Four Reasons Why There’s No War on Christmas December 21, 2013

Four Reasons Why There’s No War on Christmas

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, explains why there’s no War on Christmas (no matter what Bill O’Reilly wants you to believe):

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the project — more videos will be posted soon — and we’d also appreciate your suggestions as to which questions we ought to tackle next!

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  • JasmynMoon

    I’m sure there are people who can’t put Christmas scenes in their yard, but that would be due to an HOA agreement rather than government. I just want to point that out before some troll complains about a guy in Florida (some of the strictest HOAs in the country) who was fined for putting up his Christmas decorations.

  • How a fundie would respond to this video.

  • WallofSleep

    The “War on Christmas” is just smoke and mirrors. A misdirection to distract the public from Fox’s War on Reason, War on Science, War on Women…

  • It’s a war FOR christmas as the few try to force everyone else to do it their way.

  • Stonyground

    We were having this kind of crap here in the UK for a few years but now it all seems to have blown over. I think that this may have been down to the hard work that those who didn’t buy it painstakingly debunking the WoC myths one by one. The most enduring of such myths revolved around a local council holding an open air Christmas bash for several years during the nineteen nineties. The festival was called “Winterval” and for the best part of twenty years it was claimed by the newspapers that the powers of political correctness were trying to re-brand Christmas as winterval. Another lie was that Christmas cards with a religious theme were no longer available. All of our supermarket chains sold them, so did all of our charity shops but , for some reason the WoC promoters couldn’t find them anywhere.

  • it’s such a ridiculous, manufactured, and completely predictable and seasonal whine-fest that all i can do is mock it, at this point. every frakkin year fox and o’lielly and the rest making mountains out of nothingburger. and why? because xtians NEED to feel like martyrs and oppressed minorities in order to sustain their faith. it’s pathetic. but at this point the rational, fact based argument has been made so many times, to no effect, i don’t even bother with it. if you really believe xtians are oppressed, there’s no use trying reasoning with an intellect that cowering and small.

  • SeekerLancer

    An evangelist came to our door last week and did the whole, “did you hear the good news of Jesus?” thing. My girlfriend let her have it with, “I live in the United States do you honestly think I never heard of Jesus?” The evangelist just stared at her like a deer in headlights for a while until my girlfriend closed the door.

    Anyway Hement hit it square on the head. It’s not that they’re afraid of being excluded or being discriminated against, they’re afraid of losing their privileged status. It’s not good enough to include everyone, you have to honor them especially.

    I picked up the Sarah Palin book off of the bestseller rack in a Hastings here in Texas and I could not get past the first sentence. I wish I could make the money she does by vomiting words onto a page. I need to get a job as a conservative author.

  • SeekerLancer

    It’s an evergreen story for them, no pun intended. All they have to do is find someone saying happy holidays or holiday tree or some government property not allowing religious displays and boom, they can whip up a fake controversy over something nobody would’ve given a damn about otherwise. It works wonderfully for them every year which is why they keep doing it.

  • wtbusdriver

    A great video, but if I shared it with my friends on FB I doubt if any of my Christian friends would watch,

  • JA

    @Fox News: Kind of easy to win a war when you’re the only one fighting and your opponents are figments of your imagination.

  • Rob P

    Here’s a deal. I won’t get upset if you wish me a Merry Christmas and you won’t get upset when I wish you a Happy Holiday.

  • No one in particular

    Almost 9 minutes? Come on, Hemant, I could read this faster.

  • wialno28

    You probably have to much integrity for that.

  • wialno28

    Awesome video! I never understood why people complain about this stuff. You hit the nail on the head though. It’s about losing privilege.

  • jamilleChristman

    Hemant…..You make my ovaries quake.

  • BillyJoe

    Good message, but I think the delivery would be dramatically improved by keeping your eyes focusssed on the camera. Happy holidays.

  • Octoberfurst

    Excellent video as usual Hemant! I can’t tell you how sick and tired I am of hearing this “War on Christmas” nonsense every single year from Fox News and other conservative outlets. They rant on and on about how persecuted Christians are this time of year and their “evidence” is laughable.
    When I was growing up nobody cared if you said “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”. They were interchangeable. (And holidays means “Holy Days” by the way.) So I don’t get why conservative Christians become so outraged if someone says “Happy Holidays.” Who the hell cares? And as Hemant pointed out there are other celebrations taking place this time of year—Kwanza, Hanukkah and occasionally Ramadan. So “Happy Holidays” is appropriate.
    But the point I liked best was that Christmas is now a secular commercial holiday. Santa and his reindeer are not in the Bible. In fact our version of Santa comes from Clement Moore’s “Twas the Night Before Christmas” poem. It is a holiday everyone can celebrate. So everything from Christmas trees to Christmas lights have nothing to do with Christianity. But yet Christians don’t complain about that. In fact they go right along with it. If they wanted to be consistant they would complain about Santa being pictured everywhere and not the baby Jesus. After all, as Gretchen Carlson ranted, “Christmas is a CHRISTIAN HOLIDAY!” So why isn’t she upset over Santa being displayed everywhere? A Festivus pole or a Satanic display on public property drives her insane. But Santa on government property over Christmas? A-OK with her.

  • LoveTWD

    Yeah, and if they did, they would just spout off how everything he said in the video was not true…blah blah….and that there really is a war on Christmas…blah…blah…Jesus is the reason for the season…more blah….then they would delete you as a friend when you tried to counter their arguments….

  • Pirate Froglet

    I work at a library in Canada. I mix it between Merry Christmas if they say it first, but mostly Happy Holidays, simply because I don’t know if I’ll see them before New Years, another holiday in the season.

  • Brian T Hall

    Happy Holiday is really in origin is really Happy Holy day…. now my Question is should other non Christians be up set about this.. I don’t think so, why, because of Thursday that is Thor’s day and Saturday is Saturn’s day… we don’t believe in Thor or Saturn and they are both gods…

  • Georgia

    Thank you for saying everything that I could never find the words to express!!

  • Then my work here is done!

  • Jeff Simons

    There is indeed a war on Christmas, it’s thanksgiving trying to get it’s time back. Halloween is sadly barely holding the front lines right now.

  • Jonas

    ‘Happy Holidays’ includes ‘Merry Christmas’ —

    Me: ‘Happy Holidays’

    You: Hey get off your War on Christmas, and wish me ‘Merry Christmas’ like your supposed to.

    Me: Err Ah: ok well ‘Merry Christmas’ — but may your Boxing Day suck.

  • Labyrinthia

    My mom teaches 8th grade. One of the teachers (who, coincidentally, attends a baptist church every sunday) told a student “Happy Holidays”. The student’s PARENT then showed up to the school and they had to have a meeting with the principal and vice principal about how the student was being “persecuted” and “loves Jesus”. Over Happy Holidays.

    People are crazy.

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