Check Out How a Fox News Reporter Spins This Story About a Preaching Teacher November 27, 2013

Check Out How a Fox News Reporter Spins This Story About a Preaching Teacher

This is what really happened at Fayette High School in Missouri:

Gwen Pope, a math teacher at the school, led Christian devotional prayers in her classroom every Friday morning. These prayer sessions were announced over the loudspeaker for students, in effect, encouraging them to attend. Both of those things are illegal.

Gwen Pope

There’s more: The prayer sessions weren’t part of an extracurricular club. Pope’s husband Michael would attend the meetings. Furthermore, she told her math students that “God will punish them if they are not good” and had religious literature on her desk during the school day:

‘God’s Game Plan’ sat in plain view on Pope’s desk

The American Humanist Association sent the school a warning letter in May and, seeing as the district was ignoring it, they filed a lawsuit against the district last week.

If a Muslim teacher acted the same way Pope did, that teacher would’ve been fired immediately. But Pope was given plenty of leeway to preach exactly as she wanted and now the school will have to defend its actions.

So guess how fair-and-balanced Fox News’ Todd Starnes covered the story?


The American Humanist Association wants the judge to end all religious activity at the school as well as award monetary damages to the “offended” students, according to the lawsuit.

This over-the-top attack on Christianity is just unbelievable. Then again, what do you expect from a bunch of humanists who don’t believe in anything that really matters?

Actually, the AHA wants the judge to end staff-led religious activity during school hours. Because it’s the law. It’s not an attack on Christianity. It’s a check on people who think their religious beliefs put them above the law. As always, the AHA has no problem with students or teachers who pray privately or as part of an extracurricular group. When it crosses into the classroom, though, we should all be concerned.

But then again, what do you expect from someone who thinks the Bible should take precedence over the Constitution?

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