This Must Be What Christian Apologists Think a College Philosophy Class is Like November 15, 2013

This Must Be What Christian Apologists Think a College Philosophy Class is Like

Remember the trailer for the forthcoming Christian movie God’s Not Dead? It featured a mean atheist professor (played by Kevin Sorbo) and a brave Christian student…

As I said before, it was as if someone turned Snopes, the urban-legend debunking website, into a movie.

Well, just posted a 9-minute movie on YouTube that is somehow even more cliché than that. But without the post-production and raw celebrity power.

It features a professor who walks into a (I presume philosophy) classroom and announces that God isn’t real and that Christianity is a big lie — something that has happened zero times in the history of ever.

Several students walk out of class, angry and upset, leaving behind a small group of men to fend for the faith — the female students are never heard from again. Turns out a couple of the guys know *all* the apologetic arguments…

The professor, after class, weeps for her eternal soul

The fun begins at the 1:00 mark:

I love the bit at 5:00 when the Christian student raises a classic question… and then suggests that we should believe in God because it’s just easier:

Student 1: You all do realize that it actually takes more faith to not believe in God than it does to believe in God?

Student 2 (in the worst acting job since Student 1): How so?

Student 1: Well, who created the stars?

Student 2: [Shrug]

Student 1: Now, you see, wouldn’t it just be easier to say ‘God’?

Easier? Yes. Honest? Nope.

Oh! And you *have* to watch the segment around 6:10 just to hear the ominous music change.

This professor’s in for a rough semester, what with her fewer-than-a-dozen students, the most vocal of whom are in need of severe re-education, and her inability to properly teach a class.

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