Dusty Smith’s Top 10 Christian Fails of 2013 December 19, 2013

Dusty Smith’s Top 10 Christian Fails of 2013

If you get offended by bad language, you’ll want to step away from the computer right now…

For everyone else, I give you Dusty Smith‘s Top 10 Christian Fails of 2013:

#3 cracked me up 🙂

The important question now: When’s someone going to make the video documenting the other 3904402341 fails?

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  • Mick

    Dusty gets a bit excited doesn’t he? A real pain in the ears.

  • So in #4 Ray Comfort tells us all how he would behave if he thought evolution was true. Maybe it’s a good thing he’s impervious to reason. Just imagine a non-believing Ray Comfort set loose upon the world!

  • Rebecca Smith

    “This is a special goldfish.” And you’re a “special” goldfish eater, lady.

  • paulalovescats

    Yes, Matt Pitt, we expect you to know you did NOT go through the police academy. If you had, you would have remembered! “Well, lookie there!” What a prick. Dusty! Killed 70 times TMI!

  • Agreed. I could only watch about 4 minutes. It would be a little more tolerable for me if he toned it down and slowed it down. Anyway, I’m getting more out of the few comments here so far!

  • Matt Ranson

    Well, sex is a big part of evolution….

  • Pofarmer

    I really wish we could send Ray Comfort back to Australia.

  • Dave The Sandman

    The Cult Of Dusty….well worth leaving the less funny and more scary Cult of Cthulhu for
    Preach on Brother D!

  • Annette

    I’m really a pretty low-key, not cursy, not in-your-face type of person, and Dusty’s humor isn’t always up my alley, but OFSM, I laughed aloud and had tears in my eyes when he talked about the porn movie. The demon part particularly. It was so bad, but so hysterical. I’m almost ashamed of myself. If I were still a Christian, I’d probably be praying and anointing my house with shame, so I’ve clearly come a long way.

  • Mick

    Ray came from New Zealand. It was Ken Ham who came from Australia.

  • tinker

    Xtians have implied that if they were not afraid of eternal damnation they would all go on killing sprees so I am not surprised that someone that always has unorthodox sex on the brain would fantasize about what he would do.

  • diogeneslamp0

    Comfort is from New Zealand. Ken Ham is from Australia.

  • We’re hungry; can you fetus?

    This guy pisses me off. He is the reason people dislike atheists. He ruined a funny video too.

  • SkepticsRUs

    That’s a great top ten list. Dusty could tone his commentary down a bit in volume and vitriol because these ten can stand on their own.

    My only question is where can I get a copy of Holey Moley. Should I look for it on my favorite porn site?

  • SkepticsRUs

    I accept evolution as true, but now thanks to Ray Comfort I also know why I like it!

  • LesterBallard

    Apparently, Christians are psychopaths and sociopaths kept in check by the thin leash of Christianity.

  • Michael Harrison

    One: Can you imagine a comedian saying, “My jokes were funny; your failure to laugh shows you have no sense of humor”?

    Two: The Ray Comfort bit reminds me of a Christian who once told me that the only reason I claim not to believe is how it gets me out of going to church.

    Three: _The Lock In_ makes me think, “Good Deeds go with Everyman to the Land of Death.” There’s nothing like a heavy-handed morality play where speculations are paraded as facts just for the sake of the conclusion determined ahead of time. And then there’s the pathetic production value.

    And ‘Dragons are dinos’ is nothing new. Although Dusty’s accidental endorsement of the prosperity gospel (with his claim that if God existed, there would be no money troubles for believers) is disheartening; religion is never going away–reason is not the natural state for our species–so let’s please not reinforce the most asshole-ish interpretations of it.

  • $925105

    Can’t bear to listen to him either. Perhaps it’s cool in the angst teenage crowd but just yelling and swearing isn’t edgy, it’s pretty sad.

  • diogeneslamp0

    Pornography releases semen… not demon.

  • Friendlier

    I am an Atheist, but remind me where the “Friendly” in “The Friendly Atheist” comes from. These posts are generally negative, snarky, and stereotypically lump all believers into one big “dumbass” camp (just like believers do to us). Can’t we as a people rise above the level of petty dickishness?

  • Paul Jackson

    Who cares where they’re from? Send them both to Antarctica.

  • Pofarmer

    I dunno, petty dickishness has it’s place. I kinda needed it.

  • Pofarmer

    I’m with Paul. But I would feel a little for the poor researchers down there.

  • Paul Jackson

    Who cares if he swears a bit. It never ceases to amaze me that atheists who are otherwise reasonable people will get so bent out of shape over a few syllables entering their ears in a forbidden pattern.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

  • Rain

    Dusty they can hear you clear up in Canada and they wear ear muffs all the time. For cryin out loud tone it down a little.

  • Rain

    I actually feel bad for the goldfish lady being conned her whole life by people like pastor Sheriff Matt the preacher/meth junkie dude.

  • Richard Thomas

    Yeah, because humor is the equivalent of BURN IN HELL SINNER

  • Richard Thomas

    I thought it was funny. He doesn’t speak for me, and neither do you.

  • I personally don’t mind the language. It’s the indecipherable stream of yellingness that gets to me. His non-verbal faces and reactions are the best. He’s just trying too hard I think, like an over-the-top SNL skit that goes on a bit too long. Sometimes less is more.

  • XCellKen

    I’m 53 years old, and I love watching Cult of Dusty

  • XCellKen

    A person with the user name “We’re hungry, can you fetus” criticising a Cult of Dusty video reminds me of that old saying about glass houses and stones

  • Concern Troll is Concerned.

  • $925105

    Yeah, it does get old pretty quick.

  • $925105

    Australia’s raised it’s standards since it’s colonial days.

  • WhatTheWhat

    Oh Dusty, I love you 😀

  • Anymouse

    Please don’t be so amazed–it’s a people thing, not an atheist thing.

  • Glasofruix

    I like this guy, he’s funny.

  • Timmah

    Dusty is one of my fav channels on YouTube. That dude never disappoints in making me LOL.
    That poor Eagle tho… T_T

  • B Dallmann

    This guy is pretty annoying, and calling Christians “shameless, retarded fucks” does not help the atheist image.

  • Anon

    To be fair, the blog really tends to be snarky towards fundamentalists, but it generally have a pretty positive actitute towards moderate religious people.

  • Matt D

    Well, in my experience, most of the “snarkyness and negative comments” are reactions to any number of Theists who have gotten out of hand.

    Regardless, if you want to pretend that Hemant posting something that isn’t friendly as a stain on Atheism, that’s your own business. You should really be asking Dusty to tone it down, not Hemant for posting it. Good luck with that. I doubt you’ll find anything he says as horrible as a theist telling the public he’d burn human beings in an oven because they are gay.

  • John Schwytzer

    Of course the attendance is down at the Creation Museum. The novelty has worn off and all the atheists quit going for the laugh.

  • Christina Marroquin-Mauricio

    LOVED this! 🙂 Cracked me up – love the commentary! Though the fails are funny enough on their own. Will also say that some of it just makes me so angry – to perpetuate myths about a special ring that cuts people and gives them AIDS? To hurt an animal for entertainment? To teach kids that a porno magazine is going to cause demons to torture them? No wonder the world is a fucked up place. But I guess you just have to laugh…..to keep from going crazy! 🙂

  • Terry Firma

    Dusty facepalms like a boss.

  • Phalacrocoracidae™

    What atheist image?

    I’m an atheist.
    Dusty was a believer until adulthood. He took on a challenge he thought would be shooting fish in a barrel: “They Jesus was not a historical person” / “No historical Jesus” position. He was a believer, I cannot stress this enough. He discovered that the best evidence for Jesus (outside the Bible) is a godddamn lie. (Josephus)
    An atheist image is a clown trying to herd cats. < This atheist image?

  • Yeah, I could watch his reactions all day. He should trademark his eye rolling and facepalms.

  • B Dallmann

    I think it’s pretty clear what I mean by the atheist image. Whether you (or I) like it or not, many people lump all atheists together. That means what your friend Dusty says reflects on what people think of me, and I don’t like that. Your image of atheist (or lack thereof) and the general population’s image of atheists are two different things.

  • B Dallmann

    For the record, I understand what you’re saying. He counters irrationality with obscenity, not with reason. It just gives people more of a reason to hate atheists.

  • Aquaria

    And we also now know why she has a weight problem.

    Pounds of Goldfish? Seriously? Yeah, they’re nice every now and then, but POUNDS of them?

  • Aquaria

    Get over yourself. Seriously. They won’t think well of you because you’re nice. The only way they’ll truly think well of an atheist is if they stop being christers.

    Do keep up

  • B Dallmann

    I don’t need anyone to think well of me. I just don’t need them to think that I think all Christians are “shameless, retarded fucks.”

  • Gehennah

    I always suspected that atheists were a large portion of the visitors.

  • B Dallmann

    How is that relevant?

  • Cat MacKinnon

    i’ve anointed my house with shame many times. 😉

  • Cat MacKinnon

    i’d go just to see the hilarious “life size” Noah’s Ark they’re building (that will probably never be finished.)oh, and dragons! don’t forget the dragons!

    i love that Ken Hamm finds evolution so totally unbelievable but giant flying lizards that breathed fire? yup, totally real kids!

  • Cat MacKinnon

    if i were in the porn industry, i’d make a porn parody of that movie, like, yesterday!

  • Cat MacKinnon

    people already hate us, which is why i think there’s nothing wrong with laughing at their expense once in a while. Dusty’s channel isn’t supposed to be taken too seriously, and he’s the first person to say that.

  • Cat MacKinnon

    wait, so the FIRST THING Hemant said is that the video contains “language” and might be considered offensive to some. that seems like a pretty clear indicator of what’s in the video. but then those people chose to watch it anyway…aaaand then they bitch about how they were offended by the language.

    is it just me, or is anyone else not getting the logic behind that either?

  • TCC

    I entirely agree with you. “Retarded” is a slur that needs to die a quick, painful death and never be resurrected, and we should all know enough Christians by now to know that there is plenty of shame to go around in Christianity. (“Fucks” is just way too harsh a generalization.)

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