Tim Minchin’s Amazing Graduation Speech October 4, 2013

Tim Minchin’s Amazing Graduation Speech

The University of Western Australia recently invited singer/songwriter/provocateur Tim Minchin to give a graduation speech, and as with just about everything he does, he delivered beautifully:

The best part of the video is watching the man behind Minchin giggle as he speaks…

Minchin’s advice boils down to this:

1. You don’t have to have a dream.

2. Don’t seek happiness.

3. Remember, it’s all luck.

4. Exercise.

5. Be hard on your opinions.

6. Be a teacher.

7. Define yourself by what you love.

8. Respect people with less power than you.

9. Don’t rush.

Save yourself the tuition and just take that advice. You’ll come out ahead.

(Thanks to Ana for the link!)

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