Christian Publication Warns of ‘Atheist Agenda’: They Want You to Lose Your Faith! November 21, 2013

Christian Publication Warns of ‘Atheist Agenda’: They Want You to Lose Your Faith!

There’s so much wrong with Jennifer LeClaire‘s latest piece for Charisma, I’m not even sure where to begin. It’s all about the radical atheist agenda

I guess we should start with the headline:

Atheist Agenda Wants You to Turn Your Back on Christ

Well, yeah… that’s kind of the point.

(Spoiler alert: The writers at Charisma want you to find Jesus, too!)

Moving on to the actual article:

Anything the gay agenda can do, the atheists can do better. That seems to be the unbeliever’s mantra for 2013 as godless radicals rise up not only for recognition — and not only to tear down all things Christian in the public square — but to actually woo born-again Bible believers to the dark side.

I’m pretty sure LeClaire just argued that gay people want to convert you to gayness — that they can convert your sexual orientation — and atheists want to convert you even harder.

The “public square” comment is ridiculous, too, because it implies atheists want to eradicate Christianity everywhere. In fact, atheist groups only try to strike down instances of government endorsement or promotion of Christianity. If elected officials are pushing their faith illegally, we’ll make sure the law is being followed. LeClaire should be thanking us for that, not berating us.

And that’s just the first paragraph!

She proves atheists are interested in converting people by citing Peter Boghossian, author of the new book A Manual for Creating Atheists, a book that’s literally about creating atheists:

Yes, it’s actually a book that aims to equip nonbelievers with the skills they need to talk believers into willfully turning their back on Christ. This atheist is hoping to drive Christians into full-blown apostasy.

“Faith is an unreliable reasoning process,” Boghossian told Religion News Service. “It will not take you to reality. So we need to help people value processes of reasoning that will lead them to the truth.”

Jesus is the truth. He’s also the way and the life.

Well, shit. I’m convinced.

LeClaire also cites the Sunday Assembly:

It’s a godless church. According to CBN, British comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans founded the movement and plan to kick-start more anti-God assemblies in the U.S.

This is how you know LeClaire didn’t even bother doing the slightest bit of research. She’s using the Sunday Assembly as proof of the radical atheist agenda, a group that’s explicitly *not* about promoting atheism and “won’t tell you you’re wrong if you” believe in the supernatural.

LeClaire also tosses me into her pile of evidence:

Some atheists are trying to position themselves as “friendly,” like Hemant Mehta, author of the Friendly Atheist blog who offered to raise money to cover the medical bills of a pastor who was attacked by a militant atheist.

Why does she have to put “friendly” in quotation marks…?

I guess she thinks if atheists try to be decent people, it’s just part of a larger plan to destroy their faith.

(To which I can only say: How did she find out?!)

The whole article is laughable because what LeClaire appears to be most upset about is that atheists are finally gaining traction in the battle of persuasion. And if Christians can lose their faith because atheists made a few good points, then their faith wasn’t really built on a solid foundation to begin with, was it?

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