don’t even have a club.

  • HappyGilmores

    Agreed, I support the displays and the right to do so. Sorry I did not address that point here as I did in another post. I think in the beginning, the majority of us had a chuckle with the pole…to an extent — Just because I am an Atheist, does not mean I am going to support every display for our cause. And from the likes of his expression, he is lacking the important tact needed to support his mockery; I am not alone in recognizing him as a jerk. I think a lot of fellow atheists were on the fence from the get go — Chaz kept pushing and his message seemed more personal in tone…so, some people called him out… Whatever – that’s the risk you take when you take center stage in this arena! We don’t all have to agree. I am sure he will find the support he needs and that’s great — I don’t know his story, though — I wish him well in his lawsuit. I think he could really navigate this whole new persona as the Asshole Atheist — there is room for everyone — But, at this point, I’m not one of his fans : )

  • The Starship Maxima

    Um, I gotta say, I don’t see the big deal here. He swore at a Nativity scene. (Shrug) What’s the big deal?

    And why do people keep saying “This feeds the view that atheists are dicks” or “This is why Christians feel attacked”??

    Attacked? By some uppity hipster cursing at a Nativity scene? LOLOL! If in this “war on Christmas” this display represents the “heavy arillery”, I think we’re safe.

    The fact is, I appreciate the atheist community’s speed in denouncing his behavior, but I think it is misguided and harmful. If someone allows this one guy to determine their view of a group of millions of people around the world, that’s NOT Chaz Stevens fault. That’s the fault of the intellectually incompetent.

    And Christians using this to say they’re persecuted. Tell those Christians to grow up and get over it. People yell and curse at people for wearing the jersey of a sports team they don’t like or for supporting a political candidate they don’t like. Religious belief ain’t this blessed sacrament that must never be exposed to single piece of dissent.

    If your faith is so puny that a hipster yelling at a display is enough to rattle you, then maybe the atheists are right about us.

  • The Starship Maxima

    This post made my day.

  • The Starship Maxima

    Hell, I’ve sculpted manger scenes and crucifixions with Star Wars
    figures, Easter Peeps, squashes, tampons, raisins and food coloring,
    recycled garbage, Halloween masks, Slinkies and thongs, alien figurines,

    You rock. Hard.

  • The Starship Maxima

    Fired?? For what?

  • The Starship Maxima

    Your entire post is Made Of Win. Except the end. I’m a Christian, and I’d never act like he did. So maybe you should tell him to stop acting like a Goddamned atheist. 🙂

  • Red-Star

    The problem is people will see this, and is Atheists are currently in the minority it will be spun around as an example of “those evil atheists tonight at 11” probably on Fox News, (Which millions of people in the US watch and take seriously somehow).

    This guy was just making a scene and being an asshole about it and should be called out even with a simple “Oh my god calm down dude”.

    This guy isn’t a hipster though. No way they’d get worked up that much over anything.

  • brianmacker

    Religious bigotry, poor judgement, bringing bad publicity, rudeness, etc. Lots of employees are at will. Ask Adam M. Smith how his rude Chic-fil-a you tube rant did wonders for his employment.

  • brianmacker

    I’m not a athest because someone was bad to me.

  • brianmacker

    So, hardly a trend.

  • The Starship Maxima

    Dude, stop peddling this bullshit. You think some hipster on a rant is going to make me forget all the cool people here on this very website who make their points with wit and logic and don’t need to stoop to such antics? Hell no.

    If I painted all of you by this one guy, I’d be the moron, not him.

  • The Starship Maxima

    Well, don’t you think that’s a bit extreme?

  • The Starship Maxima

    “those evil atheists tonight at 11” probably on Fox News,

    Got a better one for ya….

    Lt. Bill O’Reilly: (addressing his Fox stooges) I need 8 soldiers, 8 indoctrinated, narrow-minded soldiers. Cause we’re going to be one thing and one thing only. Killin’ Atheists. Sound good?

    Fox stooges: Sir! Yessir!

    Lt. Bill O’Reilly: That’s what I like to hear. Cause I didn’t come all the way from my life of privilege to teach the atheists lesson in humanity. The atheist AIN’T GOT no humanity. They are the rational, logical, billboard hangin’, religion questioning footsoldiers of secular maniacs and they must be DE-STROYED.

  • The Starship Maxima

    This has been experience with many atheists as well.

  • UWIR

    Well, there is the daily bigotry that atheists are subjected too. And the fact that the Christians are going to their Whack-A-Mole tactic of violating the Constitution, getting called on it, being forced to back down, and then proceeding to start all over again.

  • Leiningen’s Ants

    This guy is ranting at a sign that represents holiday cheer.

    That’s CHRISTMAS CHEER, you hell-bound heathen devil worshipping hate group member!!!!!


  • Dan Weeks

    Point taken. Thanks for the rebuke.


  • The Starship Maxima

    Okay, now that was too funny.

  • I’m not saying he isn’t right, i was just wondering why he had such an extreme reaction? I live in the UK so don’t suffer the persecution that some Atheists do elsewhere, even so i can’t remember watching a video where someone is quite so angry about these Nativity displays. Over here the Gov’ is allowed to have them but i don’t think i’ve ever seen one outside of a school or Church.

  • Matt D

    I’ve got a better idea.

    Give us a list, or some names of those Atheists you say are so, because of of “how bad religious people were to them”. I’m not one of those people, so I’d like to know who they are, and I’m curious if you can provide any evidence for your claim.

  • Marie Alexander

    Thank you for seeing things that way, but unfortunately a lot of the Christians in this country don’t see it that way. I’m talking about the people who cry persecution when religious displays are taken down from government grounds, which are legally required to be non-partial towards any religious view. It doesn’t help when assholes like Stevens have the same label as the atheists who just want the same treatment as everyone else and for the government to be secular.

    I really like you though. I don’t mind religious people, really, so long as they’re tolerant.

  • dullsteamer

    I don’t have any “unresolved anger” towards my parents or school, quite the opposite. My parents had no religious beliefs, and they were quite happy for me to opt out of scripture classes at school. At school they let me sit out scripture in the library, which was great – I could read whatever I wanted to without interruption. And that, more than anything else, is why I’m an atheist. I wasn’t indoctrinated as a child, and I developed my critical thinking skills early on.

  • Brian Macker

    Yeah funny, and when some Christian videotapes themselves screaming at someone for saying “holiday cheer” instead of “xmas cheer” you can call them an asshole too.

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