Ann Reid Succeeds Eugenie Scott as Executive Director of National Center for Science Education November 18, 2013

Ann Reid Succeeds Eugenie Scott as Executive Director of National Center for Science Education

It was back in May when we learned that Dr. Eugenie Scott would retire from her position as Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education — after 26 years with the organization. During her tenure, the NCSE was a vocal advocate for good science in public schools, fighting battles against the likes of Creationists and global warming deniers,

Today, the NCSE is announcing her successor: Ann Reid, a molecular biologist who has worked for the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and, most recently, was the director of the American Academy of Microbiology:

“It is crucial, now more than ever, for students to understand evolution and climate science,” Reid commented“I am excited at the prospect of helping NCSE to continue its important work in ensuring that these topics are taught properly — accurately, thoroughly, and without ideological interference.”

Scott expressed her pleasure with the choice of Reid as the new executive director of NCSE. “Her stint as a research scientist grounds her in what science is and what scientists do. Her work at the National Research Council connected her with the top scientists in the country. And her experience as the director of a non-profit organization provides her with invaluable knowhow.” She added, “I have no doubt that attacks on science education will continue. But with Reid at the helm, I have no doubt that NCSE will continue to be at the forefront of the defense.”

Sounds like a worthy successor to Scott’s legacy and someone who has both the science background and communications experience to effectively spread the message of evidence-based thinking.

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