Center For Inquiry Launches Digital Billboard in Times Square: ‘Millions Show Love and Gratitude Without God’ November 27, 2013

Center For Inquiry Launches Digital Billboard in Times Square: ‘Millions Show Love and Gratitude Without God’

Today, the Center For Inquiry launched an ad campaign in New York City’s Times Square reminding everyone that atheists, too, can take part in this season of gratitude and giving.

The 15-second (silent) video ad includes the message: “Millions show love and gratitude without God” and features a mother hugging her daughter.

The ad is part of CFI’s “Living Without Religion” campaign, in which they show how atheists can live fulfilling, joyous lives without paying homage to the supernatural.

“Since the nonreligious don’t believe in God, some wonder how we know who to give thanks to.” said Ronald Lindsay, President and CEO of CFI. “Our answer is to just look around you at the people in your life.”

Said Lindsay, “We all have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, and millions of Americans, instead of praying to a god, will be expressing gratitude and love to those who do so much to make life worth living: their family, their friends, and those who help others in need. A supposed supreme being isn’t necessary.”

The ad can be seen on West 42nd street between 7th and 8th Ave., on the north side above the Cold Stone Creamery and beneath the CBS logo. It is co-sponsored by local freethought organization Reasonable New York.

You may recall that Times Square has played host to a couple atheist ads in the past. Most recently, the Freedom From Religion Foundation countered a Creationist group’s ad with one of their own:

And most notably, a year ago, American Atheists reminded everyone that they should “Keep the merry! Dump the myth!”

CFI’s video ad will run through January.

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