Note to Christians: Arguing the Existence of Hell Will Backfire December 7, 2013

Note to Christians: Arguing the Existence of Hell Will Backfire

Christian blogger John Shore overheard a conversation between a Christian (“Christian”) and an atheist (“Tom”) at a Starbucks the other day. In his retelling of their dialogue, he admits that the atheist “ended up wiping the floor” with the Christian by pointing out the logical flaw with the concept of Hell:

Tom: But what you’re saying simply doesn’t make any sense.

Christian: What doesn’t?

Tom: That if I don’t believe in the reality of the same God that you just told me loves me, then that God will condemn me to hell for all eternity. How could God love me and do that to me?

Christian: Because God loves you enough to let you decide your own fate.

Tom: But that doesn’t change the fact that if I choose to not believe in God, God could, if he wanted, still not send me to hell. He could commute my sentence. He could forgive me for the mistaken choice I made. God has that power, right? Because he’s all-powerful?

Christian: God can do anything.

Tom: Which means he can certainly choose not to send me to hell. And that can only mean that if I do end up in hell, it was God’s will that made that happen. Ultimately God wanted me in hell — so that’s where I ended up. God actively chose hell for me.

Christian: You chose hell for yourself by refusing to accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.

It just gets better from there…

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