Comedian Bo Burnham Sings a Song ‘From God’s Perspective’ December 14, 2013

Comedian Bo Burnham Sings a Song ‘From God’s Perspective’

Comedian/songwriter Bo Burnham‘s new special what. premieres on YouTube this Tuesday and the song he’s released as a trailer, “From God’s Perspective,” is just awesome:

The books you think I wrote are way too thick.
Who needs a thousand metaphors to figure out you shouldn’t be a dick?
And I don’t watch you when you sleep.
Surprisingly, I don’t use my omnipotence to be a fucking creep.

You’re not going to heaven.
Why the fuck would you think Id ever kick it with you?
None of you are going to heaven.
There’s a trillion aliens cooler than you.

(Full lyrics on his YouTube page)

Burnham’s anti-religion song from his 2010 special has even more entertaining wordplay.

(via Skepchick)

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  • WallofSleep

    Do people still go nuts for Bo nuts?

  • momtarkle

    Loved it! Thanks, Hemant.

  • Terry Firma

    The subject matter, lyrical approach, inflections, and spoken asides are rather a lot like Tim Minchin’s. Still enjoyed it though.

  • Art_Vandelay

    “I created the universe…you think I’m drawing the line at the fucking deli aisle?”

    Love it.

  • BobButtons

    They be like donuts. Make ’em cream filled or give ’em a layer of glaze.

  • coeumo

    is god against rape? thought that was kind of a gray area for him. If I remember right, “Thou shalt not commit consensual sex with another adult outside of your marriage” made the most important list of rules ever, but I don’t remember much barring the non-consensual kind. Admittedly, I’m no bible scholar.