Bryan Fischer: The First Amendment Was Meant to Protect Christians Only December 11, 2013

Bryan Fischer: The First Amendment Was Meant to Protect Christians Only

“If religion means anything other than Christianity, we have no way to stop Islam or satanism,” is the title of this video. At 2:30, the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer, discussing the First Amendment, concludes that

“By ‘religion,’ the founders were thinking of Christianity. So the purpose was to protect the free exercise of the Christian faith. It wasn’t about protecting anything else.”

All Fischer is doing, it turns out, is scratching the latest fleabite to Christianity’s cankles: he’s trying to twist the Constitution so that he and other good Christian folk can say no to the Satanists who applied to place a monument of their own at Oklahoma’s State Capitol.

“Here is where the definition of the word religion becomes absolutely critical. If by ‘religion’ the founders meant Christianity, then you can ban a monument to Satan, because that is not Christianity. But if by ‘religion’ you mean anything, any system of belief, whether it’s Christian or not, then you have no way, you have no way to tell the Satanists, ‘You can’t have your monument.’”

Way to throw Jews under the bus — along with the other 72,000,000 Americans who aren’t Jesus-worshipers.

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  • Aleister Gates

    touche…but still…then they were more satanist than atheist…but by definition they were atheist …by definition i mean,…the lack of believe in a god or gods

  • No Gods, No Masters

    Judaism and Islam are branches from the same tree. Yahweh is the God of all three religions. Obviously you have not learned the roots of Christianity. Naturally if they are the same religion (Babylonian) they will believe in the same heaven/hell formula. So I stand by my original statement that only that particular sect which includes Christianity, Islam and Judaism, believes in a hell or a Satan.

  • Psychotic Atheist

    Why is it obvious that I have not learned the roots of Christianity? I know there are numerous branches of the Abrahamic faiths. I was falsifying your statement that Christianity alone believes in Satan. For example: Islam acknowledges Satan. Does that mean they accept Christianity as a truth? If not then the statement: ‘ if you are acknowledging Satan, then you are accepting Christianity as a truth’ is falsified.
    Since you did not address it, I suppose you also concede the second point which is that not all Satanists believe in a literal Satan further undermining your overall point.

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