We Don’t Actually Want the Catholic Church to Change Its Teachings… October 30, 2013

We Don’t Actually Want the Catholic Church to Change Its Teachings…

Blogger and Oklahoma State Representative Rebecca Hamilton doesn’t understand why non-Catholics want the Catholic Church to change its teachings:

There are a few issues in particulate that really rev [non-Christians’] engines. They are:

  • Who gets to take communion in Catholic Churches (which they insist, even while they debate this endlessly, is just a superstition and a wafer.)
  • Why the Church won’t affirm gay marriage.
  • Why the Church won’t say it’s ok for them kill people they want to kill (the unborn, the elderly, disabled, etc.)

It’s as if it offends them that Catholics have the same rights to vote, free assembly and to petition their government as other citizens. I suppose it’s true that it does offend them. Because one takeaway I get from reading the comments from most (not all, there are a couple of clear exceptions) of these people is that they are, at base, bullies.

While the last item on Hamilton’s list is completely over-the-top and uncalled for — she attacks supporters of reproductive rights and euthanasia — I think she actually raises a good point: Why do we fight so hard to get the Church to do things like affirm gay rights and ordain women when it goes against everything Catholics believe?

The simple answer is that the Church’s opposition to common sense policies and basic human decency hurts people who are close to us.

But truth be told, I don’t really want the Church to change its teachings. I want the Church to keep its foot firmly planted in the past, unable to progress to a more enlightened future. The more it sticks to its sexist, bigoted beliefs, the faster people will get the hell out of there. They may not lose their faith entirely, but at least they won’t be supporting an institution that has inflicted so much damage upon the world.

Hamilton, however, thinks she knows the real reason people like us want the Church to change how it operates:

I also think that the core reason [non-Catholics] keep coming around here to drop off their load of insults (most of the truly insulting ones never see the light of day on this blog) is that they are either mental on some level, or, whether they will admit it or not, they are God haunted people who desperately want what the Church offers, which is peace with God, eternal life and a spiritual home.

What they want is to have the Almighty ratify their sins. They are obsessed with finding, not absolution, but vindication, from a Church they claim they believe is a fraud.

Riiiiight. She has no idea what she’s talking about. I don’t need the Church’s approval to live my life and I don’t want anything the Church offers.

I just want the Church to stop getting in the way when the rest of us want to move forward. And I want Catholics who agree with me to stop throwing their support (and money) to an institution that refuses to change for the better. We non-Catholics can’t understand why anyone would want to belong to such a corrupt and unethical place of business even if they think the beliefs are virtuous.

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  • bobthechef

    Let’s see. The RCC has been around for two millenia, has a consistently growing flock, survived persecution and countless attempts at eradication, survived its own internal corruption, abuses, and transgressions, even this recent post-Vatican II dalliance with widespread modernism, and it’s the RCC that’s going away?

    I’m sorry, bub, but whether you like her or not, the Church isn’t going anywhere. YOU are! When will you finally see past your chronological snobbery and realize that you’re just another teenage heckler pissing on the wall and spray-painting penises on the fence? The Church has run into far more muscly ideological opponents than you in the past. This latest malaise, though particularly unpleasant and stubborn, will tire its sorry self out much sooner than many a heresy in the last 2000 years. Even the heresy of Protestantism (finally, after 500 years) is slowly shriveling like a corpse in the Saharan sun, especially after having swallowed the poison of modernism (I encourage you to read Pascendi Dominici Gregis, Pius X’s charming, spot on prediction of how the 20th century would unfold, for a fuller account of “modernism”. Know thy enemy, right?). You heretics, heathens, and pagans are like the flu to a healthy body. You get one every couple of years, but you never die of it. The difference is that while the body needs to engage the immune system, the Church doesn’t really have to do much besides going about its business. People say the Church defeated Soviet communism. Not really. It destroyed itself. As JPII himself said, all he did was give that rotting tree a little shake, just to expedite the process a bit. Errors, in all that disgusting and nasty variations, have a way of fizzling out. This latest provincial display of peasant ignorance — endearingly called the Gnu Atheism — is as insignificant, intellectually limp-wristed, and lacking in virility as all undertakings of the bobo wanker class and remains as unnoticed as a savage shooting arrows from his tiny raft at an aircraft carrier. One or two soldiers might notice and tell you to quit tapping on the hull, but for the most part, that dumb ox of a boat will pass by without the slightest idea that anything had happened.

    2000 years versus less than a decade of Dawkinsian whining and wanking; the first keeps beating while the latter is becoming as unfashionable and obsolete as phrenology, disco music, and polyester pants. I’d say evolution is on the RCC’s side. You’ve been amusing, in that corny, awkward, white trash kind of way, but like Tom Green, Carrot Top, and Gallagher, it’s time to realize you were never funny in the first place but more of an embarrassment.

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