Bill Maher Slams the Sunday Assembly: ‘Atheists Already Have Something That Unites Them on the Sabbath’ October 11, 2013

Bill Maher Slams the Sunday Assembly: ‘Atheists Already Have Something That Unites Them on the Sabbath’

In an online-only clip, Bill Maher jokes about the Sunday Assembly (a.k.a. the Atheist Church), arguing that we don’t need it because there’s already something else that unites atheist on the Sabbath:

Point taken. I smiled. But while the slam on the Sunday Assembly works for the joke, Maher falls into the same trap as many other atheists, which is that he’s taken in by the word “church.”

Unlike Christian churches, there’s no obligation to attend or threat of damnation if you disagree with the leaders. The Assembly encourages critical thinking and doesn’t preach from some magical book. Attending the Assembly doesn’t make you any more or less of an atheist.

Maher knows damn well that a lot of atheists leave religion because they have problems with faith. You would expect him to understand that offering a community for those who appreciate that sort of thing, with a non-religious/pro-science-and-wonder foundation at its core, would benefit our movement as a whole.

He should attend one of the gatherings to see what they’re all about.

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  • cenzo77

    I can think of at least one reason for the Sunday Assembly. The religious nut jobs have managed to take control of our government essentially giving the non-religious zero voice, or ability to win a leadership role in our country. Something like a community get together to talk about the issues that we care about or will potentially affect us might one day open the door to a non-believer(s) to help remove much of theocratic bent of virtually everyone in a leadership position. Just sayin! That won’t ever happen if we all hope that those that are interested get involved, the momentum comes from something like the Sunday Assembly.

  • cenzo77

    It’s not a church, it’s a community get together to provide support for those in need, help, education, and deeper sense of community. Just because you are a non-believer, doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t enjoy join together with like minded others in the community.

  • cenzo77

    I haven’t read anywhere, where they are telling what you should or shouldn’t do! As far as I can tell it’s… “a bunch of atheists that I liked sitting around jawing about various things”

  • cenzo77

    Kodie, man wouldn’t it be nice to find a place to gather with others to talk about the things that all of us non-believers think or that affect our everyday lives that are tainted by the theology of pretty much everyone in position of power, that potentially affect our lives, what about starting something that attains a critical mass that ended up removing the religious litmus test for public office! I’m sure there are tons of other areas where we would all find common ground and purpose. Not sure who the dumb eff is that started calling it a church, probably not anyone associated with this group called “Sunday Assembly”!

  • cenzo77

    Hi Keyra, thanks for making an attempt, I’m assuming that your getting bashed cuz your a Christian person, I personally don’t believe, like this new fangled assembly, thanks for stopping by, everyone’s welcome!

  • cenzo77

    Nothing, sounds like you will find some great friendships, entertainment and fun! Go for it!

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