Want to Help the Satanic Temple Build a Monument Near the Oklahoma State Capitol Building? December 19, 2013

Want to Help the Satanic Temple Build a Monument Near the Oklahoma State Capitol Building?

You may have heard that the Satanic Temple wants to donate a monument to the Oklahoma Capitol Building to accompany its Ten Commandments display.

As it stands they haven’t been approved by legislators… but they’d like to forge ahead and create the monument, anyway. So they’ve taken to Indiegogo to raise the funds:

We are keenly attune to the need for a public-friendly design and plan is to make our monument an object of play for young children. The Satanic Temple is accepting donations toward the production and placement of this historic and important monument to religious diversity.

… All funds will go toward the cost of constructing and erecting the monument. Donors must be aware of the possibility that the monument offer may be rejected or refused by the Oklahoma City Council prior to any construction. If Oklahoma City refuses to allow us to donate a monument, all funds will go toward efforts to appeal or contest the rejection, and/or place another Satanic monument in another relevant location.

Merry Christmas, Oklahoma 🙂

I’ve reached out to Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves for additional information about what kind of monument they plan to build and I’ll update this post if/when I hear back.

***Update***: Greaves responded to my questions (via email):

What is the reason for the launch of the IndieGogo campaign?

The Indiegogo campaign was launched to give our supporters an avenue through which they could contribute to the funding of our proposed Satanic monument in Oklahoma City that is meant to complement and contrast the existing Ten Commandments monument on display there now.

Originally, our thinking was that we would not set up a crowd-sourcing option until we had explicit monument designs available for public scrutiny, but the response to our proposal has been so overwhelmingly positive, and so many people have been emailing asking how to contribute, that we decided to set up the Indiegogo page for their convenience.

The crowd-sourcing option also serves to demonstrate that hundreds — maybe thousands — of people feel strongly enough about our message of equity and religious plurality that they are willing to pitch in to help see the construction of this monument happen. Not only does Indiegogo display the total amount contributed to the project, it displays the number of contributors to the project. While certain critics have speculated that we hold a view that is too far in the minority to deserve representation, the growing number of open supporters indicates that our message clearly deserves a voice.

Will you be able to install the monument once you have it or is that still not approved?

We have not yet submitted our monument design for approval. We are now working with artists to cohere a design worthy of this momentous project, and we are certain that nobody will be disappointed when we unveil the plans. The general design has been worked out. We are just finalizing details. We want this monument to be an object that people are compelled to travel to see. We are taking our time until we are certain it is ready. That said, we have little doubt that the drawings will be ready for submission by the end of the month. The early press helped us to get an impression of exactly what the State of Oklahoma would be looking for in our submission, and I think we’ve lived up to their expectations.

What if you don’t raise the funds necessary to build the monument? Where will the money go?

Assuming we are approved, every dollar raised will go towards the creation monument, and the monument will be made whether we reach the 20k goal on Indiegogo or not. We will make up the difference by any means necessary — whether by benefactors, loans, or sale of my own kidney — the monument will be made and we will never relent in our effort to give it its proper place, displayed publicly in complementary contrast to the 10 Commandments.

This is something we profoundly believe in, this is an effort that helps define us. We have gained the attention of the world, and many people are desperately hopeful that our efforts will be successful. We intend to make them proud, no matter how difficult this effort may become. We are fully prepared — and have been prepared from the start — to battle whatever obstacles are put before us, and our resolve is unshakable.

That said, reaching the stated goal of twenty thousand in crowdsourcing would be an enormous burden lifted from The Satanic Temple, and it would assure our fast entry into other areas in the United States where representation is appropriate. Already, Satanic Temple members in Georgia are reaching out to us hoping we can gather the resources for a monument there if the current efforts to place the Ten Commandments on public grounds prove fruitful. If, against all constitutional legal sense, the state of Oklahoma rejects our monument, clearly defining themselves as a First Amendment-free state, the monument offer will be provided to any of the various other public spaces throughout the US that have permit religious displays in their public squares.

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  • TheG

    They could’ve just bought some cable airtime and said, “Hi. We rented out this live hour TV spot to raise funds for a project. We’ll get to who we are in just a second. See, we need you to call the number at the bottom of the screen to donate $100,000 to build a monument. It will be beautiful, but it will also irk the crap out of the moral cruisaders of Oklahoma. We represent the Chur… Whoops! Reached our goal! Have a happy holidays.”

  • Funny how you never see Joe Klein helping a nice Satanic group raise funds for a monument.

  • A3Kr0n


  • $84687101

    Best. Use. Of. Meme. Ever.

  • Bones Thompson

    I wouldn’t give money to any religion.

  • $84687101

    I hope he can build his monument/fight his lawsuit. But I sure don’t want him to use my money to do it, nor do I trust him with it.

  • ScottG

    That’s because they’re not all wearing the same shirt.

  • Even the Church of the FSM?

  • Bob Jase

    Any special reason why you don’t trust him? Has he lied to you? Mistreated you? Opposed your Constitutional rights?

    Its the horns isn’t it?

  • GubbaBumpkin

    As it stands they haven’t been approved by legislators… but they’d like to forge ahead and create the monument, anyway.

    That might be a tactical mistake. The OK legislators mentioned something about monuments needing to be approved by a committee. I think they should get a list of criteria from said committee – in writing – before they go forward with a design.

  • While I’m sympathetic to the idea of overwhelming these state legislatures so that they eventually decide to prohibit all such displays, I don’t want to give money to anyone whose purpose seems to be to promote anything metaphysical. I’m also rather against giving the opportunity to Christians to associate atheism with Satanism, which they already want to do. If this is a farce, then that may be acceptable, but as far as I can tell these people are serious.

  • Rain

    Want to Help the Satanic Temple Build a Monument Near the Oklahoma State Capitol Building?

    Yeah… no not really.

  • Lindy4

    I’m all for drawing attention to the illegal public endorsement of religion, but isn’t this making it a bit too easy to demonize the movement? The Florida Capitol already has atheist displays. If the goal is equal treatment, then in Florida at least, I think we have it. Instead, the goal here seems to be to shame the State into prohibiting all displays. I see this as a less important fight.

  • $84687101

    Trust him with my money? He doesn’t have to have lied to me, mistreated me, or opposed my rights for me not to trust him with my money. I don’t trust you with my money either. Special reason? Yeah, he’s got no track record on which to base trusting his judgment on how he’ll spend my money.

  • ohnugget001

    I took the time to look at their website. They appear to be nothing more than atheists with ceremonial trappings. They do not believe in anything supernatural and treat the fictional character of Lucifer as the bringer of knowledge and claim secular humanism as their paradigm to interact with others during life. They are us in wolves’ clothing looking at this as a shock value opportunity.

  • Rain

    So they’ve taken to Indiegogo to raise the funds:

    I trust them. Completely.

  • Thanks. I googled them, but didn’t want to go to their website at work. Never know who is monitoring! (Of course, I’m on this website and actually entering text.)

    I’m still afraid that their idea plays into the Christians’ ideas that atheists actually worship Satan. Baffling concept, but why give them more to feed to their flocks?

  • Peter Mountain

    GO Big Red!!!

  • ohnugget001

    The whole point is the attempt to have no religious displays. The more displays that go up for non-Christian religions or the non-religious the better. If one is allowed all must be allowed and in time the hope is that all displays will eventually be taken down as Christian outrage demands it. They can’t take competition on a level playing field..

  • ohnugget001

    How could they possibly learn who donates? I would think we atheists would want to flood every public arena that has Xtian monuments and displays with as many competing religious and non-religious alternatices as possible. Their indignant response would hopefully be to ban all displays which is the way it should be.

  • ohnugget001

    As do I. They are atheist who have adopted Satanism as secular humanism.

  • GubbaBumpkin

    … to demonize the movement?

    We saw what you did there.

  • Svelaz

    I don’t know if anyone is aware but the Hindus are actually wanting to put a monument on the capitol grounds as well. Just as small tasteful little pagoda with one of their deities and a brief explanation of it’s virtues. I keep wondering how long this will last before the issue either blows up in their faces or they cave and move the ten commandments monument to private property. I’m really hoping it goes to court at the very least. They dug themselves into this hole and it will be fun to watch how they will try to get out of it. So I donated a few dollars to the cause and hope the Satanic temple dudes get their fair shake at their display.

  • Lando

    haven’t used indiegogo, but it looks like if a project ‘fails,’ all the money is returned to donors. I don’t know the specifics, but I would guess that if the project is struck down (when all religious monuments eventually get kicked out), it would be considered failed? My guess is that the group just wants to be able to answer the ‘are you serious’ question with ‘of course we are, we’ve already raised all this money!’
    I can see an angry politician introducing some requirement about funding being available for any project that wants to go in, or adding an enormous fee just to be considered

  • Castilliano

    Maybe at Olive Garden or Spaghetti Factory.
    Mmm, praise the *chomp chomp chomp*

  • In this context ‘failed’ means ‘target amount not raised’.

  • Lando

    Absolutely; I just imagine that if you raised money for a specific project, and then a local government passed a law that banned it, there might be some kind of way to address that. I could be completely wrong, though

  • Lando

    Your tithes fall on deaf ears, for our noodly lord dwells not in houses of men.
    But seriously, tip your server

  • Artor

    A few of them are. Most of the Satanists I’ve known were not umm…”philosophically sophisticated,” to think about it that much.

  • Michael Asbury

    Tou could just tell the truth, you dont have any money.

  • OverlappingMagisteria

    I read an interview with Lucien Greaves recently and it seemed that the Satanic Temple is very different in philosophy than the earlier Church of Satan started by LaVey. I don’t know which camp the Satanists you know fall into but it seems like they can be as varied as any other group. Seemed that Greaves is trying to pull it toward a more rational direction, at least.

    Here’s the interview: http://www.vice.com/read/unmasking-lucien-greaves-aka-doug-mesner-leader-of-the-satanic-temple

  • Jack7

    Mehta, are out going to do a blog about the satanic display being rejected in Florida and the potential ffrf lawsuit ?

  • allein
  • Nope!

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