This is How the Right Thinks Atheists Prepare for the War on Christmas December 21, 2013

This is How the Right Thinks Atheists Prepare for the War on Christmas

Michael Luciano explains how conservatives think atheists view Christmas. (It’s like he’s giving away our game plan!)

(via PolicyMic)

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  • Bob Becker

    Let’s take bets on how long before some right wing radio host reports it as a recently discovered Hitler recording. [I want low field.]

  • twicedouble

    Cue dense Christian’s cries of “See?! We told you! They’re making a mockery of us!”

  • I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this scene, seems like just about everyone uses it to parody something. I don’t even know what movie this is from, though I’d be afraid to watch it! I’d probably start laughing the second we got to this scene, remembering all the funny parody stuff I’ve seen over the years.

  • Marie Alexander

    It’s from Downfall

  • Marie Alexander

    “All I wanted for Christmas was its annihilation.” ROFL

  • paulalovescats

    What’s low field?

  • cyb pauli

    It’s not as funny if you have a bit of German… 😛

  • suzeb1964

    Oh wow…All I did to prepare for the war on Christmas was to bake sugar cookies in the shapes of the sun, the moon and stars, put them into bright blue boxes and hand them out with wishes for a happy solstice.

  • Itarion

    Eh, just mute it. Works the same.

  • Itarion

    Fantastic video! Thanks for sharing.

  • midnight rambler

    It is a great movie (Downfall/Der Untergang), and this is a great scene in it – in the beginning, the generals are explaining about the Russian units surrounding Berlin, Hitler says no problem Steiner will take care of them, and they nervously reply that Steiner’s unit has collapsed, prompting the rant (here’s the original). But yes, having seen it only after watching many parodies, it loses the effect a bit 🙂

  • An outtake:

  • Nele Abels

    *sigh* This closed caption thingy is such a great concept – but as a German, I’ll never have the fun you have, for me it’s just two different flows of text at once. 🙁

  • Eliot Parulidae

    Just mute it 🙂

  • Malcolm McLean

    No, you have to hear the fuhrer’s ranting.
    The best one was Giles Coren and the deletion of the letter “a” from a restaurant review in the phrase “a nosh”.

  • JA

    As in, he wants front row seats.

  • Matt D

    To prepare for the War on Christmas, I celebrate it twice, sometimes more.

    My mother and father typically have a pre-Christmas day, where most of my family heads to someones house (usually theirs), to open gifts, have dinner, play games, drink wine, watch football, etc. On Christmas day, everyone can then spend time with their spouses, children, etc, without having a huge crowd to worry about, although to be fair, this wouldn’t work as well if we didn’t all live fairly close.

  • shuteme

    I’m more afraid they won’t see the mockery. How do you mock a moron? You can’t. The very concept goes right over their head.

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