Finally: Scientific Proof of God’s Existence November 7, 2013

Finally: Scientific Proof of God’s Existence

Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt (a.k.a. “Dr. Chaps”) — a right-winger and Bryan Fischer-wannabe — says he has scientific proof of God’s existence!

And mathematical proof, too, as seen below:

But back to the science (at the 24:44 mark):

I can prove God! Even to the most skeptic of atheists. And this is a scientific method. If you follow these three steps, God will reveal himself to you, experientially, and you will see God with your own eyes. Oh, I thought God was invisible! Yes, but here’s what you gotta do. Follow these three steps! It’s really easy.

Step number one in my personal, experiential proof of God is: Admit that you’re a sinner and that God does not rule your heart and mind. That should easy for you atheists, right? You already know that God does not rule your heart and mind. Just admit that out loud.

Step number two: Renounce your sins and ask God to forgive your sins through Jesus Christ and His substitutionary sacrifice…

Number three is the final, most important step and that is: Invite God to rule your heart and mind. Ask the risen Jesus Christ to rule inside of your heart!

Yes, a proof so airtight, all of you reading this are now shutting off your computers so you can run to church. I don’t know how the proof eluded me for so long!

But really, were you expecting better science — or any science — from someone who seriously believes he can convert atheists by just reminding them about the Jesus Myth?

(Thanks to Kyle for the link!)

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  • Fergus Smedley

    I ask Thor to save me parking spots. And he does.

  • Believer

    Millions of peple follow these three steps day in day out… i dont think most of them saw any God. I believe in god and thats what you got to do. Just believe in the One power one energy that is good and positive..

  • fuck u

    lol its not fucking proof and iam not shutting my computer but trying to find a reply which would make ur ass shut up
    everywhere instead of truth such rubish comes

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