If Atheists Made a Commercial for a Dating Website… December 13, 2013

If Atheists Made a Commercial for a Dating Website…

Forget OKCupid. This is where all the action is at for atheists:

Damn heathens, taking all the romance out of everything…

(via Chris)

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  • Frank Hey

    that is the worst commercial ever, funny and sarcastic at the same time, but it still sucked

  • idontknow33

    Oh. My. God. It was a joke.

  • Katerina

    There are a few mistakes in this video: The bible actually condones polygamy. We are primates, but not monkeys. We are primates in the ape family. I also find both hateful/grouchy and happy/loving people in religious as well as non-religious groups. I notice religious affiliation, or lack thereof, has no bearing on someone’s innate happiness. As atheist myself, I am joyful, happy, and excited about life in general. I don’t worry about death since it a natural part of life.

  • WillBell

    This is almost as boring as the actual Christian Mingle ads…

  • Steven M. Long,

    I get what you’re saying, but I think there’s some actual ridicule/lack of understanding within the humor.

    As in satire that does not make us uncomfortable because it is respectful satire?


  • Steven M. Long

    Good satire comes with understanding.

  • Steven M. Long,

    Good satire comes with understanding.

    Perhaps, the more it produces winces of discomfort, the more it demonstrates understanding.


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