David Niose’s Nonbeliever Nation is Now Available in Paperback December 18, 2013

David Niose’s Nonbeliever Nation is Now Available in Paperback

David Niose is the author of the excellent Nonbeliever Nation — a book that’s now available in paperback:

If you haven’t read it yet, you’re going to love it. Niose is the President of the Secular Coalition for America and former chair of the American Humanist Association, so he brings a wealth of knowledge to a book about the secular history of our country and what the future of secular America looks like.

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  • Jeff

    At leas it won’t be in the fiction section….

  • NoMoreDivision

    I stumbled across this book at the library recently, took it home, and could barely put it down. I was even re-reading entire chapters (and that’s so not me, lol). That Niose is like the atheist equivalent of a mega-church pastor kind of inspirational. Well, except Niose backs up his words with plenty of legitimate sources.

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