‘Godless’ Comedian Sarah Silverman: Atheists Are ‘Just As Obnoxious’ as Believers November 26, 2013

‘Godless’ Comedian Sarah Silverman: Atheists Are ‘Just As Obnoxious’ as Believers

On a recent HuffPost Live segment, comedian Sarah Silverman explained how she’s godless (a secular Jew), but finds value in ritual:

You can see the video here.

I’m godless, but I’m fascinated by religion. I think there is a lot of beauty in religion. I also think it’s responsible for a massive amount of human deaths, and I think Jesus, should he have been real, would be disgusted with a lot of the people that use his name to justify things like hatred or unacceptance… it’s very not Jesus-y.

Strong, sensible words from the person who had a comedy special called “Jesus Is Magic.”

But then she veered off into S.E. Cupp territory, downplaying her godlessness in favor of a more appealing “agnosticism,” throwing all of us under a bus:

I don’t like to say “atheist” because I feel like atheists have that same chip on their shoulder that people who feel like their religion is the only right thing have. It’s to know something, to think you know something definitively that, I feel, we as mere mortal humans can’t possibly know. I think it’s just as obnoxious. I’m Agnostic. I don’t know, and neither do you!

She had no problem saying she was godless a minute before that… but all of a sudden, she backtracks into “atheists are obnoxious”? Why, Sarah, why?! To be an atheist doesn’t have to mean you’re 100% sure God doesn’t exist!

And while she’s free to label herself, I would have loved to see some pushback on her “Agnostic” claim. It’s very apparent she’s not on the fence about her beliefs. She knows damn well there’s no evidence for the existence of God. She admitted as much herself earlier in the segment. It’s disappointing to see someone who is, by definition, an atheist have such an aversion to the word.

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