Alabama Child Rapist Wants To Be Excused From Treatment After Finding Jesus December 21, 2013

Alabama Child Rapist Wants To Be Excused From Treatment After Finding Jesus

An Alabama sex offender who raped an underage girl more than one hundred times, and who served five years behind bars, is unhappy that he’s being held to the terms of his probation.

Anthony Lawrence Ferrari says he shouldn’t have to take counseling classes and undergo the sex offender treatment that was a condition of his plea agreement.

The reason: These days, he’s head over heels in love with Jesus, and loves going to church.

Ferrari and his previous lawyer agreed to a five-year prison term, probation and required treatment classes as part of a plea agreement. Ferrari now wants to drop those classes. [He] feels his relationship formed with God and the knowledge he’s gained through counseling, performed on his own, in prison and church changed his life. He no longer wants to do the treatment a judge ordered as part of a plea agreement.

His stunningly inarticulate attorney John Butler, who took this particular case because he and Ferrari go to the same church, explains that

“He took religious classes in prison and also he took classes regarding sex offender stuff. … He feels like he is cured. I guess that may not be the right term, but he feels like he is better at this point.”

Watch this report from WHNT News:

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  • Wait, I thought that sex offenders weren’t allowed to associate with each other. Isn’t hanging out with a certain deity that has a thing for underage virgin girls named Mary, a violation of his parole?

  • Rob P

    Well, if he feels that he is cured, then he must be. Oh and Jesus.

  • Whitney Currie

    Gotta love in when even in the Bible Belt, the news is skeptical of the “I found Jesus” argument. Let’s hope the judge has equally good sense.

  • If agreeing to the treatment classes was in exchange for a reduction in sentence from 20 to 5 years, then let him drop the classes – in return for going back to jail for 15 years.

  • unbound55

    Counter-argument: Catholic Priests

    /case closed

  • They’re not even trying to appear to be credible anymore. It’s more alike a “get out of jail free” card that they whip out when things become inconvenient.

  • Kira

    Religion, the ultimate get out of anything free card. How depraved.

  • Itarion

    To be fair, there are worse things that this guy has whipped out.

  • i’m pretty outraged by this plea agreement. 5 years??? a young woman’s life was likely ruined, and she was repeatedly raped for a year? and that’s what he got?

    this country is sick. unless and until we start treating rape for the violent crime it is, so much will never get better. /raging

    adding, sex offenders are never, ever “cured.” study after study has shown this. i have no idea what purpose the counseling is supposedly serving. this man will always be a “danger to the children of blah blah blah county.”

  • Itarion

    Here’s a thought that I am thinking:
    For all sex offense cases, there are two potential penalties, and the convict has the choice.
    1) The standard punishment, jail time and therapy and all the rest. OR,
    2) Skip all of that for voluntary neutering.

    I mean, it’s hard to be a sex offender if you pretty much can’t have sex, and you end up getting back to your life much more quickly. And this might avoid cruel and unusual by offering it as a choice.

  • Itarion

    That’ll go over well in court. Maybe we could look into the pastor/priest/minister that he uses? There might be something there…

  • BoGardiner

    I wonder if the following is true. A commenter on that story writes:

    “This is not the first time this manipulative psychopath has “found” religion. He was excommunicated from the Mormon church for his behavior… This monster used the church to keep his family under his control and actually insisted on performing the baptism of his 13 year old step daughter whom he was raping at the time.”

  • ZenDruid

    I sort of agree, but the question is whether eunuchs can also be evil bastards.

  • smrnda

    Worst thing is, you can end up getting a lot more time in jail for a non-violent drug offense or you can get life on a ‘three strikes’ deal for shoplifting.

    From what I know sex offenders always pose a risk, but counseling can (possibly) reduce the risk. At the same time, I can’t see how a man who did something like he did can be considered fit for release – some States have figured this out and now identify certain inmates as SDP – sexually dangerous persons unlikely to ever be reformed.
    His own opinion of whether he’s ‘cured’ should be worth jack fucking shit as well.

  • Lori F

    And if he said he found reason he could just go free too.

    yeah. Thats gonna happen

    found god? Go and sin no more.

  • Glasofruix

    Neutering? Friggin’ total castration.

  • wialno28

    (1) It’s an incredible injustice that this guy is out of probation.
    (2) Pedophile priests probably love Jesus too. So what?

  • wialno28

    You’d probably have to cut off their hands too though. Just saying. Add that in and I’m with you.

  • more compost

    For most of these people, that would just make it a little bit harder to rape someone. It certainly won’t affect the mental issues that lead them to rape.

  • Itarion

    Actually, it might. The testes excrete hormones that alter the mind, and the removal of them does cause physical changes beyond not having nuts. We’d need to ask someone with a degree in proctological psychology for any really solid answers, though.

    Edit: There appears to be some confusion about the intent of this comment. I do not intend that rapists are merely “horny men”, nor that all men want to rape on some level. I understand that there is something fundamentally wrong with the mind/mentality of a rapist.

    I also think that the fundamentally wrong bit is very closely related to the sexual function of the individual. Remove the sexual function, and the sexual disorder has less dominance. This is all conjecture, and I’m no expert.

  • Itarion


    Castration: neutering a male animal by removing the testicles.
    Neuter: to castrate or spay.

    These are actually the same thing. Not just similar, but actually the same.

  • Itarion

    Oh, they absolutely can be. The point is, they’re now evil bastards who are not at all interested in sex.

  • Itarion

    That’s for theft.

    Also, a couple of problems: it would cause everyone to take the prison sentence, oh and also hands are used for much more than just sex.

  • the moother


    Except, could we expect child rapists and jesus freaks to have the mental capacity to add two plus two?

  • Glasofruix

    What i meant is that the sausage should be removed along with the eggs.

  • Conversion is the “get out of jail free” card in a very literal sense for a lot of predators. If you saw that “Rainbow Gulag” piece over at Jezebel, it wasn’t hard to see the incredibly abusive husband in the story converting at the end–of course that was coming. It was about all he could do at that point to keep his victims reeled in and keep the money flowing.

  • sara

    I would like to see some follow up on how this case goes.

  • Stev84

    I love the emphasis on “professional” treatment 🙂

  • Artor

    While castration is appealing to the outraged, there have been many studies to show that rape is not usually a sex crime, but rather a crime of dominance & abuse. It’s not just a horny guy trying to get laid, not taking no for an answer. It’s usually someone with a driving need to prove their superiority by violating someone. My testicles are working just fine, and I’ve never felt an urge to rape anyone.

  • Itarion

    Who wants to bet that that is indistinguishable from the religion he found?

  • Itarion

    And this is where we hit cruel and unusual territory.

  • Itarion

    Well… Yes. I wasn’t meaning to imply that all testicles make men rapey.

    I mean to say that, in those who are rapey, it’s not just a psychological urge, but also one that has physiological roots. Yes, they’re fucked in the head, but there’s more to it than that.

    The purpose is to have the same result in society as the prison sentence intends, to remove a dangerous person from the streets, but without having to sent a person to prison.

  • Itarion

    Well… Fifteen plus five. But the point stands.

  • Guest

    You do not need sexual equipment to sexually terrorize another human being.

  • Guest

    You would get more time for a ounce of weed here in Texas.

  • squinney

    And you can get 10 years for selling 1/4 ounce of weed in Texas. Something is very ,very wrong.

  • Most men could say the same thing. Working testicles aren’t the problem. I don’t have a degree in that sort of psychology, but I can say I’ve never heard of any studies that support the idea of castration as a real solution for a pervasive culture-wide dysfunction.

    Treat the dysfunction in society, and the rape ought to more or less take care of itself.

  • Oh, why stop there? Go for the heads. 😉 (This comment you made reminded me of the old D&D yarn “The Head of Vecna.”)

  • Casey Fluffbutt

    Considering the sex offenders in the Catholic church, he’s in good company.

    I support the surgical removal of the testicles and penis of all sex offenders.

  • TheG

    And for all those FEMALE sex offenders? You surely aren’t implying that one has to have a penis to rape a child?

  • Guest

    sure, let him go, just slice off his “offedning member” as his beloved Jesus instructs him to do.

  • Mack Stevens

    sure, let him go, just slice off his “offending member” as his beloved Jesus instructs him to do.

  • baal

    The problem isn’t really one of sex. It’s one of control and abuse. These offenders need to be taught or coerced into behaving differently. I don’t think the body mutiliation will do that.

  • Matt Ranson

    Exactly, if rapists were just “horny men” then they would most likely just pay for an escort or one of those massage parlors that offer happy endings instead of violently attacking a woman.

  • baal

    Sex is not that simple nor is rape.

  • Peter Naus

    Cruel and unusual for whom? People with delicate constitutions? Or the little girl with the mutilated vagina and torn cervix? Or the next kid he rapes? Because he WILL do it again, given the faintest chance. You can’t fix these guys without ‘fixing’ them, and simple castration doesn’t work.

    But what if he requested it himself?

    And just between you and me, I’d be watching the religious facilitator too. Because Jesus.

  • Peter Naus

    No, but it sure helps guys rape girls.

    What are the statistics in terms of female rapers, does anyone know?

  • LesterBallard

    I’ll have to keep an eye on this. If some fuckwad Christian judge allows this bullshit . . .

  • Todd Heath

    Why are we even letting these people out while we incarcerate numerous minorities for “drug possession”. Here is an idea, legalize the drug trade, regulate it, tax it and empty the prisons of non-violent drug offenders. Then maybe we will have the money for both drug treatment and to keep pedophile, rapist and other violent individuals locked up for life.

  • Todd Heath

    It is amazing how many felons “find Jesus” while in prison.

  • SeekerLancer

    It doesn’t matter if he “feels like he’s doing better” that wasn’t the plea deal. Take your more than generous punishment or go back to prison.

  • wtbusdriver

    Being that it’s Alabama he probably has a 50/50 chance of getting his request approved. All that God and guns down there.

  • Carmelita Spats

    I go further…Castration should be a glorious prerequisite to ordination…Origen, the Christian guy who took on the pagan Celsus, castrated himself in obedience to Jesus, just like the wide-eyed Marshall Applewhite, “For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.” (Matthew 19:12)…Apparently, wrestling with a weed whacker made them both buckeyes because everyone knows that a buckeye is a hairless nut.

  • Testosterone has a wider effect than just increasing sexual desire though, it’s a factor in increasing aggression, risk-taking behaviour and the desire for dominance, and I doubt anyone will say these are irrelevant to the likelihood of someone committing rape.

    Starting with the fairly well evidenced proposition that men are significantly more likely than women to be perpetrators of rape, it is quite reasonable to suggest that the physiological, and particularly hormonal, factors which differ between men and women are relevant to the likelihood of a person becoming a rapist. Altering those physiological factors would then be effective in reducing rape, and castration would be an effective method of doing this.

    That doesn’t mean it’s moral to use that as a legally mandated solution to the problem, and I’m sure you can come up with plenty of reasons to not let the government demand or offer invasive surgery as a punishment for crimes. But morally wrong is not the same thing as ineffective.

  • Bob

    amazing how priest “have” jesus yet they still rape kids

  • smrnda

    I know, totally sensible idea that has been shown to work in other nations which, regardless, a shit-tonne of USians will be opposed to.

  • Artor

    …It is quite reasonable to suggest that the physiological, and particularly hormonal, factors which differ between men and women are relevant to the likelihood of a person becoming a rapist.

    It may be reasonable to suggest such a thing, but it would be extremely unethical to act on that suggestion without doing some research into the subject. To my understanding, that research has been done already, and it shows that cultural norms & individual circumstances are a far stronger influence than hormones. For many males, human and otherwise, their habits and personality have been established by the time they reach maturity. Removing testicles at that point does little to alter their behavior. A nutless rapist is just as likely to continue raping, by other methods if necessary.

  • Spuddie

    One episode of “Too Close for Comfort” and every women in prison film or show except for “Orange is the New Black”

  • Robster

    Someone found Jesus? Really, where, under a bus or was he in a cell? Why wasn’t this in the headlines, people have been looking for the magic jew for a long time and there’s been nothing.

  • Itarion

    No, but it certainly helps.

  • Itarion

    I did not say, nor mean to imply, that rapists are merely “horny men”. Nor did I say “horny men”, so you can take those quote marks right off. If you would read, “I wasn’t meaning to imply that all testicles make men rapey.” They don’t, I get it, I’m a man and also not stupid.

  • Itarion

    The problem isn’t really one of sex.

    I will admit that the problem isn’t solely about sex, but to take a sexual offense and say, “yeah, that’s not sex” is laughable. Abuse/control factor in, certainly, probably fairly significantly, but a significant portion of it is also an unhealthy sexuality.

  • Itarion

    In this case, the convict. When stray animals are picked up by shelters to be adopted out, they are often neutered to prevent more strays from irresponsible owners. It’s also done to livestock, etc. The penis itself is always left. If it isn’t done to our animals, what reason would we have to do it to criminals?

    The fact that this is an extra sensitive and emotional subject ensures emotional responses, but it does not justify them.

    Why do you say this: “You can’t fix these guys without ‘fixing’ them”? They have real problems, and since the problems are real, they are identifiable, and therefor solvable. It is, from my perspective, a form of madness that happens to be linked to sexuality. There are two options, then: remove the sexuality, and remove the madness. Either way, “fixing” animals does not require the removal of the penis, so why should “fixing” a human?

    If he requested a full nuts and bolt removal as his own suggestion with no prior suggestion of it by others, I’d suggest a nuts removal. Again, removal of the penis accomplishes nothing further, is a surgery on a larger are, and generally increases the risks of complications.

    And yeah. Religious figures should have closer scrutiny.

  • Itarion

    Sadly, no. But what the courts do now isn’t really working either.

    It would appear that there is some effect, but keep in mind that this is a small test group.

  • Itarion

    Love that thread! Remember, Vecna’s Head should be missing an eye.

  • Itarion

    And keep the pedophiles in general holding? That’ll cut down the numbers, too.

    When even murderers and thieves say, “At least I’m not that guy.”

  • Itarion

    I’m not sure if you’re completely agreeing with me, but at least you’re not verbally abusing me. Or significantly misunderstanding and oversimplifying my position, which is both more common, and more annoying.

    Thank you.

  • Octoberfurst

    As someone who worked as a prison counselor for 25 yrs I can say for certain that pedophiles can never be cured. They can only be controlled. They will always lust after children.

    But I do think that counseling can help other types of sex offenders. They need to change their mind-set when it come to women. Unfortunately only intensive counseling can do that and we can’t give it to them in the prison system. (Too many inmates–not enough time & counselors.) So what we do is put a bandaid on a gaping wound and pronounce them cured.
    And it is amazing to me how many inmates “find Jesus” in prison. They start toting around 40 pound Bibles and say “Praise the Lord” a lot. It’s a total con job for the most part. I have had sex offender say they don’t need treatment because they are now “born again Christians” and are a new man. Yep Jesus freed them from their temptations. Uh-huh. Until they get out that is.

  • Itarion

    Indeed, and the first step would definitely be a move away from blaming/ostracizing/threatening the victim. which is all too common.

    I will say this here: the castration idea is really only just that. I’m curious as to how people perceive the idea, and argue against it or make extensions of it. It’s nothing I would advocate, except as the devil’s. I don’t pretend to know enough on the subject to begin to make a judgement call.

  • Gehennah

    So if they let him off the hook and he relapses, can we throw a judge in jail too (assuming he gets it, which there is no way he should).

    But then again, this guy should still be in jail, 5 years for molesting a child over 100 times? That’s 15 days per molestation (assuming he only did it 100 times)

  • Peter Naus

    The real issue is that non-voluntary castration, chemical or via testicular removal, still doesn’t address the underlying mental issues. And without a “psychic probe” technology, mental treatment requires the offender to simply try not to think about it. It’s more complex than that, but the bottom line is the offender must want not to succumb to temptation, which is pretty much everywhere.

    Unfortunately, even bypassing the engorgement blood supply, which is the “next best thing”, as it’s far less risky, still doesn’t stop some offenders from using pumps and other means.

    Removal of the entire organ removes any possibility of, er, usage, and is psychologically extremely potent at modifying the self image that can trigger and reinforce aberrant behaviour. I understand some of this was found out through war veteran wounds, and the effects it had on even normal libidos.

    That’s where I was coming from with that comment.

    Of course, this doesn’t always work either. As others have pointed out, much of the satisfaction comes from power and penetrative fantasies – so fingers, pens, bottles, screwdrivers, hoses, etc, will still be used. My ex used to be an emergency theatre nurse, and what happens to the little kids is, well, the stuff of nightmares. AND it’s rarely reported in the media.

  • Low but not nonexistent is all we know. Men also severely underreport rapes by women, but even taking that into account, the vast majority (90%+) of rapes are by men and boys. If women sexually abuse anyone, it is likely to be a child. Somewhere between 5%-25% of child sexual abuse survivors were abused by women, often their mothers. However, because rape is so prevalent in the culture in general, even taking the high end of female child sexual abusers into account, the percentage of female sexual abusers/rapists is low. ( ). Female offenders are also unlikely to reoffend, while male offenders have extremely high recidivism rates.

    Here is a bunch of publications that might have the information you’re looking for.

  • Itarion

    That’s actually fairly reasonable, and for the most part I just don’t want to have the people who are all “These people are terrible people and should have the worst things possible done to them!” They are, but they shouldn’t.

    But, in the cases where it does work, it should be used, because there is no way that every sexual predator out there has purely mental problems that don’t stem from a physical sexuality. For those where it doesn’t work, imprisonment and proper psychological therapy can still be employed, but both of those don’t work in their current incarnation either.

    Reporting of it really does need to step up, though, I’m with you there.

  • Avery

    I’m not sure why we don’t execute people like this, now he will have access to rape more children. Yet we have people in jail over doing drugs, this couldn’t be more messed up.

  • Hibernia86

    According to the article that the link connected to, he was arrested for having sex with a teenager. While I think it is wrong and I don’t think it should be legal, there is a HUGE difference between having consensual sex with a teenager and forcibly raping someone. 20 years is an insanely long sentence for consensual sex with a teenager so I think any moral person would be glad his sentence was limited to 5 years.

    Also, why is it that we think that batterers can change and murderers can change but sex offenders can’t? Is that really science or is it based more on our emotional hatred of sex offenders?

  • Peter Naus

    Wow. That’s a fantastic resource, thank you!

    On a related issue, growing up, female sexual offences were almost unheard-of, but boy did we 13-year-olds wish it would happen to us!

    Of course, once we was old enough to understand the psychological damage aspect of the rape, it was a bit creepy thinking about what we’d jokingly wished for…

    At a youth camp I was helping to lead some years later, I met a boy who’d just got out of such a relationship with his aunt. That was the turning point for me… The power play involved was even worse than he – and we – imagined, once he’d explained how he couldn’t even help himself – the body wanted to do what it wanted to do, even when he was disgusted by the act.

    But even for him, the first couple of times were enjoyable – until he realised he was utterly powerless to prevent what was happening. (He wasn’t powerless, of course, but the guilt and the swearing not to tell were powerful barriers).

    It actually made us understand even better the role power has in instigating the offence, and preventing survivors from reporting.

  • Peter Naus

    Yeah, the mentality seems to be that it’s more fun with a penis, but that doesn’t stop fingers, tools, hoses, condiment containers, or cutlery from being used.

    Damnit. I’m having flashbacks… I went out with a nurse for quite a few years, she worked in the emergency theatre of a public hospital here in Melbourne. You get used to the horrible things adults stick up their arses, but you never, ever, EVER, forget the conversations about what she saw put into little kids that then had to be repaired or surgically rermoved. /shudder

  • The Starship Maxima

    Goddamned right.

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