Citation Needed on this Church Sign October 14, 2013

Citation Needed on this Church Sign

There must be a rule about writing those illuminated messages for churches that no one can ever fact-check them or suggest that the messaging makes no sense.

This is the sign one reader spotted over the weekend outside Hawkwood Baptist Church in Calgary, Alberta:

Really? “Mass murder is never of God”? Never?!

Well, what about all those times God committed (or allowed) genocide in the Bible?

What about all those people who have killed many, many others in the name of their God? Did 9/11 never happen? Witch hunts? Crusades?

The Religion of Peace and the faith that includes the Ten Commandments have followers who do plenty of awful things in the name of God… but I guess none of them are True BelieversTM.

(Thanks to Hayley for the link!)

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