This French Commercial Features Two Catholic Priests in Bed About to Get It On October 9, 2013

This French Commercial Features Two Catholic Priests in Bed About to Get It On

Philippe Geluck is a Belgian cartoonist best known for his comic strip “Le Chat.” His latest collection, La Bible selon Le Chat, comes in two volumes, but it may be the promotional commercial that gets the most attention… that is, if Bill Donohue of the Catholic League ever sees it.

Reader Andrew helpfully translated that commercial on his website (and I’m adapting it below):

Announcer: This is what it was like before.

Priest 2: No, tonight, I’m reading the Bible.

Priest 1: No, you read it yesterday.

Priest 2: I didn’t read it yesterday. I read it for an hour while I couldn’t sleep. That doesn’t count.

Priest 1: Give me that Bible, God damn it!

Priest 2: [*Gasps*] Good one.

Priest 1: See what you made me say?

Priest 2: But still, you’re the one who said it.

Priest 1: Meanie!

Priest 2: Jerk!

[They fight… and the Bible rips in two]

Announcer: Today, the life of these priests has changed: In The Bible According to the Cat, which [artist] Philippe Geluck and God have cleverly divided into two volumes, no more arguments. Harmony has again settled upon the couple.

Priest 2: I’ve finished this one. Do you want it?

Priest 1: With pleasure, my angel.

Priest 2: Here it is, sweetie.

Priest 1: What if… we read it tomorrow?

Priest 2: What a great idea!

[They move in close to embrace…]

Announcer: The Bible According to the Cat. The Bible for everyone.

In America, we flip out over a Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial couple. But so far, the commercial for a cartoonist featuring two gay priests about to get it on seems to be a hit — not even a single downvote on YouTube as of this writing.

Let’s see the guy who created “Garfield” try to pull that off.

(via Epsilon Clue)

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