Turns Out the People Who Don’t Understand Science Don’t Understand Math, Either October 22, 2013

Turns Out the People Who Don’t Understand Science Don’t Understand Math, Either

On his radio show yesterday, conservative Christian radio host Bryan Fischer spoke with a caller who had an idea of how to fix the health care crisis without that pesky ObamaCare: What if the government just gave every (legal) American $2,000,000 to cover future health care costs and left it at that? It sure as hell would be cheaper than the $634,000,000 it cost for the Healthcare.gov website! (Actually, the cost for the website was under $100,000,000, but you know, facts.)

Fischer thought it sounded like a great idea:

You know, that is brilliant. Because there’s 315,000,000 Americans. Lifetime caps on most health insurance policies is $2,000,000… that would be the solution right there. Just establish a health savings account for everybody, an HSA, and put $2,000,000 in it. For every single American. That’s $630,000,000. Problem solved! Done!… That would be $4,000,000 less than what it took to set up this website that doesn’t work. Man, I’m telling you… that’s absolutely brilliant!

Just one problem with that.

(315,000,000 Americans) x ($2,000,000 each) = $630,000,000,000,000.

That’s 630 trillion dollars. Not million dollars, but trillion dollars. Well over 500 times the amount of money currently circulating in the country.

It eventually dawned on Fischer that he was off by a little bit…

Well, let’s see… that’s not right. The math isn’t right on that. If you gave everybody $2,000,000, that would actually multiply… I’m running into math problems… if you gave everybody in America $2, that would be $630,000,000… so my bad on the math.

That’s the fastest fallout from a get-rich-quick scheme *ever*.

I guess it’s not very surprising that someone who thinks the age of the Earth is measured in thousands of years would be duped by bad math.

You almost have to feel bad for him. Fischer sounded so deflated. He realized that something he really, really wanted to believe in just didn’t jibe with reality…

It’s the most wonderful sound I’ve ever heard. And the best part is that Fischer has the potential to experience it many times over.

Trillions of times over, even.

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