Reverend Austin Miles Says Nobel Prize in Physics Was Given to Scientists Whose Primary Goal Was to Disprove God October 11, 2013

Reverend Austin Miles Says Nobel Prize in Physics Was Given to Scientists Whose Primary Goal Was to Disprove God

Rev. Austin Miles is very unhappy that the Nobel Prize in Physics went to two of the scientists who theorized the existence of the Higgs Boson (a.k.a. the “God Particle”).

His problem isn’t with the scientists, per se, or even the Nobel committee. It’s with the tool that allowed them to make their discovery: the Large Hadron Collider. Miles thinks it’s all a waste of space and (somehow) anti-Christian.

Really. (Emphasis and sloppy grammar his.)

And how did this “proof” [of the Higgs Boson] surface? First of all, the scientists involved managed to raise and spend $10 billion dollars to build a “Particle Collider.” which would be the world’s biggest atom smasher, built in a 17 mile tunnel under the Swiss-French border. That is 10 BILLION dollars, with a B.

The goal was to find a subatomic particle that would be called, The Higgs Boson, but became better known as, The God Particle, from whence everything sprung.

This, of course would mean that it was all spontaneous combustion, there was no higher intelligence involved….yep…God does not exist, and this settles it.

Ten Billion Dollars spent in an effort to disprove the existence of God. Think how far that amount of money would go to improve education, communities, cities, libraries, museums, and the lives of so many.

Miles is deluded if he thinks the purpose of the Collider is to disprove God. (That’s just a pleasant by-product of its experiments.) If we wanted to disprove God, we wouldn’t need money. We’d just look to the evidence people like Miles offer, laugh, and be done with it.

It’s also hard to take a religious person seriously who complains about someone else’s use of money, especially when those who share his faith have spent countless millions (billions?) on megachurches, “mission trips” with no secular purpose, and museums designed to spread the Gospel. At least science experiments will hopefilly leave us with long-term benefits and greater knowledge about the world we live in.

Speaking of which, Miles isn’t happy with space exploration either. Because NASA, he claims, is also all about disproving God:

That appears to be a major purpose of space exploration. [To] show that life once existed on other planets would, they think, knock out the story of God’s Creation of the earth and people would turn away from God.

He just doesn’t have the same sense of curiosity as scientists do, to explore places we’ve only theorized about, to go where no one else has gone before, to learn what lies beyond our pale blue dot.

He sees anything that isn’t explicitly for God to be anti-God. While many Nobel laureate scientists may indeed be atheists, let it be known that none of them were ever rewarded for their outspoken godlessness. They were given the prize for serious contributions in their academic fields.

If Rev. Miles name sounds familiar, by the way, it’s probably because he has a history of telling lies. Nearly a year ago, he made nasty comments about atheist Michael Newdow (“He literally was waterboarding the court with his avalanche of words”), then deleted what he said, accused atheists of hacking into his blogging account, and later got fired by the Christian Post.

Will Renew America fire him, too? Probably not. This is among the more intelligible pieces on their site.

(Thanks to Brian for the link!)

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