Hindu Man Brutally Murders 8-Month-Old Son as a Sacrifice to Goddess Kali October 12, 2013

Hindu Man Brutally Murders 8-Month-Old Son as a Sacrifice to Goddess Kali

It’s bad enough when Christian Science practitioners or Jehovah’s Witnesses allow their children to die because their religious beliefs forbid them from seeking out the proper medical care.

It’s far worse when you think God wants you to sacrifice your children to her… and you comply without question:

The Goddess Kali

A crazed father axed his eight-month-old infant to death as a sacrifice to the Indian goddess of destruction and rebirth.

Rajkumar Chaurasia told police he had killed his son because he had been ‘ordered to do so by the goddess Kali’.

Chaurasia’s wife is understood to have seen him striking her son with the axe twice on his neck.

‘He thought that the sacrifice will bring happiness in the lives of the childless couples, who visited the Goddess Kali temple.’

Jesus Christ, that’s awful… and it shows what superstition can lead to in the hands of gullible believers (there’s no evidence yet that Chaurasia suffered from any mental illness).

The Goddess Kali represents death and destruction… at least in theory. After the sacrifice, she was unavailable for comment.

Incidentally, Chaurasia’s nickname was “Hemant,” which led to a sentence in the Daily Mail reading, “Hemant had planned to kill the infant soon after his birth.” Normally, that’d be the setup for a joke… but I’m just not feeling it right now.

(Thanks to Matt for the link)

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