Check Out This Rapper With Atheist-Themed Lyrics December 21, 2013

Check Out This Rapper With Atheist-Themed Lyrics

Gary Gibson, Jr., who previously released a hip-hop song about God, has a new song out called “Blackout” and it’s awesome. I don’t know how he packed so many rhymes in it, but he did:

Check out some of the lyrics:

… pray wrong or to the wrong god/ and yahweh steppin’ in/ but didn’t have one issue when lot’s daughters slept with him/ for you to listen/ they’re insistent/ then get super pissed when you point out that their god is inconsistent/ spit logical meth/ outta my breath/ until my death/ I promise/ I’m here to astonish/ ya mind wit reason thats freeing to me/ I’m also here to silence a deity

Love it! You can check out the entire live album here. Pitch in a few bucks while you’re at it so he can keep this going!

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  • Robster

    Seems to be quite a few rap songs about non-belief and that’s good. What we really need though is an atheist themed song with a melody you can tap your feet to. Those besotted with Baby jesus have all their hymnie things and many are quite good and can have the effect of an emotional punch that many seem to think is a message from baby jesus/god/ mo/al/mary/holy spook at al when in reality it’s nothing more than that feeling you get with a great Tom Jones song that makes the hair on the back of the neck stand. Just don’t get that from rap.

  • On that note, indie band Quiet Company has an entire album about being Christian-turned-atheist. Found it last week, haven’t listened to anything else since. Those of you who are reluctant atheists like I am will probably relate to it:

    Here’s a lyric video for one my favorites:

  • BobButtons

    I like them. My two favorites would have to be Thank You, God by Tim Minchin ( and Poison by Tombstone Da Deadman (

  • Ryan1159

    Greydon Square is a good atheist rapper too.

  • John Milligan

    Rush has some good ones like “Faithless” off of “Snakes and Arrows.”. Actually, most of that album seems to be an homage to freethought. 🙂

  • Black Leaf

    Personally, I’m a big fan of Freewill.

  • A lot of people forget that The End of Faith had a rap break by 50 Cent, but it dealt less with testing the validity of claims than with the suckaz who’s dissin’ me.

  • Lynn

    Poison, love it!!!

  • MorAvFire

    Just purchased the 5 track album. His rhymes are fighting religious hate with style. Love, love, love. Thank you for sharing his talent with your readers.

  • rupi capra

    “Religious Persuasion” by Andy White :

  • the moother


  • Brian Macker

    Sounds like two people talking over each other.

  • Brian Macker

    LOL! That was great. I’d seen some of his other songs and had a slight chuckle but that was spectacular.

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