The Atheist Version of the ‘Heaven is for Real’ Trailer November 24, 2013

The Atheist Version of the ‘Heaven is for Real’ Trailer

I know the “Heaven is for Real” trailer made you cringe…

… but Dusty Smith‘s version of the trailer is far more honest than the book or movie:

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  • Brandon Myhre

    It is odd to me that everyone is forgetting a central point here, and one that should not be overlooked, whether your are of the faithful or an atheist. A small boy almost tragically died and by some way, whether it be of the miraculous, modern science, or both, is now living. While yes it is true that the movie and books center around the fantastic phenomenon and these aspects are regarded with a skepticism, even among those of faith, I fail to see what wide spread damage this is going to cause. If we even allow that this movie is pure fantasy, what follows from it? Nothing outside what Hollywood hasn’t already produced prior. Why do fantastic movies like, “The Sixth Sense,” fail to cause an uproar, but if a movie has an element of faith present, it becomes a huge issue.

    The fact is that articles like this and the anger being expressed over a movie, which nobody HAS to see, are actually promoting the film by getting the word out. Indeed, I never heard of this movie until I ran across some angry ranting about it and looked it up. Now I want to see it. Having coming very close to death myself and being in a coma for nearly half a month I find the subject very touching and much of what is depicted in the film concerning internal struggles of faith, belief and science, all but tore my friends and family apart. I find life itself, the triumph of it over death to be a cause for celebration. This hits close to home and that a young boy lives, and that his story has uplifted many people is not something to attack or mock. Just because people may be mistaken, or let us suppose lie outright, doesn’t give anyone the ethical right to be as hateful as I have seen on many message boards. This one seems quite polite though in comparison to some I’ve seen.

    To answer a few things, of course, as is the proper conduct supposed by these comment sections :). As for if it is Biblical, the Bible suggests it is. In fact, the Bible recounts incidents of people taken up to heaven in body, as in Ezekiel, and Paul references an account of someone taken up to the, “third heaven,” though he admits that he doesn’t know if it is in body or not.

    As to the question of why God would do such a thing, it could be in the very account itself and the inspiration that it may have enticed in some people. Yet, the truth is, if God can be defined as Saint Anselm of Canterbury supposed, “The-thing-above-which-no-greater-thing-can-be-thought-to-exist,” then it follows the reasoning could in all probability be beyond man’s understanding.

    As for Greg Kinnear and the disappointment some feel towards him as an actor, it should be mentioned that he is to start filming a movie called, “Salvation Boulevard,” along with, “Noah,” (and of course “Labyrinth”) star Jennifer Connelly. It centers around a born again Christian who is chased after by a mob of fundamentalists bent on the protection of their pastor who leads a mega church. By all accounts it is to be a thinly guised attack on Christianity and faith. Just in case that makes anyone feel better.

    At any rate its a shame that disagreements on both sides of faith and atheism seem to equate to hate in some people. Just because one may disagree with another doesn’t mean there is a inherent element of hate or anger, nor should there be any reason for it. We may disagree on the nature of this film, what it depicts, and the accounts of phenomenon which are portrayed, but why would this entice such anger in people? It is not a necessary condition of disagreeing and it shouldn’t be no matter what side one is coming from.

    In closing, I find the film not to warrant some of the reactions I have encountered. If its not for you, its not for you and don’t see it. However, some of the main elements are the child’s survival, the internal struggle between faith and pain which becomes evident in such a situation, and how a remarkable event such as this, and the corresponding account can bring skepticism among believers and bring to the forefront the eternal debate of whether faith truly holds intrinsic value and worth in society and the individual.

    With that I thank you all for reading and happy holidays.

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