All Four GOP Candidates to Become the Next Lieutenant Governor of Texas Embrace Creationism December 17, 2013

All Four GOP Candidates to Become the Next Lieutenant Governor of Texas Embrace Creationism

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how all four Republican candidates to become the next Lieutenant Governor of Texas embrace Creationism:

You can read more about how Texas is screwed if they elect any of these buffoons here.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the project — more videos will be posted soon — and we’d also appreciate your suggestions as to which questions we ought to tackle next!

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  • ladydreamgirl

    Important point of distinction: all four REPUBLICAN candidates to become the next Lieutenant Governor of Texas. They are not the only candidates to become the next Lieutenant Governor. Texas does still have a Democratic party (with 2 declared Lt. Governor candidates Leticia Van de Putte and Maria Luisa Alvarado) as well as 2 Libertarian candidates. I know it fits in with the typical view of Texas as a totally backward state, but it wouldn’t hurt for there to be more fact checking before you make such a broad and inaccurate claim.

  • A particularly salient point since demographics have been pushing Texas ever blue-ward (and it wasn’t so long ago that Democrats could still win statewide office even under the older demographic conditions, Ann Richards being the most obvious example). Still, if one were to poll the Democrat and Libertarian candidates’ views on creationism, there is no guarantee that their answers will be much better. Still worth asking, though.

  • ladydreamgirl

    To be fair to Hemant it is only the headline that gets it wrong (though I presume he writes his own headlines). So the facts are there, they just didn’t make it into the headline which is still a misrepresentation IMO.

  • paulalovescats


  • warlock

    well, This is Texas, and Repukelicans are firmly entrenched. We are screwed until someone with sanity and a crapload of money can buy the gov and lt gov offices in an election

  • ladydreamgirl

    Thanks for the change to the headline Hemant. I appreciate it. Texas has a lot of problems when it comes to our politicians but it gets kind of wearing for the state to be represented as bad through and through.

  • Sue Blue

    Talk about a race to the bottom. These four assholes just hit warp speed.

  • Pofarmer

    It’s just sad that somehow we have reverted to the point where the litmus test for christians is that they have to deny science as some sort of badge of honor. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson would weep

  • ladydreamgirl

    Less now than previously, and it is also pretty steeply regionally divided. As gerrymandered as the state is the major metropolitan areas are fairly reliably Democratic. In fact the Republican party’s slide toward blatant bigotry and ignorance may very well be what breaks down the gerrymandered bulwark they have constructed to maintain their own power.

  • Jeff

    The gerrymandering has forced primaries that go further and further right. Slowly, it’s going to push folks to something resembling “center”. The worst of their gerrymandering is going to bite them in the ass. IF the Texas can go blue by 2020, it puts us in a census year, and even a close party split will force some changes in the lines. It may take a while, but statistically speaking, Texas WILL go blue, and if it does, Republicans cannot win the White House.

  • I know Texas is screwed if any of them are elected. And I know one of them is almost certainly going to win.

    My poor state. We already subjected you to George W. Bush and Rick Perry, and we’re just going further and further off the deep end.

  • I really, really hope one of them wins, and that Wendy Davis wins for governor. I don’t have high expectations, though.

  • Gehennah

    At least the school board came to its senses, although I’m unsure if the Lt.Gov could get that looked into again.

  • Neither Jefferson nor Franklin had much respect for Christianity (indeed, both often displayed outright disgust). This sort of behavior would shock neither of them, only reinforce their belief that government and religion are a toxic combination.

  • Yep! Typo on my part. It’s fixed now. Thanks!

  • Birdie1986

    I was about to say the same thing. There are actually people here in TX that wouldn’t vote for any of these buffoons even if they didn’t embrace Creationism.

  • Pofarmer

    Yeah, but I think that they, along with Thomas Paine and others, really thought they were breaking the bond between religion and govt. With all the technical and scientific acheivements since that time, I think they would expect us to be much more secular.

  • Yes, but remember, they were operating in the Enlightenment. States like Texas hadn’t yet come along to shut down reason and clear thinking.

    Had they seen Texas on the horizon, the Constitution might look quite different today.

  • Pofarmer


    I wonder what they would do if say, “Age of Reason” were made required reading in high school?

  • Stevie

    Ugh my state. At least our textbooks had a win.

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