Of All the Problems in North Korea, Lack of Bibles Really Isn’t High on the List November 11, 2013

Of All the Problems in North Korea, Lack of Bibles Really Isn’t High on the List

Pastor Eric Foley, who runs a Christian mission group called Seoul USA, just gave a gift to the people of North Korea: Bibles. 50,000 Bibles. All delivered by way of hot-air balloons.

Not edible Bibles, mind you, just run-of-the-mill paper Bibles.

Because that’s what the isolated, starving, desperate people in North Korea need: Jesus.

This is a perfect example of Christians pretending to do something of value and accomplishing absolutely nothing. Just as praying for you after a tragedy won’t change your situation, these Bibles won’t do anything useful for the North Korean people.

Check out what the group did and think about how much money it cost them:

The balloons, made from a large sheet of “farm plastic,” said Foley, are filled with hydrogen before the Bibles and “tracts” — testimonials written by other North Korean Christians — are attached at the bottom inside a sack or box. Timers are then used to release the materials in stages, dispersing them at high altitudes across North Korea. Foley and members of his Christian mission group, Seoul USA, use GPS technology to help direct where the Bibles land. Around 50,000 of them have dropped from the skies in the last year.

It’s their money. They’re free to do what they’d like with it. I’m just saying if those balloons contained a granola bar along with the Bible, the people would have been far better off.

Just to be clear, North Korea is a place where Christians are actually persecuted — unlike in the U.S. — but it’s not hard to see that food would be more helpful than a book. And if you have the money and technology to air drop anything to the people there, why waste it on the Bible? Even if proselytizing was the goal, wouldn’t you need to meet everyone’s physical needs before you tried to go after what you think are their spiritual needs?

So here’s my helpful suggestion to Pastor Foley: If you want to convert North Koreans to Christianity, next time, drop something edible. Feel free to wrap it in pages from the Bible. They’ll be so grateful, they’ll have no one else to thank but your God.

(via Christian Nightmares. Image via Shutterstock)

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