Atheist Shoes… for Babies! October 25, 2013

Atheist Shoes… for Babies!

You all know David Bonney. He’s the German shoemaker who made international headlines last year when his Kickstarter for atheist shoes (with godless messages on the soles) far exceeded his goal and delivery of the packages seemed to be delayed whenever a US Postal Service worker saw the ATHEIST-branded packing tape…

No matter. More than 1,000 pairs of the shoes were eventually sold and 10% of profits even went to secular charities!

Now, Bonney is back with a new creation: Atheist shoes for babies! But since it wouldn’t be fair to say a baby actively disbelieves in God, Bonney made shoes that honor the higher powers they do believe in: their moms, their dads, and the sources of their nourishment:

(Make sure you watch the 1:40 and 5:37 marks of that video!)

Our baby shoe is just as snuggly and comfy as our grown-up shoe, handmade with a very soft, untreated leather and 100% cotton teddy bear fur. It also has a soft sole, not too restricting for quickly growing feet and allowing older babies to learn to walk as nature intended.

But the real magic happens on the underside, where we’ve screen-printed homages to the only supreme beings a baby knows… “I believe in Mummy”, “I believe in Daddy” and “I believe in Booby”.

You can buy pairs reading daddy/mummy, daddy/daddy, mummy/mummy, and booby/booby. While the shoes are made of leather, vegan versions will be available, too!

Their vision for the shoes is a noble one, indeed:

We’d love to see babies with great looking feet, free to enjoy the bliss of babyhood, and parents holding-off on handing the souls of their offspring over to deities, at least until the child is old enough to say “hang on, that’s mine!”

I love this company. I want a baby just so I can buy it these shoes.

Even if you don’t need baby shoes, be sure to check out their other offerings!

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