Guess Which 80s TV Star Appears in This New Christian Film? No, Not That One… November 27, 2013

Guess Which 80s TV Star Appears in This New Christian Film? No, Not That One…

Liberty Counsel, the Christian group that flips out when anyone says “Happy Holidays,” just released the trailer for its first film. (Yep, they make films now.)

It features a washed-up actor from the ’80s, a plotline with evil secular educators, and angsty Christian youth ready to reclaim their faith. In other words, this is exactly like every Christian movie you’ve (n)ever seen…

I guess Kirk Cameron was unavailable, though, so they got Erik Estrada:

The film is called “Uncommon“:

More like Untruthful.

Right off the bat, they begin with a lie, showing public school administrators forbidding students from partaking in “any Bible activities on the premises of Rosewood High School”… even though every atheist group in the country would defend students’ right to have an after-school Bible club.

Even the website (which the trailer incorrectly lists as perpetuates those lies:

What do we really know about religious liberties in public schools? Can students pray? Can they have a bible study? Can they mention God or even wear a Christian themed t-shirt? The prayer in public school debate has caused a firestorm in the past; but with this film Liberty Counsel hopes to set the record straight.

Those who seek to indoctrinate our kids with the message that God is irrelevant and truth is subjective have had a monopoly for too long in our schools because the Supreme Court fabricated the idea that there is a wall of separation between church and state.

Yes, students can pray. Yes, they can have a Bible study. Yes, they can mention God and wear Christian-themed t-shirts. There’s never any controversy about any of those things! You only see lawsuits when administrators or faculty members lead religious worship or try to preach in the classroom — two issues the movie appears to ignore. The Wall of Separation has never meant students can’t talk about their faith while at school — and Liberty Counsel knows that, too. It’s just too easy for them to paint non-Christians as the enemy.

The movie premieres in Lynchburg, Virginia (at Jerry Falwell‘s old church) this January before hitting Walmart clearance bins across the country.

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