Christmas is No Longer About Christ, and Everyone Should Be Grateful For It December 3, 2013

Christmas is No Longer About Christ, and Everyone Should Be Grateful For It

Wendy Thomas Russell explains why the secularization of Christmas is a good thing — for Christians, too!

Would Fox News rather we secularists stopped celebrating Christmas altogether? I wonder how Sarah Palin would feel if a quarter of her family and friends stopped showing up to her annual Christmas party? I wonder how all those corporations and business owners and stock brokers would feel if we stopped spending millions of our dollars on colored lights, blow-up Santas and gifts for our loved ones every year?

No, Fox News, I won’t be putting the Christ back into my Christmas. Ever. But if my family and friends will let me, I’ll continue to lug home pine trees from the local Christmas tree lot and obscure all but the scent of those trees with a heinous number of Christmas ornaments. I’ll hang the gorgeous, envy-inducing Christmas stockings my mother knitted for each member of my family. I’ll listen to the Christmas carols my grandmother used to play on the piano when I was a child. With my husband, daughter, parents, in-laws, siblings, nieces, nephews and friends always on my mind, I’ll wrap Christmas presents and watch Christmas movies and read Christmas books and bake Christmas cookies and attend Christmas parties. I’ll do it all.

And in doing so, I will indeed “protect the heart of Christmas.” It won’t be Palin’s exact version of Christmas, of course. But it will be Christmas just the same. And it will be great.

Whatever Christmas may have been, it no longer is, and we’re all better off because of it. Celebrate the season however you want. Christians never owned the month of December, but it looks like the holiday season and maybe even the word “Christmas” itself are starting to escape their grasp, too. Hallelujah.

We’re better off starting our own traditions, like Sue Laguna-Whang did with her family:

My family doesn’t subscribe to the idea of waking up at 6am and checking under the tree to see what Santa left for us to pulverize.

Nope. We have a tradition. A loud tradition. A crazy tradition. A tradition that will, in most likelihood, cause our children to stick us with exorbitant therapy bills in approximately 15 years (although, for the record, my brothers and I have yet to do this to our parents).

Read the rest of that piece — it’ll put a smile on your face.

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