William Lane Craig: The Church is Getting Too ‘Feminized’ November 4, 2013

William Lane Craig: The Church is Getting Too ‘Feminized’

Christian apologist Dr. William Lane Craig has revealed on his blog that he is scared that religion is taking a turn for the feminine:

Nowhere is this feminization more evident than in contemporary worship music. Someone aptly remarked that if you were to replace references to God in many praise songs with “Baby,” they would sound just like romantic songs between a man and a woman! This is not true of classic hymns like “A Mighty Fortress” or “And Can It be?” Talking with young men, I find that many of them are just turned off by these touchy-feely worship services and would rather not go.

Yeah! Remember back in the old days when worship music was strong and manly? You know why the number of young “Nones” is growing? Music. All music.

Craig also explained the reason men, moreso than women, seem to be drawn to Christian apologetics:

… my hypothesis [is] that this disparity is to be explained by the fact that men respond more readily to a rational approach, whereas women tend to respond more to relational approaches.

Women: Why can’t they just try some rational thinking. Amirite?

It’s never occurred to Craig that his “old way” of doing things only appeals to people like him — and that some churches are trying to branch out to new demographics by trying things that appeal to a broader range of people.

But don’t take my word for it. That’s a rational response that might not be emotional enough to fit into Craig’s stereotypes.

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