A Wonderful Series of Articles About Alabama Atheists November 6, 2013

A Wonderful Series of Articles About Alabama Atheists

Alabama Media Group reporter Erin Edgemon is running a series on atheists in the state and she’s tackling some great subjects: Roger and Pat Cleveland, who run an annual gathering for atheists at Lake Hypatia; Duncan Henderson, who began a secular student group at his junior high school and currently runs the only high school atheist group in the state; and Jerald Motyka, a former pastor who eventually tossed his faith.

The big picture you get from the articles is that there are a lot more atheists in the state than the stereotypes would have you believe. But many atheists, wrongly assuming they’re alone, remain silent about their beliefs

Is it necessary to run articles like these? Absolutely, especially when you consider when one recent letter-to-the-editor (unrelated to this series) from a woman in Alabama stated:

Atheism is a religion. Most people know this. If you go to google on the internet, it will back up what I say.

Some atheists practice their religion with cruel lawsuits and threats for children gathering around flagpoles to pray, for college students mentioning Jesus Christ in their writings, for military chaplains mentioning Jesus Christ, for singing Christmas carols in public places, and much, much more.

All lies.

We don’t file lawsuits against Christian students who lead a gathering around the flagpole.

We don’t file lawsuits against Christians who mention Jesus Christ in their essays.

We don’t file lawsuits against chaplains who bring up Jesus Christ in their personal discussions with Christian patients.

We don’t file lawsuits against random people who sing Christmas carols in public places.

We only file lawsuits when government officials (including public school administrators) promote or endorse religious beliefs over non-religious beliefs.

Writer Carole Dumas — I’ll avoid mocking her name — has no idea what she’s talking about. She’s precisely the kind of person who needs to be educated about what atheists in her state are like.

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